A currently Bday and a missed Bday.

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Jul 5, 2012
1st: Happy Bday Naza (Nazaka)!!!

Well, to first: Would I than notice say, that this date (Dec. 26th) for some here nothing much says - except who around of Indian-ocean lives (I not, but I know the past very well): Because exactly almost before 10 years was about the countries, what close to the ocean lie from a bad surprise visited: first from a earthquake and then from a mega-Tsunami - This both extremly nature disaster has almost about 1​/4​ millions people required... In this case should we our compassion for the people show, who at that time their family/friend-members lost have (Moment of silence please now!). Well, in this day has/had his Bday, what by this shit the specially day damaged was (I know this feeling very well (I wasn't there, but anyway...); - Notice: Japan; March 11st). - But I hope that this event for him only a past is now nothing more (but if still, then sorry Naza), where then he it this time his specially day peaceful enjoy can.

Leave we now the past, and enter we now the nowadays. - We're again together met, that we again a preciously firend out of our community celebrate can. He is how the usually newbies to us entered - without of knowledge from us and we from him... But after few months has his attitude some unque abilies shown, what in the ASF very rarely is: He has started the goal of Samy's overdosed spams/points/activity to hunt (Well, to be honest; Who has this not tried from us?), well in the activity area has he for a long period held the magical 100%... - But he has also in other area his ability shown: That he a helpful-; nice-; weel sometimes a weird-type is.

Well, we the ASF-community wish you a enjoyable day with your family/friend-members; with a lot cakes and stuff!!!

Move we now to the second person!

2nd: B'Happy Bday Fear (Fear211)!!!

Well, I want in my name at Fear apologize, that I again a friend's Bday forgot have (He had at Dec. 2). I hope that Fear this as/than a sorry gift take will.

What can I about our Australian friend say? Hmm... Well, he's so far I know a nice-; helpful-; not on his own benefits thought-person, where he helps there where he can. And he is my younger bro. (in the Family Tree Contest!), where I very proud am.

Well, I hope that he at that time a lot fun had, and with his family/friend-members the day enjoyed has!!!

Well to party service now...:





The guests-list:
[MENTION=68]AntiClimax[/MENTION]; [MENTION=44312]Dark Angel[/MENTION]; [MENTION=46616]InorixShu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=67840]pichu655889[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29956]2Dheeey[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27362]AhGwee[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27785]Alice Rei[/MENTION]; [MENTION=46973]angelice[/MENTION]; [MENTION=50367]animerex94[/MENTION]; [MENTION=35422]Ariya[/MENTION]; [MENTION=31908]ASilva[/MENTION]; [MENTION=31210]BetterPlace[/MENTION]; [MENTION=34874]chidsuki[/MENTION]; [MENTION=39716]choonagi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=4]corocoro[/MENTION]; [MENTION=65692]cytruska[/MENTION]; [MENTION=32153]DaRk_AnGeL_ZoA[/MENTION]; [MENTION=30649]DL Zandorf Rahamasch[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73341]DreamCa7ch3r[/MENTION]; [MENTION=13267]dreamer197[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28243]egozi44[/MENTION]; [MENTION=56036]Eric-kun[/MENTION]; [MENTION=35321]Evangelionheart[/MENTION]; [MENTION=41294]Fear211[/MENTION]; [MENTION=30111]firedmn[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27986]Hanagai[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION]; [MENTION=33934]inpothet[/MENTION]; [MENTION=39797]Kany69[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38607]kawai1010[/MENTION]; [MENTION=37032]Keisuke Kurogami[/MENTION]; [MENTION=14327]kimovis[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29319]Kiririn[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28026]KOS-MOS[/MENTION]; [MENTION=12156]Kotoura[/MENTION]; [MENTION=61512]Kyuoshi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=36883]LadyBenihime[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38039]Lucifer Angel[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29913]Mato[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2984]Merfyn[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27026]Mixxie[/MENTION]; [MENTION=33830]moemoe-kyun[/MENTION]; [MENTION=66003]Monkey D. Luffy[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28672]musangbeku[/MENTION]; [MENTION=60645]Myako[/MENTION]; [MENTION=5445]nawi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10379]Neko[/MENTION]; [MENTION=30951]nekostereo[/MENTION]; [MENTION=46292]NGSalvador[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29896]noctistella[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29827]Ogikumo[/MENTION]; [MENTION=34976]owddasyght[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38853]paul11686[/MENTION]; [MENTION=52131]pluumBlossom[/MENTION]; [MENTION=13204]pumasrevenge[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29616]raiderx[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26445]Ralium[/MENTION]; [MENTION=34114]redcat[/MENTION]; [MENTION=18465]renano[/MENTION]; [MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION]; [MENTION=4451]sarnagon[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27298]sasokess[/MENTION]; [MENTION=34462]Satellizer123[/MENTION]; [MENTION=23970]Shir0[/MENTION]; [MENTION=23111]Slayn312[/MENTION]; [MENTION=13893]Squiggy[/MENTION]; [MENTION=30838]teakmkm[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29831]thecoins[/MENTION]; @tsundere; [MENTION=17416]unidecimo[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25346]Uninstall[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION]; [MENTION=36063]vuquochoi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=41788]wiro[/MENTION]; [MENTION=68171]xXPsychoKittyDXx[/MENTION]; [MENTION=82]xyzapy[/MENTION]; [MENTION=34106]Ystelle[/MENTION]; [MENTION=31788]yxXYakuzaXxy[/MENTION]; [MENTION=41827]ZeroGain[/MENTION]; [MENTION=17020]~SnowAngel~[/MENTION]; [MENTION=39264]❤Hanako❤[/MENTION]; [MENTION=66169]暦牧瀬[/MENTION]; [MENTION=57892]Canaan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION]; [MENTION=71540]Nightmare King[/MENTION]; [MENTION=7722]Second_Flight[/MENTION]; [MENTION=43862]tabemono3[/MENTION]; [MENTION=51645]Vile[/MENTION]; [MENTION=41391]♥ Sky[/MENTION]; [MENTION=16858]AkiraUmi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=30161]alesao[/MENTION]; [MENTION=77540]anayomex[/MENTION]; [MENTION=32905]animex[/MENTION]; [MENTION=71375]AntaBaka[/MENTION]; [MENTION=9628]Arylin[/MENTION]; [MENTION=66709]Asahina[/MENTION]; [MENTION=190]BlueMage[/MENTION]; [MENTION=76810]Capt Jam[/MENTION]; [MENTION=3]Checkmate[/MENTION]; [MENTION=76366]chiru[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2954]chivien999[/MENTION]; [MENTION=5418]coacoa[/MENTION]; [MENTION=71]Cocona[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27120]DavRoc777[/MENTION]; [MENTION=87]Frankincense[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26803]Friedrich[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=75161]h0m3r0w[/MENTION]; [MENTION=7711]hitozumarabu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2]Ignis[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10115]kactaplb[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26209]kami-onii-chan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73641]KenShjIN[/MENTION]; [MENTION=69289]Killer cell[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73007]Langesha[/MENTION]; [MENTION=61289]Leia[/MENTION]; [MENTION=39762]LioNeeZ[/MENTION]; [MENTION=75437]Miina[/MENTION]; [MENTION=62097]MimiZ[/MENTION]; [MENTION=41434]Nazaka[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38117]NickT1412T[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26791]nightpanther[/MENTION]; [MENTION=71259]OtakuGods[/MENTION]; [MENTION=21726]Otokonoko[/MENTION]; [MENTION=55154]Shinseph[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27510]svehla[/MENTION]; [MENTION=1]Tessu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=51649]TheRedRascal[/MENTION]; [MENTION=41523]TsubameGaeshi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=44669]Uryunga[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73570]Vespy the great[/MENTION]; [MENTION=62675]Vivi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=66363]Vivid[/MENTION]; [MENTION=53698]Yukinero[/MENTION]; [MENTION=59026]加藤浩[/MENTION]; [MENTION=67529]Dj1[/MENTION]; [MENTION=59474]iwanwrw[/MENTION]; [MENTION=64719]judyruan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=60023]leching[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28809]Seemless[/MENTION]; [MENTION=36089]fashomixer[/MENTION]; [MENTION=57173]luxury89[/MENTION]; [MENTION=35764]ZIAD[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28674]1RenaRyuuguu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=30590]Aew[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28059]Ak5shays[/MENTION]; [MENTION=159]alexsdu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27006]Angelus knight[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26057]Darkchao45[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27287]Ellie_kitty101[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28568]Exaelia[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25460]fastdj2004[/MENTION]; [MENTION=3632]Flareknife[/MENTION]; [MENTION=20225]Franela[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27363]GenjoSenpai[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28499]Gero50[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27773]iamdiva86[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25939]japespszx[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27586]juudith[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10809]Keima[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28409]King of Heroes[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26584]KurodaKaito[/MENTION]; [MENTION=13464]lpdcomic[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28389]MeTanTei[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28760]newguy[/MENTION]; [MENTION=30976]oomuroaoi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28459]otome-lover[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26148]perrypig123[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29468]ProXpert[/MENTION]; [MENTION=1837]r.bednarski[/MENTION]; [MENTION=23555]Ruri[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27188]SainTPrimE[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27470]sasake[/MENTION]; [MENTION=4859]Snowkitteh[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26184]Tsuwa[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27546]TTADPL[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28039]vampire-queen[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10870]Vietx2k[/MENTION]; [MENTION=30305]xavor[/MENTION]; [MENTION=41987]Sintarow[/MENTION]; [MENTION=40801]infamous[/MENTION]; [MENTION=67840]pichu655889[/MENTION] [MENTION=79628]Petros[/MENTION]; [MENTION=79545]Eviluk96[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73341]DreamCa7ch3r[/MENTION] [MENTION=79737]cram[/MENTION] [MENTION=41234]T-ELOS[/MENTION]; [MENTION=66271]ryuta[/MENTION]; [MENTION=35259]Leggy[/MENTION]; [MENTION=60305]zad38[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25364]Decalcomania[/MENTION] [MENTION=79180]M1ha1ru[/MENTION] [MENTION=72559]excalibur[/MENTION] [MENTION=56647]JellyBlast[/MENTION] [MENTION=62925]lache12[/MENTION] [MENTION=39610]Lolitako[/MENTION] [MENTION=54147]Marmalade[/MENTION] [MENTION=47046]meiya8[/MENTION] [MENTION=38897]Mizu-chan[/MENTION] [MENTION=30548]nexus[/MENTION] [MENTION=71540]Nightmare King[/MENTION] [MENTION=43862]tabemono3[/MENTION] [MENTION=71773]Silver Crystal[/MENTION] [MENTION=79737]cram[/MENTION] [MENTION=79902]Konstantinos[/MENTION];...And more are possible:dead:


- I know that in my side still the 25th have, but on Naza's side is already the 26th - where then I the thread now start can.
- In few days is the next big party...
- Have a lot fun in the party now!!!

Cooperation with: ASF
Sponsor: Nanashi1 Party/Event-service company
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Happy Birthday!

It is also a happy occassion for me somewhat since I have friends who were there when the tsunami happened 10 years ago and they survived it without harm.
Happy Birthday to Nazaka and Fear211, hope you have a great day and year ahead of you, for this is a blessing from King and Seiba ;)
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Happy Birthday [MENTION=41434]Nazaka[/MENTION]; and [MENTION=41294]Fear211[/MENTION]; ~ Here are fireworks from me~

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Thank you everyone, and a special thanks to [MENTION=29193]nanashi1[/MENTION] though you didnt need to add me.

Happy Birthday [MENTION=41434]Nazaka[/MENTION], hope you enjoy your day and may we both cause more chaos for the last part of this year and all in the next.
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Happy belated birthday to Fear and happy birthday Nazaka! Have a merry one! (It's quite the date to have your birthday on. On a totally unrelated note, are you legal yet?)
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Of course, one of the traditional gifts when your birthday is on Christmas is a pair of socks.

One sock is for your birthday, the other is for Christmas.

Wrap each one in a separate package for a giggle. :evillaugh:
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Happy birthday to you Fear :fluteangel:
Wish you all the best and hope you live long :thumbup:

Thank you shi, for taking your time to make this thread.
I made an imaginary bet that you would forget about my birthday, and now my christmas house is going to be demolished. But no matter! I'll just demolish anything that wants to ruin my christmas house with porcupines.
I have to say though, you successfully made the intro to make it look like I'm somewhat traumatic by it, good job XD

Thank you for the wishes : Dream, Dark, Cram, T, Pyre, Shin, Leggy, Langesha, Vivi, King & Seiba, Uryu, Coins, Uno, Sky, Fear, Ignis, Nawi, Silver, Sam, Anayome

I feel compelled to reply to every single post here, but I'll try to not do that XD

Happy Birthday [MENTION=41434]Nazaka[/MENTION], hope you enjoy your day and may we both cause more chaos for the last part of this year and all in the next.

I'll.. let you in on a little thing
On Wednesday, Sunday, 26 December 2004, around 01:00
I completely recall positioning my fingers (both my hands) to make it look like a gun, aimed NW and said "bang"
So maybe... I can do the same next year. Yes, more chaos

Happy belated birthday to Fear and happy birthday Nazaka! Have a merry one! (It's quite the date to have your birthday on. On a totally unrelated note, are you legal yet?)

Quite the date? Hmm.... can't see what's the significance of 26 (except for the earthquake) XD
I am completely not yet legal, though you can make a rather accurate estimation of my age if you know that I'm in my last year. I'm younger than 95 % of the people I know here XD

I have to put this in : It's nice to be able to crave for high school girls (heck, maybe middle school also) without being frowned upon by other people - they think it's completely normal. Jealous, old men? (no offense w)

Obligatory present to all of you
/me shoves porcupines to the hands of everyone here

And finally, my image of approval

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Well, because it's right after Christmas, which means that 1) everyone still retains the merriment and 2) it's almost always guaranteed to be on a holiday! And yesssssss, I know what you're talking about... I'm well past the denial and realisation stage that most of the characters appearing in the games I play and stuff I read/watch are much younger than me. orz
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