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  • Happy B'day Coco, I wish a nice time with your beloved ones in your special day, and have further many successfully and healthy years ahead!!!
    :hi: and sorry if i am interupting you.

    Please can you make those two threads Sticky for the SOTM thread because Ignis isn't here so he left us to run the sotm temporary but because we can't make them sticky, we have to ask one global moderateor to do it.

    So if you can, please do sticky those to two threads.

    The Entry Thread
    The Discussion Thread

    Thank you and sorry again :)

    See ya around!
    Ok. That's good.
    I am currently studying and seeking work.
    Hey, how are you?
    I forgot to introduce myself before.

    I am Rain, it's nice to meet you! : )
    Perhaps I will check with the Admins, just to get a clearer picture of what I am dealing with.
    Hi. I was wondering why the customize your profile option for image freezes when you select it?
    Has anyone else had this issue, or is it just me?
    Hi, I would like to report
    This member has been copying my threads including the exact title, many of which consists of the wording "★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★", which is true in my case, but not when he reposts. Reposting content is his freedom, but using the exact same title may make people mistaken those are my threads and give him an unfair advantage.
    He has also replied with download links directly in the request section

    Thank you.
    Well, happy B'day my good friend Cocona, I wish for you a nice time in your special day today: Enjoy it with your beloved family/friends, with a lot cakes, and of course with gifts as well!!!
    Thanks for the tip although I'm not really the author. You should probably post this in the VH discussion.
    I see, I'll keep that in mind when posting the rest of my first 5 posts then. Thx for the help
    I tried editing something I posted in that thread but after the editing the post was not visible anymore. Does it mean that after the editing my post need another approval before it can be seen, as I'm a new member, or did I delete it by accident? Sorry for the bother, I thought I should ask before trying to remake the post
    Yes it was a good show, but to be honest, i prefer Melody of Metafalica over Elemia any day of the week. I just feel all the characters and personality's behind them are better done Metafalica, and that the story was better. Aurica was hot, but i just had a hard time getting into it/her. So the OVA was awesome, but, i am kinda hoping/waiting that they do Metafalica.

    Also, Happy New Year!
    Happy new year, Cocona!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
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