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  • Got a few new SSR's recently. I did the Guaranteed 5 star banner again and summoned Jeanne Alter, which was one of the main servants I wanted so happy with that. Also used 120 Quartz in the summer re-run banner and got Summer Tamamo, very happy with that too. Saving the rest for Ereshkigal.

    Thanks, just got Musashi, needed a 5 Star saber. I want to try for Kiara next.

    Yeah I try not to put too much money into these type of games, I think it's okay to spend a reasonable amount every so often, but not a lot, and not all the time.
    Well I'm somewhere in between I would say. But the majority I have just been very lucky. When I first created my account, Da Vinci was in a banner so I just kept rerolling until I got her. I used a few summon tickets and got lucky with Cleopatra, Endiku, and Merlin. I bought quartz for the guaranteed 5 Star rider banner and got Quetzalcoatl, and Ozymandias. Ishtar and Gorgon were a bit different, I really wanted those 2 so I bought the $80 quartz pack and got them both with that, and Jack the Riper as well. Outside of that I think I the only time I will spend money now is for future guaranteed 5 star banners.
    I see, well that makes sense. I started my account about a year ago, but recently have been putting a lot more time into it. Here is my lineup so far if you are interested.

    ah, was going to see if I can add you as a friend, but I play on the NA server.
    I could, though it'd a bit longer last the requiered hardwares to gather for it - because the prices here are very cpicy...
    Yeah, though currently I'm not liquid for it, if you me understandig what I mean...>_>

    Hmm... Probably at begin of next year...
    AMD Sempron(tm) 140 Processor 2,70 GHz
    4 GB DDR3
    32-er operation system
    Radeon x1300/x1550 512 MB series

    Yeah, I know. It's old...>_>
    Hmm... I do think you'll it get that course, if you're so eager for it then shouldn't give a problem^_^

    Hmm... Sadly like other emulators what I've been tried this doesn't work either on my PC, it frozzing and stucks in the load process, where then...>_>
    Ah so, then you're able if you or your family ill is, yourself some super drugs (of course the legal ones - not the illegar-trash...) to create. Then try this route, if for you at best is^_^

    Well, F/GO knows very well, how you to keep there: with the Seiba bait option...xD Well, to be honest, I had F/GO delete of my phone due the PotK, because my current phone doesn't have enough space for them both. But at new year begin I'll an new phone buy: where then I can PotK to the new one transfer, and then I'll F/GO re-download.

    Hmm... Really? Didn't read the news/notification at spring in PotK's news section? In this July did PotK from the global stage "Sayonara!" say - though, if the japanese version is even aviable in middle Europa, then they didn't really disconnect from the world, WHAT AWESOME IS!!! Hmm... And it was/are the level 6 stars - just they're shiny at end of the evolution's process. Btw, which units of there was your favorite?

    Well, China did everything make an perfect clone of KanColle - it's not a surprise because of the similarities, just that they did the ships a bit more spicier make...xD Though, I'll nevertheless try that sometime.
    Ah haaa... Well, let's hope that the plan of you will fruite bring, have much success then! Though, in which area of chemistry do you work? Because there gives in cosmetic, in heavy industry (like at earth oil business), in astronomy/space industry, etc.

    I see. F/GO remains as Nr. 1 for you, right? Hmm... I having an mixed view at Azur Lane (a.k.a. KanColle 2.0...xD), I may try it sometime that (btw, dunno if you already knowing, but Azur Lane got like expected an anime adaptation...). Though, I'll me feel if I'd KanColle re-play again (due the kanmusume's...xD).

    Btw, I did again start with Phantom of the Kill - but this time with the japanese version (well, of course the global ver. did shut down, and... Ehmm...). And I didn't regret, the original/japanese version is a pleasing!!!! Really, with the global version isn't to compare: at the japanese version is the drop rate much much higher at super rare Units (God. in the global ver. I did Forcas hunt about a year to get her, but am'failed constantly...>.<!!!), items, etc. The offers there are much richer (gems, events, etc.). And it's almost crash-free (well, after a longer playtime stucks or crashes even), the global version did pretty much often crashed - where I often hellish frustated was!!! In my opinion I'd say that the global version actually a bad coded demo version was, where I guess it wasn't wonder that got shutdown.
    Ah, then for another years of "fun ride" behind of books and exams, very nice King...xD Hmm... Though this degree will be in the same business whare you're currently?

    But really, which interests do you having to work (I mean; what would you work otherwise...)?
    2nd. part.

    Do you still play gacha games like FGO or KanColle?
    Evening King!

    Thanks, I'll it try...xD

    Ah, like expected... But then for what the hell did you it study that? A kind of time killing in the past few years...xD? But okay, then what is your direction in the job world?
    Ah, I see. And yeah, I wanted about your after-life after the uni ask, but it has been solved... But really, what are your qulifications, in which area did you study?

    And with me... Well, am'currently on holiday - after hellish main season. Otherwise I'm fine, just killing the time with hobbies...
    Hmm... Yeah, I'd as well prefer an additional season than a OVA or even a OVA series, though sadly it is not up on us that to decide - how will be... But like already mentioned: It's not carved on stone yet, if KSnH will be a OVA series or not. Dec. is just few months away of us, after that we'll be more smarter how the things for KSnH still going will. Yeah, it's hard to hear King that, but we've it endure that point - after that we may be rewarded.
    Well, indeed. Though, lately fighting 3 Dengeki-LN-titles for the peak of the chart: Mahouka, SAO and KSnH. SAO is currently the top tier, where ongoing is like a wild river - e.g.: the upcoming season of SAO (Alicization) got 4 cours; this means that we've more likely for a whole year SAO. It's a question of time when will this hype of SAO pass away, where then the producers could to a other franchise move (like e.g.: KSnH S3, Mahouka S2 or Accer World S2). Though, that they're finally Horizon picked up of the cryonic again, I guess that this time from Horizon more see will as than a OVA (though it could be later a OVA series like at Strike the Blood), I've it somehow in feel that...
    Well, this will be OVA(s) to the BD-box given, what I've been mentioned earlier. Though, really. I'm also eager it to watch that like hell...xD!!!

    Keyword S3: I just repat me - We've wait what will happen after the OVA(s)-release, let's hope for it.
    Yes. Though, I do hope that finally even at Spice & Wolf it happen will. It are already since about 10 years gone (there is already a spin-off about it), that unfinished ended has...>_>

    Edit: Look this xD!!!
    Heheheee...~ I know what you're mean...xD But I guess, it'll be a big hit like the previously 2 seasons: with the unique and deadly comedy of course.

    Just let's hope that season 3 will be true...:runhappy:
    Yep, you could it loud say that. Again my beloved Futayo-chan in action see, is it a wild happiness in me again!
    Well, so far I knowing, it's the adaptation of the 10th. vol. (S1 from 1st. vol.; S2 from 2nd. vol.) of the LN's. - but it's a OVA to the upcoming BD-box release at end of Dec. Though, in some forums/blogs got the rumor more bigger, that season 3 finally nears. But we'll more know after the release (maybe), but let's see.

    To be honest, I'm really happy about it, that it finally some progress give after (painful!) years - may our wish will be true.
    Hmm... Yeah, I do hope as well that it's not a reboot; because it'd be totally a huge mess, and senseless. Movie? Well, I'd be fine with if it wouldn't be a recap; I hate recaps, because for what? It wouldn't make any sense the fans to tease and mess. The 3rd. season; this would really a big hit, finally Futayo-chan in action to see again, it'd be epic! Well, this would really more sense make, I do hope that Dengeki/Sunrise for this option decide will - it'd be their best.

    But like before mentioned: I have wait till Dengeki's festival - after that I can more say about it. What will be.
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