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  • I still don't have the time to help out >.< Hope you'll find more people to tl for you.
    Heya Frank. *pokes around*
    Just dropping by to kill some boredom. Lolz.
    Its nice to see some familiar faces around >.<
    Hai hai~

    Okay, I'll follow your lead and translate 女子フロア as "girls' floor" for the time being.

    Thanks for the song Kanade's singing.

    Yep, admittedly "zelkova" isn't something common to the ears. Truth to be told, I myself didn't know that tree was called "zelkova" before. Okay, I'll just use "Hosaka tree" at the start it's used in the conversations and "the tree" on the next occasions - will just rely on my linguistic feel on this.

    Sure, I already left my comment for the lyrics Kanade 's singing at least, but I thought to ask you as well. Thanks for the inputs.
    Here are the lines in particular:

    【孝平】「ところでかなでさん、 そこで何してたんですか?」
    Kouhei: “By the way, Kanade-san, what were you doing over there?”

    Kanade: “Hmm?”

    【かなで】「見ての通り、ケヤキに お水あげてるんだよ」
    Kanade: “As you can see, I was watering the Hosaka tree.”

    Sorry for the bother.
    lol, okay~

    Anyway, boss, I got some questions. I better say now that I have yet to watch FA animu at all cause I can't download it (nor do I have the game in my HDD currently so I can't install to check orz), so any enlightenment would be appreciated.

    I translated this line as "Haruna went toward the women's floor". Now, my question is, is there a fixed term we agreed on it (I couldn't find it under the list of recurring terms) or is it okay to leave it as "women's floor"?

    【かなで】「すくすくのび~ ろおまえさん~♪」
    I have no idea what Kanade is singing or humming, so I simply romanised it.

    I think this refers to the Hosaka tree as you wrote 穂坂ケヤキ as Hosaka tree under the recurring terms list, or translate it as zelkova tree or something, since Kanade and Kouhei keep using ケヤキ and not 穂坂ケヤキ?
    ...After a bit of pondering, guess I'll just go with Kanade's route and leave Shiro's to that guy.

    Not about overlapping or anything, just that he might feel comfortable to continue on Shiro's route since he started it. I felt a bit strange when trying to start translating in the middle, and I might have to re-read the previous translations beforehand. So I might as well start from scratch on Kanade.
    Yeah -_-

    Hmm, alright. I'll continue doing Shiro. No innuendo intended btw.
    It's actually usable; just that it screen died before. I already got it fixed, but then the network adapter seemed to cease working. Now I have yet to fix that. The free time is because if I could use internet from my own computer without any obstacle, I would have lots to do, including work.

    Well, perhaps the Stairwellz guy can do Kanade route instead and I do Shiro? (last part is a bit ambiguous but meh w/e lol)
    My translator also married, she's pretty old, ~35 may be :p

    There's other way though, I know 2 guys here on the board could help you: ONC and GdragonX, ONC is in his last year of his Japan major (culture, and such), he's well armed with both English and Japanese, he can write something that's not too formal, as an indication that we are not native Japanese, but still do the job. GdragonX's Japanese is excellent, it's even better than his mother tongue but he's not exactly good in English, so it would be hard for him to express his idea to Japanese if he doesn't understand well the idea.

    I'm neither English Native nor Japanese Native :p
    I'm neutral, it's fine to me, as I don't know what happened in Japan that cause this ruckus. It could be as well as a troll spreading false info about fan translation. Some translation group did some talk, and the majority of jp company allow them to exist to an extent.

    Though it would be hard to write them a proper letter without a lot of skill. I've asked 2 of my native japanese friend who knows about the eroge complication, and they said it's hard to come up with that since writing a formal letter is a nightmare to them. Their English is ... just mere understandable.

    My Translator apparently ace English, but she's a teacher and doesn't know anything about the eroge scene, I doubt if she know about eroge, only when I introduce ef to her.
    Computer unavailability aside, I have some free time in my hands (well, actually the unavailability made me have it).

    I checked the wiki and saw that some scripts for Shiro have been translated. If I am to help, which one should I start with?
    Nope, I don't shut you down, but in the event of a really bad case, when they happen to somehow convince my provider to shut our server down, I still have backup.

    But it's kinda hard since it's Canada, they do not have any license here, and claiming copyright on a wall of text that nobody could read is something... impossible, not to mention they can't write in proper English, I'll just exploit that~
    They don't know anything about fan translation, well actually people I know doesn't play bishoujo geimu. How should I ask them?

    Writing to August would be a real complicated matter though, like write -> reply -> write -> reply, didn't you get a C&D?
    wall of useful text are always welcome.

    I have made quite lots of friends, my japanese teacher and my translator are all native Japanese and their english is pretty decent, hell, especially my JP <-> EN translator, she aced it. She did the entire ef - the first tale, H-scene included.

    Thanks, I'll spare me some hours for this hopefully...
    Thanks for the concern, thank God I've been safe up until now ^^
    None of the earthquakes, tsunamis, and eruption happened in my area. Furthest effect we had was just the ground shaking a little.
    That aside, Obama coming here made roads closed; and it's not really making people happy despite me having 1 1/2 day free (cause he's coming over to my uni).

    So vocabs first, then study grammar.

    How did you learn vocabs and grammar? What book did you buy, and how long it took you until you can play a bishoujo game?

    Yes, I seriously want to know that, and probably follow your path. I took classes, and everywhere I tell my teacher that I learn Japanese merely to play those eroge, so don't mind me if I can't speak or write effectively, because I won't even bother learning that. Reading and Listening to understand is all I want, and all I ever need~
    So Frank, how did you learn your to-play-eroge-only Japanese?

    I want to learn like that too :p
    I'm only familiar with about people who often came to chat on eXalpha shoutbox, or those coming from SH.
    But hey, getting acquainted with new people is part of community activities after all.

    How come? Has my way of talking or something changed in your eyes? I don't think I've changed or anything though lol
    Yep, sure, thanks for the offer. Be seeing you~
    Beta testers? Well, did you find any? Pretty sure people here are mostly VN players so you may have some luck.
    Yeah, when I said "my administrator" back then, I was referring to Checkie lol.

    Hai, sure, tis not like living without internet is fun anyway ~_~
    Hey Frank. Yeah, good to hear that you contacted Checkie to fix uSiscon. Still need some time to fix my thing indeed ~_~
    Well, I share my time around here and SH, so it is not a prob to not being fairly active.
    That is my opinion.
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