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  • IMOUTO T__________________________________T
    why nervous?? you are batgirl xD so you should know you are smart and tough xD
    so don't feel nervous xD
    how dare you push me away dawny xD hahahah you shall pay for that treason! xD you can leaf on it! i mean count on it! xD
    lol you're still making me laugh x'D and yush you did! <3
    OMG now that you mention we really watched crazy stuff lmao, funny memories, old times good times, but I still feel the same joy <3
    yes i am very happy too, usually people get closer after they fight or something which sounds weird to me lol, but since we're perfect we are the besties for LIFEEEEE<3 :rr_love: <3

    ohh interesting fact added to imouto log xD besides of joking maybe it's because of attention problem? though that happens to me sometimes too and i just nod my head and say' yes , thats right 'to avoid the mess lol xD we need to stay stronger xD fightinng xD
    this is what i feel like when i look at teenagers lol
    i'm dying of laughter at the moment xD that dance looks so difficult lol, wow you guys, good job! fighting! x'D!!! and even psy's?! man gotta work those legs xD
    I JUST LITEREALLY WENT CRAZY when I read that last sentence OMG , that would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I would love to hear you sing, my pretty imoutoooooo<33333
    Thank you my dear sister <3 awwww me too, when I talk with you I go mad on keyboard and literally smash it since im hype and excited lol, i love spending time with you toooo<3 awww my heart is fluttered, you understand me too, a lot and I loove that about you, we never fight lol. since many people including friends fight sometimes but we are different, cause we're better than them! x3

    it's okay my sweetness, everything will get better once you practice it more like writing in english, you're so good at it!! i'm sure you'll be good at hearing too, and don't worry too much since I don't use accent a lot lol, OOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
    LOL I couldn't help it since well it's YOU!! XD awww poor thighs, if they're hurting then you must have practice very hard o_o even if its a small dance still a big job!
    I'm so glad if everythings fine my sweetheart, of course you're my precious sister! Awww T////T You made my day too! I love seeing you here and talking with you so much, my heart feels like bursting from too much happiness in a good a way lol. You give me warmth too, always missing you <3 There's no way I could ever judge you, I love everything about you so don't worry about anything!! lol i didn't check discord for a while, now that you mention it i'll go and check, and lol we did talk in voice one time he's hilarious, we really should talk one day! x3
    OMG! IMOUTO DOING KPOP DANCE?!?! SIGN ME THE F UP XD omg I want to watch you so much LOL, I feel old sometimes too xD man it sux to age .-.
    Welcome back imoutoooo!!!<3 it's okay don't worry my sweetie<3 omg YES let's chat there, >.< !! I've missed you so much too, my dear friend and sister I hope everything is allright you're my precious person. And yes I love pc more! ps vita is too small to see view the bishies .w. , aww i hope you can find the time to finally chill imouto :( i luv u <3
    gekkamaru =smooth lol
    first route i chose for this game, and it's pretty good ^-^
    check this tsundere out imouto, he's so cute lol. kinda makes me regret my own words about tsundere males in otome
    OMG YES!!!!!!!!<3 I'm so hype now lol. it's always a wonderful thing to talk with imouto and spending time together ToT <3

    Green tea ice cream?! thats my first time hearing something like that after greentea kitkat xD i love vanilla too, especially strawberry <3
    2and half months later; :dead:

    i want to eat ice-cream with imouto :runhappy:
    LOL we really do understand eachother :wasclose:

    i want a summer break!! :ohnoes:
    Same goes for meee x3

    I'm trying to stay alive lol! sounds like you're doing alright imouto <3
    /me rolls around and follows imouto :casserole:

    Same here, I will always listen you :alice_inlove:
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