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  • Hello mildis, Nice to meet you too.
    I learned Japanese in university. I am currently studying in Japan and obtained the N1 certificate this year.
    Hi mildis, thanks for letting me know. I'm already aware of what's going on and am deciding on a fix. Thanks! =)
    Hi mildis, thanks for the tip about the Voices of the Seas Artbook. I've updated the request post.

    As for Shuugyou Ryokou, I'll PM you about it. =)
    Hi mildis.

    I saw your report on a Japanese post from some years ago that insulted other members. This kind of post will not go unpunished no matter how old it is. Thank you for watching over the Japanese section.

    Thank you very much for the useful tip. I will change it according to your suggestion. :)

    What I am curious about though is the distinction between ビジネス and 経営学. My previous Japanese teacher (a Japanese national) said that for "business administration", the first would be the better choice, while the latter would be used more in line with "economics" (focus on micro- and especially macroeconomics). Since there is a distinction on a scientific level, there should be distinct words in Japanese as well. While the BA stuff is more about management, accounting, logistics, project and innovation management and the like, economics is focused on the big picture like amount of money, number of unemployed people, national income and whatnot... Do you perhaps know what the correct words would be in Japanese then? :)
    I’m really happy that you are fine. I really missed you and I was checking the site from time to time to see if you’re okay. I agree that things changed a lot. Our common friend “ColdYetWarm” disappeared and I can’t contact her she disabled the private messaging and the visitor messages. I hope she is fine. I’m really sorry that your old computer is broken. I can understand if you don’t want to talk about some things. I’m here if you want to talk to me for anything. I like conversing with you. Best wishes to you too.
    Hello mildis! How are you? I hope you are fine. Sorry for disappearing. I had a lot of things in my mind and I don’t have the patience to participate on the forums I don’t even know what to write there... I’m not that active but I’m still checking your group. I wanted to write to you but I didn’t know if you were fine or active. It seems that many people lost interest in otome games or found other forums to participate...
    It's something in the words' pronunciation and some other little elements, for example, there is no difference in Russian (like in English) whether your brother (or sister) is elder or younger, there is only one word you can call them (brother=брат (brat), sister=сестра (sestra)), however you refer to your siblings differently depending on whether they are younger or older in Kazakh and Japanese (otouto/ani=іні/аға (the rough pronunciation is ini/aga), imouto/ane=қарындас/әпке (karyndas/apke)).
    Hello, mildis. Thank you for your thoughts in regards of what you read about Kazakh, Japanese and Korean languages' origin and history, it was very interesting for me to read. The translation of your message wasn't difficult, the most difficult part was linguistic terms I'm unused to (so, even after the translation from Japanese it was a bit hard to understand). I would be glad if you continued writing me in Japanese (of course, if you want to). As of the Kazakh alphabet, it seems to have been changing constantly even over the last century. There were also Arabic and Latin versions of the alphabet, the Cyrillic version was suggested and approved only in 1940 while Kazakhstan was a part of the USSR, which explains why it doesn't really have anything in common with Russian language while sharing the Cyrillic alphabet with it. Kazakh language is considered one of the Turkic languages, a large group of closely related Altaic languages of western and central Asia, including Kazakh, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Uighur, Uzbek, and Tatar. Don't know about the other languages, but I've seen Kyrgyz and Uzbek translations of Kazakh texts, and it was almost identical. What differed was mostly just a pronunciation, Kyrgyz language sounds more soft while Uzbek language sounds more... rough? ...firm? ...coarse? (don't know how to say in English). Japanese and Kazakh language sure don't have anything in common, but I find that Kazakh and Japanese resemble each other more than, for example, Russian and Kazakh or Russian and Japanese.
    Yes, I've heard too that Russian language is complicated when is seen from a foreigner's point of view, and I think that not so many Russian people have mastered it completely (in regards of perfect literacy), so many foreigners, who still study it, talk while using incorrect word endings and etc. It's easier to talk this way and most Russian speakers still understand what a foreigner is trying to say, so it's a valid way of talking until mastering the Russian language, I think.
    Hi, mildis. Of course, I don't mind becoming friends. I will send you a friend request myself, so you won't have to. I'm studying Japanese to be able to translate from it, so I got pretty good with translation (I think) after a lot of practice (I read visual novels in Japanese almost every day with the help of a program which captures Japanese text and allows to look up the meaning of every word in a dictionary). My knowledge of Japanese grammar is okay since I've read Japanese grammar books, my weak point is my vocabulary, I need to learn more Japanese words. Reading Japanese texts every day helps a lot. Thank you for your suggestion, I will remember to ask you if I have a question. Kazakhstan was a part of the USSR until 1985 and it affected its culture a lot, almost every one here speaks Russian, books are mostly in Russian language. However, lately the government made it a priority so everyone had knowledges of Kazakh language and used it, so I think I will start learning it seriously after I have confidence that I've mastered Japanese more or less. I'm not surprised that Kazakhstan is not all that well-known around the world, because I don't think that our literature and entertainment industry are that developed to be known anywhere except for our country. In the first place, Kazakhstan wasn't a very developed country until Russia made it a part of the USSR, a large percentage of the population was illiterate, there were very few writers, thinkers and philosophers, so, after becoming a part of the USSR and gaining literacy, the products of culture in Kazakhstan became a part of Russian culture rather than Kazakh. And after the collapse of the USSR there have been many economical problems, so not much room for the cultural development.
    Hello, mildis. Nice to meet you too. You are right, although Kazakhstan is a country where several religions (primarily, Islam and Orthodox Christianity) and nations coexist, most of the population are Kazakh people who practice Islamic religion. My name is indeed Slavic, but it's because I'm of Russian and partially Ukrainian origin. May I ask you what is your native language? It's just that you seem to use Japanese language as well, so I got curious whether it's your native language or you have learned it. I've been learning it myself for the last two years, so you could use it in our conversartion in case if it's more convenient to you.
    Hello. Yes I'm in Japan. Tokyo, Edogawa, Nishikasai. It's a nice country.

    My computer also died and I only recently managed to get a new one. Luckily I could recover some of the data from old hard disk.
    :lapi_happy:Bonjour sisy mildis chan about pic i really to want know who is artist but Unfortunately I do not know
    Hi, do you have CG from novels Sora no Baroque, Trinoline: Genesis? If you have, can you please upload them on MEGA, Google Drive or make a torrent? Thank you very much.
    hello mildis. les fleursword ですが、英語とフランス語を混ぜたのでしょうかね。もしかしたら知らないだけでそういう使い方があるのかもしれないですが、基本的な間違いのように感じて気持ち悪いですね。ゲームの内容は詳しくは知らなかったのですが、ベルサイユの薔薇に似ているのですか。 女キャラが剣を取っているのでそのように思わせるのでしょうか。少し興味がわきました。CGはやはりとても綺麗ですね。同じサークルのあいのうたもCGが美しくて好きでした。最近寒いですが体調など崩されませんように。sincerely.
    Hey mildis. I don't have a detailed plan yet, but I want to revive some Anime-Sharing translation project. Maybe I'll start it next year though, because I'm still waiting for my raw.
    Hmm... because of spam section? =\ That’s a sad reason but I respect your decision.
    No one knows for sure. Frank is a mysterious person. Frank can be either a boy or a girl.
    Yep corocoro is saying that “not as dead as you” meaning I haven’t done anything productive lately. (btw my mother language is English.)
    And overall I'm surprised that someone wants to learn Polish because it's one of the hardest languages in the world, although nei is a popular country, so I'm full of admiration. :)
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