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  • Thank you very much, Dark Angle. Though I am sorry that I have replied late. But thank you for your blessing!!!
    Hello my deer dark. =\

    You seem very proficient at using photoshop. I have a question.
    Do you have any experience in cleaning or typesetting manga?
    Senpai congatsulation for been promoted into moderator! I wish you for the best, also i came back from England, I can't stay over there anymore that UK isn't member of EU so, i am back and i am looking for job!

    I will keep in touch, i loved all your new work!
    Your post background is done :) Just check out any post you make that doesn't have a background in it (i.e. not SOTM/renders)
    I love the last one! All of them looks great, I'm looking forward for the final product! :D :) :)
    Oh my! Looks really good even though it's not finished yet! :D
    Looks good :) I'm excited !:D
    Sure thing take your time dear!
    Feel free when you want to make them, you may find something good later too maybe?
    You're good at harmonizing so I trust you about what you do :)
    Yes just like you said, I'm having a lack of creativity lately so I can't make sets like I used to...
    Excuse me...Dark Angel-senpai, do you think I can ask you something at the moment?
    Thank you for the good wishes my dear!
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