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  • I Understand i too dl some ntr and never get around to try it. but sometimes hearing reviews from the thread saves me the trouble. last year flew by so fast, this year too look were in February already. lol
    Bro its been over a year since i dropped u a visitor message. lol how is everything. (oh yeah akane still isn't back XD)
    The dialog doesn't bother me personally. well, i take that back, most the time.

    As for the game, its pretty damn good, i love time paradoxes, and time travel, so this game it particularly satisfying to me. All in all i feel they made up for there mistake, the graphics are just as good as 13, took them less time to make it, and there is more to do then the other one by far.

    So, i hope it at least makes the cut and they continue to make games that dont suck.
    I see... never mind then. I already heard what happened in the first two. Thanks anyway
    Uwa, I don't suppose you could give me a story and ending rundown on what happens afterwards in the new storytelling? The visual novels are untranslated so I can only guess...
    Ah yeah well, I'd like to know what happens after muv luv alternate. Did they make up a new story or did Takeru finally save everyone after all?
    as far as i know just press @ then type the person name you want mentioned, i personally copy/paste the person name.
    Hell that's better than most translations i've seen and pretty damn impressive for a game of this size.
    Holy Shit This game is HUGE haven't download a game this big since School Days HQ.
    And its ENG PATCHED, is it patched thru the entire game?. Either way Thanks Dude,
    i'm Currently downloading it now.
    On My Way to Download this now. Thanks for showing me that.:D
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