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  • It has been some time since you have been around. I miss ya man, hope your well!
    hmmmmmm....... maybe LPW will doing fine.. a lot of conversations there.. or u can join mafia games...

    yea.. we should haeve more chaatt.... ahahaa
    ya im finee... just miss you.. never coming chat at other thread except ntr thread.. iahahah.... any news good gamess.??? xixixi
    hi NTR cap.. Pirate kingg.... hello there... howdyy..? just passing byy.. and i think we have a little chat in past... :blushing:

    just curious about you.. because i do like ntr sometimes.. fufuf
    Very new to the whole thing ><. Still have a long ways to go in terms of fluency/accuracy (those damn kanji characters), but Action Bastards been helping lately so that's really cool of him! I know a little Japanese, but I play games with ITH just so I don't have to spend 30 secs reading each line.

    Been dabbling in h-manga translations since the new year =P. I do lurk the NTR thread, but it's been slim pickings for a while. Damn Oyako Rankan for spoiling me.
    I check in every couple days or so. Not a lot of activity from me because there really has been a slump in games. and when i do get on, everyone has more or less said anything worth saying. So... i am lurking my own thread lol.
    Akane was going to come back but I got attacked by the super lazy. lately I've been downloading all the NTR games but never get around to playing them:deadsad: man that was a fast year:eek:
    My condolences. Been over a decade since my grandfather died, but I still remember what it was like.

    As for NTR, there isn't a lot on the horizon but I'm keeping an eye out for anything good beyond the now staple diet of atelier sakura releases. Post in the thread if you hear about anything tasty eh?
    Aside from NTR induced lapses into depression, s'all good thanks for asking Pirate. ;)
    You going to be hanging around the site for a while, or should we expect you to be busy elsewhere? Or just playing the lurker like I've been doing...
    Yes it has, i have been around, almost daily, always checking the thread, just... never anything to post on, and when there is a question its usually answered before i get there.

    Also, been playing a lot of MW3
    Well i wanted to be sociable, see how your doing. I lost my Grandmother two years ago, i understand what you are going through, good luck man.
    Hey Man we have not chatted in some time, yanno it occurs to me that we never chatted much, we should swap instant messengers sometime and actually kick it for a time. If anything, wanted to see how life is.

    Also this chick down here seems suspiciously too hot to be real, And she is otaku? Internet rules state she has to be a guy, and an undercover FBI agent to boot.
    Hey pirateking~. You got ヤンヅマ心春 ~お前の嫁は俺のモノ~ still right? Can I have it to? :3
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