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  • Alright! After week 1, the Bears and Lions are tied for the NFC North lead!

    Well, technically, every team in the NFC North lost. Still... :evillaugh:
    Well, a new season, a new Lions team, a new Bears team...

    Let's hope we don't get the same old, same old.
    Lions 34 - Bears 30

    Stole it fair and square!

    It was a good Superbowl, KC earned it.

    Haven't seen Picard yet.

    DS9 is on BBCA now.
    Mandalorian is a fun watch, but they can't finish the story in one episode. They'll need a season 2.
    Okay, I hate to admit it, but Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was good.

    The special effects and CG were some of Disney's best.
    The storyline was clever and coherent. While some of the story was not hard to figure out, there were several surprises to keep fans' attentions.

    One of the better SW movies. Definitely worth watching!
    I think that's the best I ever saw Mitch Trubisky play. If the Bears can keep up the pace, they have real playoff chances.
    Now starts the battle between the Lions and the Bears fir the better draft picks. :evillaugh:

    ohhh... now I've made myself sad...

    Browns vs Steelers... a fine game totally tarnished in the last 8 seconds. :(

    There will be suspensions.
    A tie... only the Lions... up by 18 in the 4th qtr... against the Cards, of all teams... a tie... :sigh:
    Well... the Bears defense did a fine job, held Rogers to only one score. If the offense had shown up, who knows.

    At least the Bears finally kicked a field goal...
    This Thursday, 1st game of the 2019 season, Bears vs Packers.

    You won't hear me say this often, but, GO BEARS!

    I see the Bears have traded Jordan Howard to the Eagles.

    That's as dumb as the Lions trading Golden Tate... Oh dear... I just made myself sad again... :sigh:
    Yea that's a good strategy, since sooner or later F/GO would end, whether its in the near future (Nasu already said he's only likely going to write up to Arc 2, thus hinting F/GO's main story will end at Arc 2) or last just a bit longer, no one will know.
    Ah, that's not bad I say! Considering how grim the Gatrap on F/GO is. Good luck with your journey ahead!
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