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  • Hi Mix,

    Sorry for long reply :)
    Yeah can't continue gaming since my job getting rough lol.

    Ahh, I glad if you also doing well on your side :) .
    hmm i don't have any account or social media anymore,
    so maybe we can contact each other in here, I will give my effort to logged in more :D
    Yo Mix!!

    Adulthood brought me to despair lol.
    I never online steam anymore, let alone visiting this beloved forum.

    Being teenager is the best I think.

    So, how's life?
    Hoping you the best of everything :)
    Well, I'm currently with phone - but didn't downloaded the app yet - where then couldn't currently...

    Nickname: Shinigami N1
    Yeah, and I'll further for a while still as chef work...

    Ah, really? (Under wich u'name?) And nope, she didn't - although TC... And online? In ASF or there do you mean?
    Hu! What for a randomness...xD

    Me is fine, just taking an relax after the work today...

    And you, how have you been?
    I is good too :rr_evil:

    I missed Mixxie!

    I made a new discord, and there is a group we have full of crazy funny people, if you wanna come join~ (there is members from forum) https://discord.gg/rPq835
    I've been spotted! :megane_shock:

    How is Mixxie?
    oh I see, lol.

    What type of games do you usually play?

    Yeah, I do. My nick is Liluri with pink haired girl as avatar :p
    Of course I am, lol.
    Still alive and shining as always :p.

    yea, I'm sorry for being missing --v .

    Nice to hear your life is also good Mix!

    Yep, still playing RF Online and Shadowverse.
    You play Shadowverse, Mix?
    hi Mix!

    Long time we don't speak to each other, eh?

    My life is upside down now compared from before. No more I'm a college student. I'm working now and busy life lead me astray. Lol.

    How is life on your side?
    Doing good?

    Ah, I've been missing you and the others, you know?

    Thank you for your visit at my blog btw :D
    Ah yeah, right. My fast fingers did simple skipped that - without it noticed to have...xD
    Well, you're a half boy and a half man, but you'll soon as well enter the adult zone - I'm already since 11 years in...xD
    Ah yeah, right. You're still pretty young, heheheee...~ And it's the second, gymnasium. xD
    3 and 5 years??? Hmm... You're having then pretty much time ahead you. Well, I wish for you much success then in these years.

    And with me? Well, my days are pretty full with work lately - but otherwise I'm fine...
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