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  • Happy New Years to you too!

    Yes, it's definitely been a while :) I've been well, how about you?
    Hello! And a much belated happy new years to you too! ...Or you could say I'm early for 2020 rather than 10 years late
    Oh! Sorry for the late reply! I rarely visit the forums for the past months.

    I haven't played little miss lonesome yet~ I do plan to. Currently I'm playing Ken ga Kimi and Collar x Malice.
    For Clock Zero its Takato followed by Madoka~ I actually also liked the other guys but still Takato takes the top spot because he gone crazy because of love haha enough to destroy the world ^^
    Hello! I'm glad that you still remember me ^^
    And thank you for letting me know about your changing name.
    Yes, I'd love to have some nice chats too. It's good to have someone to talk to!!:D
    I'm not sure about that myself too, have to go through pre-calculus which is the basic for calculus. 5 chapters in total.
    Hm, I didn't watch it all, but it was pretty good... What about you and your exams? :fulfilled:
    Hmmm it depends on the chapters, some are hard to understand. :/ It takes time to figure it out too.
    Thanks for asking! I'm good and fine, though I rarely open A-S these days. What about you?
    Oh, well good luck! Nothing much just watching the eleague finals... :cheerleader:
    Hello there~ Sorry for the late reply, it's been a while since I've opened Anime-sharing since sometimes it's blocked in my country :deadsad:
    Also, I just realised that you changed your user name! I got confused who it was at first when I saw a new notification :sowwy:
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