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  • Hey there, Inquistor. Just though I'd let you know since you edit the H games wiki, that for violated heirone, there is a customized Serena version some another guy does. it's amazing work with different scenes then the original. The blog is here, .
    Sorry if I offended you since I could ony see A-S link before make request to you to upload the patch into other file-sharing service
    Thanks for uploading it into other filesharing service
    Hi Inquisitor, please consider to upload AA2 HF patch to other filesharing service like Mega since it looks like A-S download server is down now
    Thank you
    Hello Inquisitor, do you know what's happen with now? Two days have passes and it still say "500 - Internal Server Error".:(
    Wow I was browsing around this site because Hongfire is down and I heard this site was identical to honfire but you could post links to games...
    I did not expect to see you here! Are you and the other modders moving to this site?
    Unfortunately, there must be an error in the thread, because I cant see the first post of the it -> 504
    Hi, my first thread and it failed to transmit. The analysis page I got, mentioned then my thread has successfully reached the cloud at Frankfurt, but failed on the way to ASF.

    Now, when I repeat I get an error that there is a thread with the same name. But I cant see it. Is it visible to you?
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