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  • A-k-a-k-i-M-a-m-a ! It been a while, how have you been ? ^_^

    Nah, it is not big deal, I am not even remember my birthday too but I feel happy from your wishes *hugs* ^^
    Hi,, thx a lot for approving my friend request.. .:)

    btw, I'm just curious, how you can get that pervert user badge.. . lol
    Lisa leaving is big news to me.:eek: But then 2009 was a busy time for me irl so I have to plead ignorance. But I hope there were at least good memories for you back there, with people you know back then who you still keep in touch with today.

    Anything else you're watching this season?
    Okie dokie then. You gotta give credit to HF though, one of the best communities I'm proud to have been part of.

    So earlier I assumed that you're watching Sekai Seifuku zzz for this season. How are you liking it so far?
    That would explain why you used a different handle here. Isn't a name really important though? Perhaps your account was hacked?
    I poked around a bit, nothing intrusive though and I apologize if I caused any disturbance.
    Me? I'm just a lurker on Hongfire back then when it was hyperactive. Not someone you'd hear from back in those days, something I can change now hopefully.
    So you are AkakiMajyo in another place, another time:D
    Nice to finally meet you!

    Shame about the gal in your avatar, but Seifuku is justice!
    Nice new avatar

    Happy New Year 2014 in advance. I probably be sleeping through it xD. As for animes I recentally I finished Infinite Stratos 2 and the OVA2. My favourite for this season is Non Non Biyori

    Ye adobe has been a troublemaker. I wanted to remove an older adobe reader. And it was a huge hassle.
    I am fine. Sorry I got away for a while again. I am mostly on HF. But the site is falling apart. I like to visit AS more. But there is a certain things that keep me from visiting.

    Well I had abit of problems with my laptop. My ventilator broke down. So my laptop could only go on for like 8 minutes or so.
    And because of work/ financial situation I haven't been able to login to msn because at my work I can't.
    There is also that have had alot of business in real life. Appointments, keeping the landlord happy, gardening, supermarket, family contacts, etc ,etc. I hope to have more time soon. And my laptop will be fixed soon.

    So how are you doing lately? Are you still travelling around or relaxing in Japan right now :)
    Are you in SG for AFA this year?
    If yes, drop me a call so we can hook up or something? My local number -> 97382229
    sensei...........Gud Evening.. how are you ???hope all is well...

    sorry to bother you sensei..
    if i not wrong... sensei receive request for translate manga right.??? if can i want requst. just 1 chapter.... if..can... :sowwy:
    Nani ??? You have imouto too ? Never heard about it O_o

    So we are the same :P. How old she is ? My sister is 3 years younger than me ^^

    Ah, I have that game ! I requested it to Nozamoc from Hongfire and he uploaded for me in 2008 :D

    But I afraid of about upload it for you, Mama ! Give me Nemu-chan dakimakura and I will upload it ! *kuku* :smug:
    Ara ara~ So much Mama~ *jealous* ^_^

    Um...Did you open bank account to keep your money or you keep it yourself ? :)
    Hai hai, I know your feeling and I am find it is annoying when you change to new place, must arrange everything from the start XD

    Mama, mind tell me how much they pay you each month ? I just curious :P
    Nani ??? Sugoiii deshou Mama~ ^_^

    Nah, I never heard about it, only thing I know is, you do travel a lot because of your job, that is all ! :dispirited:
    Nah, someone else request it to me not long ago and I got it so....It is just a coincidence ! :traitor:

    btw, how have you been Mama ? ^_^
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