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  • Hmm, well, it's different then the first two in terms of the battle system. But the plot is the same, save the 3 main heroines, then the world and finally pick which one you want to start a family with at the end. Ar tonelico 3 is a bit more ecchi then the others
    I added them as soon as u posted thanks iv'e been reading up on how things work with torrent uploading
    Funny Thing is iv'e been using torrents for more than 6 six years and never once, did i post a torrent till now.:D
    Dude, thank you so much for posting those tracker links it was my first time ever posting a torrent i didn't know what the hell i was doing:D
    So i did a search on Celly to find where she was at, found this forum, checked it out, made the post and waited to see if they where ok with it, i got it accepted about a day later, made the first two posts and dropped the i am out and over here bomb in Hongfire. I guess i forgot how much i had established myself, because it exploded over here within hours.
    Nice Orky, your page is awesome, still not hot red Orc's but it will do :P

    As for your last question. I was bored, and i realised that i had not been on hongfire in over a month. so i dropped in to see the state of the thread, and it sucked. I then went over to the GOR thread and noticed the same thing had actually happened to them, the entire forum was being cracked down on. I guess i decided then that if i did not do something nothing would happen.
    :XD:Lmao it supposed to be Sand not wood(it does look like wood though.)
    And the character is Lady Crocodile from One Piece.
    just press @ then type the person name you want mentioned, i personally copy/paste the person name.

    where you surprised to see that not only i returned, but the new thread exsisted and it was just exploding with posts? (over 100 in less then 4 days)
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