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  • Have you watched Picard? What do you think?

    Superbowl was enjoyable this year, 49r's blew it in the 4th.
    nice, I'll give it a watch when it comes to Redbox/Disney Plus. Have you been watching The Mandalorian? It's good too.

    I've been watching ST:Discovery as well, it's not too bad either, can't wait for Picard next month.
    yep, was a good game with suspensions for sure.

    As for me I'm ready for next season already lol.
    yep, glad they pulled it off!

    Hate to say it, but the Packers are looking pretty good this year so far.
    Yep. Basically what I said a few messages back. Worried about field goals/extra points in the playoffs. Hopefully he finds a new team next year.
    Yeah I saw the Lions score, hope that's a sign they will do well next season!

    Excited to see the Bears in the playoffs again. Lets see how far they go! I'm just worried about extra points/field goals in close games.
    Well he won't stay unemployed long. A lot of teams could use him.

    The Packers need a lot of work.

    Man I can't believe we lost to the Giants. Thought for sure that would be a easy win, but they looked like a different team.

    Who are the Lions playing next?
    Nice win! Bears won as well. 1.5 games in the lead!

    Hate to say it but I hope the Bears win the Thanksgiving game as well. Will put them well in the lead
    Thanks again. :)

    Then I should just use my common sense,
    supposing that still any of it remained after
    playing too many eroges. :D
    By the way, is double-posting allowed here?

    Does that shoe-phone use any kind of encryption?
    Oh, I see!

    Indeed, there is some logic in VM system,
    but still for me they seem to be a bit unorganized,
    rather chaotic. :D

    Best wishes for your football team. :)
    Well glad the Bears won but sorry for your lost as well.

    Yeah I think the Lions need some work on their line, not gonna win if you can't protect the QB.
    yeah I stopped watching that game after a while lol.

    A very important division game on Sunday, Bears vs Lions.
    ouch I didn't watch that game lol, watched the Bears defense destroy the bills.

    How did he get sacked so many times?
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