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  • Yeah, I preferred Misha. The ability to transform into a loli at will won me over. Though, I think the protagonist of Elemia was what I hated about it. Lyner is such a ditz. I agree, I prefer Melody of Metafalica as well.

    Thanks, you have a good year.
    (*゚▽゚)*゚▽゚)ノ<よいお年を。O○ ・:*。:゚○:.。・:*:・゚ (o≧∀)o□☆□o(∇≦o)オツキミイェーイ♪

    Happy New Yeaarr My Neighbbourr.... :XD:
    Yup, I got some cool things that college would kill for. :)

    What about you? You get anything cool?
    Telsa, you have a torrent for the ORCSOFT game Aisai Nikki? I download them back then in 2011 but lost it to a HD crash. I managed to found a torrent but they stuck at 42%. I haven't checked the torrent at the NTR Thread. If you have it inform me. Thanks.
    Hey, did you manage to download ron's upload of ヤブヌマ2? I can't download it so I was wondering if you did and if so, could you pass it too me please? :x
    It's about a month of free of any infraction in the upload section. I notice that you're all the way back in August 27th. Tessu who's in charge of the promotion went afk. I see a few complaints about that and I'm still looking for him. For now I'll make you an uploader (and a few more people)

    Update: Tessu's computer graphic card is dead atm. He hasn't been online lately.
    And so on. Some of the games are really old and might be hard to impossible to find again without getting in touch with someone with the source.
    機械仕掛けのイヴ ~Dea Ex Machina~
    魔王と踊れ!2~change of the world~
    蒼天のセレナリア~What a beautiful world~
    Tactics Brid

    Annnnd that should do. With all this you should be sick of the genre by morning :p. Let me know if you want to move into RPGs, duengon crawlers or tower defense.
    Have fun!
    Hmm... well, to name a few I guess you would want to check. I'll name the company first so you'd know what to expect from them.
    Cyc Soft:
    しゃーまんず・さんくちゅあり -巫女の聖域
    SofthouseChara: <- I don't really like this company much, but your tastes may differ on it.
    忍 流 / Shinobu Ryuu
    王賊 / Ohzoku
    巣作りドラゴン / Suzukuri Dragon
    Gesen 18:
    輝光翼戦記 天空のユミナ / Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina <- This game is being translated by JAST USA
    みんな大好き 子づくりばんちょう
    Queen of Darkness <- This one's an Otome game :whistle:
    [Studio e.go!:
    どうして?いじってプリンセス Final Road ~もう! またこんなところで3~
    unicorn-a/Gesen 18:
    Ape & Frog:
    Ohhh, loads. I played J-SLG hentai games all the time till I ran out of things to play that interested me. But if I name them all you'll have a tough day. You sure you want to do an SLG collection torrent like that? I'm not sure if any of them have NTR either. If they do they probably weren't too good since you guys didn't hear about them.
    In short, we shows an attitude of "We don't give a shit" (as long as it is legal for us to stay that way) to any entity, legal or individual, especially those who sent several DMCA and try to take us down. Or other larger communities, such as hongfire, who actually picked on us several months ago before they were pulled down, claiming that there's too many people on their forum linking to us, and demand us to ban member on our site or delete the thread on our forum, which we ignored completely in the end.

    AS was born not to be another epenis site by its creator unlike all other forum, we allows mentions of other sites, links under signature to one's blog/other sites/forum (as long as they don't contain malware, excessive ads, any fishing scamming/make quick money scheme or contents that prohibited on AS, such as western warez, western movies and real life porn) to protect our member and our network from getting into legal trouble with the U.S Corporation who pretty much bought all the U.S Government to create such mess.

    Just try to explaining how it works around here ;) See you around then.
    lol so being a girl on the internet is hassle and getting harassed? That's pretty fucked up to me. I just want to know if I should use he or she in this matter but since you said so, I'll use he/him instead.

    Here in AS, we used to assume most people are male. We received complaints from our female members (quite numerous actually) claiming that it is discriminatory for us to make such assumption. Now the staff must remain neutral if a person gender is unknown or to use correct grammatical person when addressing each individual.

    TBH, we used to against NTR back in the day when AS was still on the paper but in the light of an open, free for all community, we pretty much allow everything to an extent possible by our local laws without public disruptive and/or disorder.

    Additionally AS Staff are not allowed to bash any groups, flamewar, cockfights, trolling, or otherwise make any statement that potentially turn into a verbal abuse to anyone. It means no staff are allowed to comment "gg subs sucks" or "NTR is garbage" (just an example, don't take it seriously, I'm on neutral stance of NTR as it is a fiction product, like all the loli stuff around that I love). We also ignore almost all comment about us, either positive or negative (AS great or AS sucks).
    Your current Magnet URI Is:

    magnet:?xt=urn:btih:98D7C36574B4D2565DCCB95998C1B797719A6021&tr=udp://, &tr=udp://, &tr=udp://, &tr=udp://, &tr=udp://

    Which is wrong

    It should be:


    - no comma, no space in between &tr=
    - two of the same trackers will cause problem for the torrent software

    Please fix it as soon as possible and try to remember this format. It would be helpful for your NTR thread I believe.

    Also you are goddess of NTR, why goddess? Are you a female by any chance?
    your magnet url contain no tracker, refer to my previous guide to see how to add trackers into magnet uri.
    Your application already approved, in the mean time, your threads still in Moderate Queue though ^^

    I am glad to see you start upload although I am not a fan since NTR is not my genre...:P
    Ah, I am understand your feeling, I hospitalized when I were in primary and high school back then, even when I back to home, my health still bad, can not go to school or so...

    Anyway, get well soon Telsa ^^
    Long time no see Telsa ^^

    Um...I still fine as usual but not in good mood, there are quite a lot things unexpected happen lately...Although I know those thing will come in another day but do not think it is too early...

    How about you ? ^^
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