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  • It was still in my bookmarks luckily :P

    Ah that's good to hear! Hope it happens soon :D

    As for me, yea a lot happened. We sold our "business" back in August. Things were getting a bit too tough for us since it so much work managing 3 stores at once with just 2 persons (my dad and me)
    My mom some days helped but she also has her own full time job and my lil sis is going to uni so she's out too.
    On top of that my dad unfortunately had a stroke. He's doing fine btw, Stroke happened in the "the best place possible" which left almost no lasting handicaps and/or damage. He got very lucky. It was more of a sign to slow down and take it easy.
    Most of the work was then on me and I could do it on my own. And one of the stores was in a fairly unsafe area. Lots of robberies, fights and shootings around the shopping center. Some threats here and there and our lives count way more than money. So yea, after a rather quick talk with the family, which almost went like: "Hey do you wanna continue or put an end to it?" A unanimous "No" from us 4 and that was that.

    So for now we're just relaxing before thinking of what to do next. Feels like a massive weight fell of my shoulders. My sis is going to school and my mom has her own job.
    My dad has many contacts and friends so to get a job for him will be no issue. I'll just take it easy for a while before going to work again. Enjoying my free time with my family and friends for the time being.
    So yea, there's that. Sorry for the long story!

    But other than that, I'm all ok! :P
    I'm alright, same old unown~ Felt like visiting ASF, so I dropped by :3
    How have you been? :)
    are you gonna try finding a new job?
    Very busy with life...sorry for the late reply;
    I've missed you, give me a hug
    Here, you won't leave the this site right?
    Right, I wanted this for a long time.
    Do you have any different plans in the future as well?:P
    Japanese literature :P I'm very excited, I hope this is a good idea lol.
    I'm studying lol, gonna apply to university this summer xD
    Wish me luck (*゚▽゚*)
    Thank you <3 I wish you were there with me :sowwy:
    lol xD

    Yes it was wonderful, of course!! Here's some random pics *^^*

    cooking everyday is killing me:gokiko_shobon:
    my brother used to cook for me :gokiko_uguu:
    Hehe so you know<3:nyanmusu_yes: thank you I'm happy
    We love you too <3

    Oh and aren't you forgetting something?:rr_stare:
    I'm surprised actually, kinda thought of maybe he left cause he got bored lol.
    Am I...seeing things?! Omg hey!! I almost booked a ticket to your place (≖͞_≖̥)*

    Imagine the possibilities that could have happened!

    Oh well, guess I'll hug you I guess, not like I missed you and was worried or something;; (っ´ω`c)

    I'm flying to Japan tonight, gonna stay there 1 month so I'll be missing you :/
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