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  • YES YES YES!! You won't regret watching them! I miss watching stuff together ngh T-T
    hahaha of coursee XD watched some many, and recently started watching j-drama too lol, have you watched Goblin or Strong Woman? they're awesome
    Cool lol i dont remember which chapter im on

    well probably more in the summer :/
    Cool :P!

    Yes but I haven't finished it yet, it's really good indeed *_*

    hehehe<3 i miss it too T-T
    I'm tired too :I yeah time to time I have difficulties like everyone :/ what about you? i bet we're the same though lol

    awww <3 you're adorable as always :3
    i need a break lol, uh one of those summer breaks if possible .-.
    i know right?? lololol same

    of coursee, mine <3
    gaaah real life sucks, i want holidays forever :I
    YOURE ALIVE!! lol no problem! it's just that I missed seeing you here -3-
    Ah I see, I was busy. Well...I guess?
    That is very kind of you to say sweetie~ Thank you~ Hugs you warmly<3
    Caresses your cheek Everything's okay..~
    I don't want to leave too.. Holds onto you tightly
    You're so adorable! Hugs you super tight~
    Yes because you became an important person for me~ pecks your cheek again~
    You're very welcome my dear, anytime:) Also thank you, you're a very nice person as well~

    Aww~ pecks your cheek and smiles ~
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