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  • Indeed,I had the same problem.Well it happens time to time so don't worry <3
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm gonna miss you so much!!:bigeyes: <3
    Lol, there have been other Malaysians around from time to time. Nanashi used to point out a few when they first joined, but I guess he's not into it these days.

    I've accepted your friend request, btw. :thumbup:
    Where have you gone my lovely little sister :bigeyes:
    Wow all boys!You're a strong girl,I'm impressed!xD
    I would love to hang out with you as well <3
    And yea we can talk about anything xD!
    Oh my I bet if I were there I would take you out~!:fulfilled: Are you a homelover?:goodtea: (lol what a weird questionx'D)

    A highschooler~ :bigeyes:! D'aw you'll soon graduate and hopefully live the life more the way you like,I bet there're many things you wanna do :fulfilled:

    And by the way,I'm a home person too,I love staying indoors it's best spending time like that,but it's get boring sometimes so when that happens I run to outside to play those:runhappy:

    Oh and,maybe you already noticed my age since it's written over my avatar~ But let me introduce myself:fulfilled: I'm 23 years old and currently studying my last year in uni. I have part time job where I help out my mom,I have one brother he's 18,and plus a member to this forum lolxD
    I'm a fujoshi~ So mostly tumblr around shounen ai and yaoi tags:lmao:
    Lol of course beside that,I play badminton and fencing as hobby :) ~
    I'm a huge bookworm hehehe everywhere is book and books!:gokiko_yay:
    There're many stuff lol xD how old were you by the way~?:reallyconfused:myyyyyyyyyy dearr aww <3
    Ahaha awwww you're so sweet ~! <3

    W-whoa I'm being called master!:nyanmusu_wtf:

    I would guess some of your hobies since we're both otome crazy xD yet beside that,what do you do in your free time to have fun~?:fulfilled:
    Hehehe no probs <3

    Your page look very lovely!:puniko_aha:

    By the way,I would like to get to know more about'cha,would you mind telling me?:runhappy:
    Hahaha brilliant~!

    Meteor shower?x'D awe its a shooting star(s) but i like how you said it,now ima call it meteor shower!:gokiko_uwoh:
    Ahahah ~ Then dawn it is :bigeyes: ~

    I'll mention you around for otome news and stuff then :runhappy:

    Of course you can~! It's very nice to meet you :) *hugs*
    Hahah I'm honored to be the first one~~~~:runhappy:
    Thank you~
    What should I call you?:goodtea:
    Helloooo ~

    Thanks so much for your kind support in sotm,im so happy:runhappy:

    I really like your ava too :bigeyes: lets be friendss~
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