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  • day, i like hearing birds chirping

    finding true love or hitting the lotto?
    you're clever lol

    i would stay with him of course.

    would you rather to tell the truth for forever or tell lies for forever?
    omg whatxD?!

    youtube is heaven lol

    Would you rather using your fingers as your tounge or using your tounge as your fingers?
    drunk, i can be more open with people

    would you rather eating dry dog food or wet cat food?
    plane, since im high all the time, lol joke

    would you rather be inside of a pool full of piranas or in an ocean full of sharks?:evillaugh:
    Yum! Good choice, I like their chicken nuggets :3

    would you rather use someones used underwear or someones used toothbrush lol
    invisible, i can go anywhere, can get anything, anytime i want !

    would you like to eat at mcdonalds or burgerking?
    hmm okay then lol

    are you ready for the most hard 'make a choice with one of two' game with me?:goodtea:
    You prefer pc to console? I like pc games too, but to play a good game with good graphics it needs...more money and more money :/
    Just the usual, kind of curious how're you doing lately:shinonome_wut:
    I dont know why but I laughed lol, sometimes I just go yolo :wasclose:
    Oh interesting, i have the feeling that you're feeling shy about it though welll you know what they say....JUST DO IT :goodtea:
    Yeah Wally West is the 3rd Flash. Apparently Flash's time travel had an effect in the Flash, and Supergirl shows as well.

    Oh I see, I never watched Prison Break, and I don't like Dr. Who so I didn't know about that lol.

    Watched the Season Premiere of Flash Season 3 and the time line is all screwed up now.
    Yes, our world which has Barry Allen as the Flash. Earth 2 with Zoom and the other Dr. Wells. And the other Earth that had Jay Garrick as the Flash. On a side note Jay Garrick was the original Flash in the comics. Barry Allen was the 2nd Flash.

    In the Flash/Supergirl crossover Flash made it to yet another Earth that had Supergirl, but her world has no Flash or other Metahumans.

    I just started D.C. legends of tomorrow. It's kinda meh so far.

    How was Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones?
    Is that you on that first photo? Handsome lol
    excuse yourself. calling mean and rude and evil to such a sweet and kind hearted person like me is a big sin :nekopara_puzzled: I shall stop talking now cause you dont deserve me hmph:nekopara_annoyed:
    I guess you're staying single because of that :x
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