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  • Just trying to find people who use to post there so I can make a thread out it and make sure it says alive long enough for the lurkers to join. Ah well
    Hey Genius, did you ever use to talk in the game over rape/rpg maker discussions back in HF? or wherever
    Ah yes, i don't have an account on depositfiles or any of the other file shares, been using torrents all along. Is this site against using too much torrents? takes years for the wait on the fileshares.

    Yeah i found my gem when i woke up this morning! my brother found it pretty so i gave it to him, he is on his way to Sweden right now..I wonder why, i feel pretty dissy like i lose connection with myse- oh snap!!!
    Thanks dude, she's at peace now so god rest her soul.

    I will look around and try to find some NTR content in one form or the other, hell somethings bound to show up.
    Nah Dude I'm here for good. But I was away for over a month due to my grandmother passing away recently so, i had to leave town to attend the funeral and such. Not really much computer access from where i was staying. So every chance i got i tried to lurk.:D So i'm back now and glad to be home. Now all we need is some good NTR releases.
    All i did was google search "female crocodile one piece" and click images tab on the left side of google seach.:D
    Crocodile has always been my favorite One Piece character. Knowing that we love hentai in general i thought it was the Perfect Gender Bender :gambler:
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