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  • Yoyo,

    Damn seems like your job is rough. But yeah we can probs contact each other here! I don't really log in here that often :/
    Wassup dood!
    Oof sounds rough, yea ive seen you offline for some quite some time on steam :c

    Lifes good tbh, do you have any other forum/messaging things that i can add you on?
    I usually play fps games ^_^

    I have a dedpool avatar and my name is dedp00l on steam :goodtea:
    Nope :p I don't really like those kinda games :goodtea:

    But i can try it out.

    Do you have steam or anything like that? :runhappy:
    Ooooh shieet you're alliiiveeee ^_^
    I've missed ya too :goodtea:

    Everythings all good and hahah yep tried to get in contact with you :p

    Are you still playing games :o?
    More always enthusiastic to make a storyline or game that others can enjoy :)
    I've been well, busy, but well; how about yourself?
    Q^Q What!?! I feel silly now! Thanks for telling me and I hoped your New Year and holidays are well spent!
    O-O halloween is not a national holiday where you live... So you're not from America! @O@ -shocked- I always thought you were an American.
    It's no problem, real life has a tendency to do that so I understand entirely :3

    I'm doing pretty well here, improving myself a bit socially irl so I soon can start to search for jobs. I used to be that type who always was silent and that would be bad when I end up getting colleagues when I get a job so yeah :>
    How about you? Going well with family and work?
    O-O I hardly noticed AS was not updating. I mean I see new uploads over the last 5 months at most. :D Nonetheless, yes you're right been a long time. Halloween is approaching soon. I hope you have happy holidays!
    Sorry for the belated reply. Nothing new from me though~

    Good day to you too dear Beku, and yes it's been a while. How you been ? You been busy all this time since last we talked ? Is everything good ?
    Yea, I'm doing ok man, thx~

    Glad to see you again anyway! Hope to see you more often here now :3
    i've never known someone who's goal was to work at pizza hut lol. yeah, i'm pretty proud of myself, because after just a year, they're training me for management. there's a lot of luck involved too though XD

    you just came back to us and you're already leaving again. such a shame. hope you have fun :bye:
    assassin on fridays, templar night on saturday lol. i work at a restaurant. i'm making decent money. more than my dad makes
    wow, you're doing good then. i'm happy for you ^.^

    i'm alright. at work they're trying to make me an assistant manager, so things aren't too bad.
    Shockers... your profile page is soo up to date. I haven't spoke to you for a long while and I'm returning. I hope to rekindle our friendship. @3@ See ya around. I do plan to leave a message on your profile everyday if possible.
    you were my bestest ASF friend and you left me :(

    but i know how it is. real life always catches up with you eventually
    ...OH, HELLO MB!!!:runhappy:

    And don't worry, I can you fully understand: Because I'm also since last time too busy, that I for a longer period online be can...:goodtea:~>
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