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  • Hello. I knew this day is your birthday. Happy birthday and happy life days for you. I hope your days will be filled with meaningful things and matters. Wishing our days will be with tender and comfortable hopes even in this grey colored world. Thanks for your efforts here. Nice day. _mrd
    Hello Frankincense. How are you? I'm fine, (though there are some troubles). You write you are now live in Japan. When did you move to Japan. And what impressions about that country. Formerly, I had thought you are a girl, but later I thought again and thought you might be a guy. (Are you a big guy? handsome guy?). As to me, my PC (Win7) was almost dead in last August, so I bought the new PC (Win 10) in September, but for some reasons, I did not set up and use it. Recently, at middle of this April, I set up it and now use the PC, and visiting internet sites again. (About the new PC, there are still many things to do to usefully use it. I should install various applis, including Win-Rar. I purchased this soft formerly. But it was 10 years ago. I think I should purchase Win-Rar again. Also there are many applis which I formerly used in the Win7 PC. Anyway, you seem to be pretty fine and enjoy posting in spam sections, you look like all time on this site. Good lack. Regards. _ mrd
    Oh I get it now, it makes more sense and sounds more easy. I will try this method, thanks Franky! :nekopara_greet:
    Okay so, you're saying that I shouldn't try learning kanji's but words? hmm, I think that would make it easier for me. For example;

    誰よりも愛しい君に , I should only study and understand the reading on this sentence and not the readings of the kunyomi's/onyomi's, right?


    誰 : who
    愛: lovely, dear
    君: you

    But that way I won't be able to read the words, I'm confused. :/
    I usually study like this;

    1. Encounter new kanji
    2. Look up the meaning on the dictionary
    3. Learn how it's read

    And thats all, I'm thinking of changing my study method maybe like adding number 4. using the kanji I learned on a sentence, maybe that way it'll stick into my brain better.

    I will try to take notes, or maybe a diary I dont know what would be better. But the way I study is not really helping me so, I should change my method.

    Thank you for giving tips, it's really helpful. ^^
    My kanji level...I am just like a beginner at the moment, it's funny because I used to know it. But on the other side my vocabulary is large, like it's so weird I don't know what happened to my brain!

    I am between N3-N2. I know the words on my head really well, I just can't remember their kanji's/readings.

    I tried reading news, but I can only recognize basic kanji like;

    人 - 一人
    大 - 大人

    What should I do? The book I mentioned is kind of helpful, it makes kanji easy to remember but then again it doesn't teaches their readings. I think I need a special teacher or something, maybe I should just wait for university.
    Ahh you replied so fast thanks!

    Really? for me listening feels really easy, thats interesting. Okay now I will try my best to explain as you ask;

    I didn't have this problem recently, I just realized when I decided, I started to study japanese again and when I started studying again I realized I had problem reading kanji.

    So I was making research for days how to memorize the kanji, I found some good books called 'memorizing the kanji' but I then realized that I forgot how to read the onyomi's and kunyomi's!!, this is going to be sudden but after me and my husband had a divorce I've been overworking before and I was also working a lot before that I and never had the chance to study japanese, so then after all ended, and I got the time for myself, I realized that I totally forgot all my knowledge of reading like how could this happen?

    So yeah thats what happened to me, so right now im trying to find a way to re-remember?/re-relearn? I dont know, I am self thought, although I plan to go to university this summer for japanese.

    But I don't know where to start like how should I read, I don't have any problem with grammar I just have problem while when I try to read I can't because I can't remember the kanji.

    At the moment I use some online youtube videos that's all...:/
    heyy franky:/ its me again, i came here to get an advice (hoping to) because i actually look up to you, and you're a cool guy.

    soo, its about japanese. i realized that lately i am way behind of things, like i have good points but it doesnt make me happy enough while studying. I was always good at listening and understanding better at studying something while listening but when it comes to reading and memorizing I feel like I need a method to solve this thing, like i feel like i walking and walking then i keep getting stuck in a mud and same thing again. i dont know if i can express myself lol.

    anyway what i wanted to say is, how can i be better at this? because i am really passionate about it. i spend my hours on it, but right now i feel like i need an advice but i dont have anyone to talk this because no one around me is interested in japanese or busy. i'd be glad if you'd talk with me
    Long time no see. We are both into Japan industry but you are an active member while I am not.

    Happy new year to you! I hope the unlimited happiness will arrive to you.

    Do not get overwhelmed by work but have as much fun as you please. A balanced life is always the best.
    Sorry for the very late responce !

    Cleaning the kanji at the white ares of the dialogs yeap it's easy.
    hello, miss farnkincensess. how many pages do you want to translate and want to be cleaned, typeset. what manga do you intend or plan. (this is the topic between you and noname guy though). _ mrd
    Eeeeh... Well, with photoshoping I did meant: that I do use GIMP as well...

    Anyway. Well, it shouldn't be heavy it to do the both: 1st; selected gray or yellow places with a white layer to cover (as well the text bubles), 2nd; with the text application of GIMP the covered text bubles the proper translated texts overwrite, 3rd; save then the work - then are you done with.
    Ah cleaner? Well, I see your point, but how you're wanna it the translated texts (You wanna the kanji's/kana's with the English texts on the pages replaced have, right?) on the pages have, if you don't having a image editor software? Because you did me because of it asked - because of the photoshoping - right? Or I did mistaken...?
    Yep. Since at that time got my life much more busier than before, but I get at least an better payment...

    Btw, my task in the project would be as the editor, right? Where you'b the texts translate and then to me send them, where then I'd the original manga-pages edit.
    The font for Japanese has surely changed. I sometimes take the screenshot of a page, or of the part of a page on this site for reference. On August 24 in 2017, the font was the old style (like MS P Gothic), and on September 09 in 2017, the font has been changed to "Meiryo". The change seems to have taken place between these dates. It is not strange that you wasn't aware. It is December 20 today, I haven't been aware of the change during about 4 months period. Even almost everyday I was looking Japanese letters during these times, but I wasn't. I was aware of it today.
    Hello. 何か日本語の文字の字体が変わったように思う。以前は、「MS Pゴシック」か、またはそれに似たフォントだったが、いまは「メイリオ」という等幅フォントに変化している。何時から変化したのだろうか。I feel the font for Japanese characters here has been changed. In the former time, it was "MS P Gothic" or similar font. When was it changed, I wonder.
    Yo Franky!

    Hmm... Sorry Franky, but I do fear that I won't fit in. Because since I do have the new workplace I'll not have the time for it. Actually I didn't have rendered an pic since some months, I cooking just some "old coffees" up. Really, sorry that I can't help in your project(s), if I'd have again time for it like once. Then I'd it very like do that.
    Hello, my comrade miss nyuukou (乳香, that is, frankincense). I have been thinking you are a boy, but there is possibility you are a girl. Or, you are an otokonoko 男の娘. I dont't know. "Immer noch nicht so tod wie du." someone (corocoro) wrote this message in this page. I think this is a German sentence. "Always now not so death like you" or "Always, (I am) really not dead like you". Does this have any meaning. I can't see. I have lost my way and life purpoee, meanings of living in this world. I have been wishing to be friend with you. But you seem to tend to post in spam section too much. I don't like to see posts in spam section. This is the reason I did not ask you to be friend of mine. Was ist dein(e?) Mutter-langue ("langue" is french. I forgot the German word, meaning language. (well, if you want to talk private things with me, send pm to me.) Thanks. cute frankincense (this "cute" comes from your avatar image/ sig image, not from your real figure). _mrd
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