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  • Hello Will98. How do you do. Did you retire Moderator? I don't know about you in details. But in my memory, you are Mod of Japanese forum. Your avatar was very beautiful one. Your signature as well. I hope you will have fine future in various meanings. Thank you for your efforts as Mod. Reagrds, mrd.
    Thank you very much for the Christmas massage, sorry I couldn't replay I was kinda on the off side (still is),
    But Marry Christmas Will98, sorry I didn't replay back than, I have the worst timing.
    Hey Will . By any chance do you know a good USB WiFi adapter for a laptop? My laptop sucks at picking up wireless signals :/
    Thanks. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too! Although i'm very late to reply :D I've been so busy you know :P
    (*゚▽゚)*゚▽゚)ノ<よいお年を。O○ ・:*。:゚○:.。・:*:・゚ (o≧∀)o□☆□o(∇≦o)オツキミイェーイ♪

    Happy New Yeaarr My Neighbbourr.... :XD:
    Most of my "Christmas" presents will not be arriving till February. Had two games pre-ordered and paid off for me, as well as tickets to see a concert i want to see during that time.

    I got like 6 pairs of really comfortable pajama style pants. They are warm and snugglely, and quite comfortable to lounge in whilst i spend hours in front of my computer, so i guess those would be my favorites that i got for actual Christmas.

    And of course, Happy New Year
    Happy new year, Will!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    ....Cough* or she will find you one day and force you to live with her forever ;J

    The ancient legend claim that, the rare and magical kitsune girls are separated from this world, and desperately would love to victimize some haaalpless boy but they can't cause there is a magical barrier prohibiting that for the protection of the boys of the earth, since their ravenous lusts and seductions would be too much for the mere mortal boys to endure. But only one things can circumvent it...that a boy in this world somehow desires, or falls in love with her, or falls prey to her immense seductions even from beyond the magical barrier. And if that happens, she is able to break trough and claim that person for herself for all time in eternity, and make you the victim of her love, which is their ultimate desire.
    She's just lurking around, using her clever wits to think of ways to finally breach through to you...then she has you! And when she does, she'll tell you the secret how your soul started to become inseparably connected to her's the moment you started to like and desire her, and that you have no right to object because it was your own desire that allowed her into this world and that since the laws of the soul where she comes from means that if you like or desires someone, or more, it's the same as belonging to that someone...kinda like a marriage. Even if you where the helpless victim seduced by her influences.... and now you must suffer the consequences....of her unsatiable desire for helpless earth boys. For her, you are both her savior, as well as her property for ever and ever.

    Oh and Ur welcome~ :p
    Merry Christmas and happy New Year ! Will98 :)
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