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  • I'm flying to Japan tonight, gonna stay there 1 month so I'll be missing you :/
    so lovely and nostalgic, makes me want to re-watch the whole anime again
    kay then i'm not touching -3-
    it's okay, i want to mess up your hair don't know why lol
    but you're way better than me, i can't find the time to practice lately
    i dont know why but i relate highly what you said lol, real life sucks .-. nice work by the way, i want to watch you while you play lol
    i meant playing for fun lol, though i'd be a little nervous
    i wish we could play a song together
    Sounds nice, I can feel your excitement while you play lol.
    then now we know what to do if your internet has a problem lol
    It must be because of what I said! I was getting worried;
    Haha silly~ even if you did I would tell you. I was just busy with my work so couldn't find good time to check here, you were on my mind though~:fulfilled:
    I also missed talking together though I missed you more~
    Just saying i hope you don't take me serious though lol, i play around too so :P

    fall into a volcano because it will be fast and quick death, I don't like the idea of freezing :wasclose:

    extrovert people or introvert people?
    travel earth, i should first discover every place on earth before going into space lol

    hmmm.. tsun k-chan or yan k-chan :goodtea:
    loved and lost, they will surely teach me many things I won't be able to forget about life so

    getting free food from your fav restaurant etc. or getting free fuel?
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