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  • Hey Bay, sorry i did not get back to you sooner, i am usually pretty busy this time of year, been sick on top of it. As for the info you requested i am sorry but i don't have it. last month i bought a nice new Terabyte hard drive, Plugged it in, moved things around, and then it crashed while i was doing this, and i lost most of everything i put on it. Funny thing being i was deliberately buying the hard rive to back up all the good shit i have. I See to many of you guys talk about the very same thing, crashes and lost data, and i had some really hard to find games, or things that are "Lost". So i thought i would be smart and database it all..... sigh.

    I double checked to make sure it was not in the data that was not lost, and unfortunately it was not there (becuse low and behold i did in fact have what you where looking for before the crash), and I also lost my LiLiM Darkness data that i usually post as well. If you ever find it let me know, i have to re-database it with the new, actually working hard drive.
    Um...It is hard to tell if that game will be share or not, but I am sure that, recent arrest, it does affect to eroge sharing in this month and upcoming months too !

    There are times when I am thinking that we are, Japan outsiders depend so much on Japanese Uploaders, that is bad, but it can not be helped because "Japan sell only"...>_<

    Anyway, this kind of things happened in the past and new uploaders was born. All we can do right now is wait for "new heroes" but my personal do not think so...>_<

    thank you very much
    I just came back from my trip to japan and find your awesome DL link

    made my day!

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