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  • What kind of tea is it? :alice_glitter:

    Ahh... my sister blamed all the slow internet on me too... I didnt do anything they arent :kurochan_dead:

    I dontttt really understand ikemen that well :kurochan_pfft:

    皮肉なことに、私は実際に顧客サービスの仕事を得た。 書類は少し退屈です。:rr_ugh:

    Thats not a bad idea :alice_sigh: Facebook is a bit shady... just been too lazy to delete xD

    Lets get ourselves suits of plot armor first :rr_hands:
    /me shares cookie with imouto :lapi_carrot:

    Computer cant handle it? :alice_fall:

    Isnt league the more popular of the two? Maybe they have even more ikemen :kurochan_pfft:


    Oh facebook ads are the worsttt... basically cant avoid them either since theyre just made to look like everything else :kurochan_tantrum:

    Thats far too generic :alice_love:

    Ahh... guess that would reveal country... what a pain :alice_orz:

    Oh, think they were trying to moba-fy some other series or another at some point... heard that the currency system is kind of... not great... :miku_panic:


    Not that much... adblock just doesnt work sometimes :miku_tehee:

    So we throw friends at maple until she has had enough? :kurochan_pfft:

    Thats lame... maybe vpn could get it? :runhappy:

    Oh, heard the name but never tried it xD What is the game like?


    It works well enough for me... except when firefox just starts up... :kurochan_tantrum:

    What kind of handicap would even work against maple? :kurochan_stone:
    /me hugs and feeds cookies :rr_valentine:

    I doubt it :kurochan_laugh: Streaming only gets more popular when they throw more walls before consumers :alice_meh: Its a pain to have sooo many different services, and disney is being especially horrible with how you have to pay for new movies even if you have the servies :alice_...:

    Yeah, and switches should run better than phones... probably... :akazukin_sweat:


    Thats nice~ I usually just use the adblock add on though I heard that some people had issues with it not working quite as well as it could :alice_fall:

    I was just doing as you suggestedddd :nekopara_hurt:
    In love and cookies :alice_blink:

    Probably going to be the same here :kurochan_fear:

    Oh, wonder how well a switch port would work... at least theyre going to allow connecting accounts across consoles soon so can keep progress if switch is hard to use... :kurochan_thumb:


    That sounds nice xD Firefox just has too much so I've been too lazy to switch xD

    I-I'm insane? :akazukin_down:
    Im sure you can do it :rr_gotcha:

    Where did you find it? :akazukin_sweat:

    Maybe just start with genshin gacha :goodtea:

    妹の書き込みは、より多くの人々を引きつける だろう 。

    Ahh... yes there are those annoying ones :akazukin_dead:

    You mean I should have a mecha dragon devourer riding a mobile island turtle? :kurochan_thumb:
    Is imouto also santa? :nekopara_cheer:

    Yeah, its nice when series announce another season at the end :runhappy: Though it also means I have to avoid spoilers until its done so I can marathon...

    Most wealthy families will stay wealthy... though its more of the top 1% hoarding all the wealth that is the issue... The more they sit on... the less there is for everyone else...


    Oh... I just use adblock so have no idea what ads are where :nekopara_dizzy:

    I guess I took the anime more seriously than I should have :nekopara_sigh:
    I-imouto is a goddess? :nekopara_surprised: W-wait dont leave meeee :miku_panic:

    Okay, I'll add it to the to watch list :rr_onit:

    Never really watched any shows like that but I can imagine their answers :nekopara_sigh:

    Considering how much I'm using it, I would hope the site is safe :nekopara_scared:

    Maple was a bit too... predictable for me... constant deus ex machina got boring :nekopara_puzzled:
    Camouflage skill? You know how to hide things like that? :puniko_happy:

    Huh, solve puzzles to live... Cant they just all work together to get another life? :nekopara_sigh:

    Im not sure if he is the richest, but I do know he is darn greedy :nekopara_annoyed:

    Saw a few sites recommend this so tried it https://jisho.org/

    I dont know how to read chinese :nekopara_scared: Though I also found that site randomly xD Basically all of King's Avatar second season was just gathering a team :rr_mmm:
    I dont have an ipad tho :akazukin_down:

    You hid it in the most obvious spot possible? :kurochan_hmm:

    What is that about? Alice in wonderland is a hero now? :nekopara_surprised:

    Oh... yeah... big corporations were kind of just trying to ignore regulations for profit... like amazon with their tax dodging ceo... :nekopara_puzzled:


    Google translate wasnt that great before, but I guess it probably improved since I last used it :nekopara_cheer:

    Yes, best furendo indeed :rr_hands: I was watching Princess Connect and King's Avatar, but the site I was using is a little... broken and missing episodes... have any better suggestions? :nekopara_dead:
    Yeah... iphones are definitely quite boring in terms of colors... never heard about the calculator thing since my iphone has one by deafult :akazukin_sweat:

    And then you forgot to add extra protection to the memories of said location :miku_tehee:

    Oh, I havent watched any of those superhero movies in a long while... Ill just stick with anime xD

    That sounds bad... stay safe :nekopara_scared: I think the virus is still going to run rampant down south for a while but it is starting to resolve here...~

    否、妹の日本語わ良い です 。私わすべてのために辞書を検索する必要があります。
    I dont think Im in the position to correct anyone considering how I have to review stuff with every sentence :nekopara_laugh:

    Im almost done marathoning jujitsu kaisen and saw mahoutsukai no yome a while back :nekopara_pleased:
    Yeah... I can see others companies pulling the same... purple? :alice_confused:

    Oh no, you forgot to backup your memories? :akazukin_shock:

    The titanic was a decent movie yeah, probably why it got so popular xD

    Ahh... we are currently in the state of... take the vaccine and you can travel... but everyone still needs to wear a mask anyway because some people are definitely going to lie that they took the shot to not wear a mask... :alice_fall:


    I used to finish all the animu I start, but then some animu came along that really didnt deserve to be finished :akazukin_dead:
    Oh yes, apple pulled this bs a while back... their "update" made old phones start to lag under the pretenses of saving battery or some other rubbish that they were using to explain it :alice_...:

    Lol, you mean keep copies in at least three different places :akazukin_roger: My teacher said that stuff doesnt really exist unless they are safely stored in multiple locations~

    I doubt it... I think the director was just using the hype of titanic and a large budget to promote their movie... it uhh... ehh... it is what it is :akazukin_sweat:

    That is kind of the case globally I think... considering the last year... :miku_panic:

    I need to go over everything in general :nyanmusu_despair:

    Heh, I dont think I actually finished everything :nekopara_sorry: So many half watched animu..~
    Im pretty sure that is the case because they wont sell much if stuff didnt break :nekopara_dead:

    I already grabbed the important photos :nekopara_hug:

    Never understood what was so great about the blue ones... is it just the special effects budget? :nekopara_sigh:

    Good luck with the job hunt~ :nekopara_goodluck:

    I also kind of forgot how to build sentences :nekopara_dizzy:

    A-am I not supposed to watch black butler alone? :nekopara_scared:
    I think the lag is partially the laptop's fault that stuff is slow :alice_down:

    Photobucket apparently restricted their photo limit a while back and have been sending emails about it... which I promptly ignored because I dont feel like going through hundreds of pictures and deleting stuff :alice_nay:

    Avatar like the airbender or the blue aliens? :akazukin_wut:

    Personally I think changing is better if it is possible... school is trying to prepare you for the rest of your life after all... even if most people end up doing something other than their major :alice_pfft:

    I guess we could practice together... havent practiced in a long time :alice_hide:

    Lol, is it going to be as awkward as black butler :alice_sorry:
    We can travel the universe with 6G technology? :lapi_shock: You have to turn off the router when youre not using it? :miku_wut:

    I should too... except sometimes it works... mostly just being lazy and ignoring all the photobucket complaining :kurochan_laugh: Guess it can be called an avatar though I think fancier when people say avatar :kurochan_hmm:

    That is about the same as me then, two years is half way for a major :miku_panic: Though I heard that a lot of people change majors so thats pretty normal~ I tried taking a japanese class but was doing animation stuff back then and gosh... brain was just too dead to function... Is it a good anime? :kurochan_rascal:
    Oh no, what do I do against aliens :akazukin_whoa: I dont turn it off no... seeing how family all uses it whenever~

    Guess that makes sense :akazukin_ok: I usually just say avi even though avatar doesnt make sense here :akazukin_idk:

    Thanks, it took a while because I didnt choose a major for like two years :rr_hug:
    I noticed my laptop had issues with wifi as well... though that might have just been the router being bad :alice_fall:

    DP? :alice_confused: Even the game makes fun of her for having no brain :akazukin_sweat:

    Last semester happened a while ago :akazukin_tehee:
    That sounds pretty serious :akazukin_whoa: Any idea what the problem is?

    Paimon is a bit dumb :kurochan_pfft:

    Last semester was chaotic with the senior project and all :kurochan_dead:
    A little here and there is alright... but regularly would be badddd :dead:

    Yeahhh, it is a pretty bad system... Good thing I checked early on so I hadnt made much progress to lose :alice_sigh:

    Thats is... yeah... freelancer I guess... or just indie dev :akazukin_ok:
    Would probably need to get a new one at some point, but ill run this one until the lag in unbearable :akazukin_tehee: On yeah, I also play on the eu server if you feel like cooping genshin when you do play~ Cant coop across servers for some reason :akazukin_down:

    I guess it is sort of working... kind of in a weird space where Im not exactly part of any company so Im not really sure what I am :alice_sorry:
    Ahh... my laptop is slowly deteriorating as well... starting to lag every so often... :akazukin_dead:

    Everything is alright for now~ Being a neet so the pandemic doesnt really change much for me :akazukin_pfft:
    Heh, the game is fun enough even with gripes :alice_waai: Played quite a bit of dark souls and nier which are a bit similar~

    I totally believe every word you say without any question whatsoever :kurochan_thumb:
    Im not sure how well it works on consoles. but archery is probably hell because aiming is just easier on mouse :alice_blink: But there are three other weapon types which dont require much aiming, so those should be fine~

    Of course~ Are you up to anything of your own? :alice_happy:
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