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  • Yea I understand. Take it at your own pace, if you know how to build a computer it can cut the cost down as well.
    Ah, its older gen AMD. Yea Emus doesn't like older gen AMD, I can see it choking a bit. Though running on 32 bits have its limitation, you should look into upgrading to a cheaper, newer systems that support 64 bits.
    Maybe, I think this will all depend on whether I get accepted to the course I want to take first, if not I might very well go work in Pharmaceutical industry.


    Yea I haven't had PotK installed in awhile, similar reason to you my phone just ran out of memory. If you want to try out games like F/GO but don't have enough memory, I highly recommend using an emulator. I do that myself, since more and more games getting bigger and bigger, emulator allow you to run the game off your computer and silky smooth experience! The one I currently use is Nox Player (

    I just feel Azur Lane is more "controlled", you're not RNGing constantly. The reason for my late reply was because of this mad rush to get Nelson on KanColle due to event ending today, and RNG have not been very kind to me, sending me back from multiple sorties, that kind of thing don't often happen on Azur Lane, I guess with so much RNG in games nowadays, sometime I just get fed up and not want RNG for once. If you do want to give KanColle a go, is still a decent game, just very...RNG.
    I did a pure Chemistry degree, not a specialized Chemistry degree, so in theory I can apply to any chemistry related work, get their basic training and I'll be good to go. If I were to ever consider working Chemistry related it would be pharmaceuticals, it was one of my main area of interest when I was still studying Chemistry.


    I don't play F/GO often recently because there is no event that really interest me, I can't let go of the game either because it have Seiba in it, a love hate relationship I guess.

    Unless you want to go back to RNG hell, I recommend against starting KanColle again, purely because the update to HTML-5 is kind of a mess and the game is actually more laggy than it used to be. RNG is super high with new added layers of RNG pretty much every event, its driving me nuts. I've invested so much on KanColle I have a hard time giving up...but if you're not invest it in, I would not start it, unless you love RNG.

    I didn't even know Phantom of the Kill is dead, I used to have a pretty good global account with a handful of 6* I think (or was it rainbow 5*?), to be honest gatrap game is kinda getting on my nerves a little, hence why I've either went F2P or abandon much gatrap games nowadays.

    Azur Lane is pretty fun, though can be repetitive, have a pretty decent story during events but outside of event the story is extremely bad. Give it a go sometime if you want to, you can pretty much get all ships eventually outside of collab ships, the collection model is fairly similar to KanColle. I feel most of the time the Chinese have a better model than the Japanese, where most things are cosmetics instead of gatrap everywhere >_>
    Yes hopefully if I do get accepted with the new degree it would be the area where I want to work in the future, if not then laboratory won't be where I'll be working, but I can apply my analytical skills to other areas of work from my Chemistry degree.

    Kancolle I'm still active-ish, same with F/GO, not as much as I used to play them but I still log in daily. I'm probably more active on Azur Lane and Girls Frontline, and log in for Symphogear XD as well. Outside of that probably World of Warships, World of Warcraft that I chill with friends.
    At the moment I'm considering applying for another degree which is what I'm doing soon, I got some shadowing experience in the industry so I know at this I enjoy that job. If I don't get a degree then I'll likely work my way from the bottom to the top in a company :P
    Ah fair enough, gotta enjoy your relax time! As for me? I'm a Chemist :) Though I don't think I want to go back to lab so I most likely won't look for a job relating to lab work Chemistry :L
    Nothing against STB but my God I don't like OVA series, purely the fact they all felt like teasers, which is really annoying because you have to wait so long just to get a new episode >_>
    I'll be really sad if they stopped at just making an extra OVA. I wonder whether they're testing the water to see whether there is still a strong enough fan-base to support a S3. Then again isn't Horizon one of the better selling novel in Japan outside of SAO? If that's the cause then surely there will be enough to support a making of S3...?
    I believe. If it can happen to Full Metal Panic, it can happen to Horizon as well. All we need to do is believe!
    As long as the good action, wacky jokes and the chemistry of the cast is still there, I'll love S3 :D
    Yea, like you said it is great to see the cast being back together again for another fun journey. How much I miss Horizon's cast ;_;
    I dunno whether I can get a bigger boner after Camelot was announced, followed by a year for Evangelion 4.0 but is that S3 teaser? Because the ending is clearly a follow up of S2? GOD DAMN IT WHERE IS MY S3??????????????????????????????????????
    New production huh? That's definitely interesting news indeed. Movie? That would be interesting, provided they're not pulling a Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel and splitting things into parts. Reboot seems...unlikely. Considering Horizon's initial launch few years ago didn't exactly met with great praise, many in fact didn't like the confuse and hectic start and dropped the series due to the reason, those who tough it out actually became fans of the series if they have not previously read the novel, so I think Horizon have a fairly splitting opinion on those who watched it previously, so rebooting seems very illogical, so that would leave the long awaited promised Season 3....oh my if it is Season 3 am I hyped for the return of Horizon...
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