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  • Hello Sendoh~

    I know this long overdue, but Happy Belated Birthday~

    Best wishes to you. May you be happy and healthy~

    Lol no worries :3 Ill just be happy that you replied late or not~ xD Besides i was late too i think x3
    I'm not sure what you meant by patch scripts. If you meant patching the ISO itself, you'll need some decryption tool like IsoTool. Easier said than done, but there are plenty of tutorials you can read on the net. If you meant patching fan translations onto untranslated Japanese games, for ISOs I think they usually use xDelta although it might depend on the groups themselves. No experience on playing fan translated games on the PSP, sorry.

    And I'm not sure where to download patched scripts either.
    Ohh it seems i missed your birthday :x (accidentally clicking into the calendar actually did me some good~)
    Anyhow Happy belated birthday~ Or i guess unbirthday if you would prefer~
    Hmmm. . . sorry never tried to apply one by myself :X
    but i think with one or two quick google you should be able to do it
    Nice to meet you >.< sorry for the late reply. I've been off since the start of the holidays...
    Yuri manga is like an affection but in reality we are not really THAT kind i suppose. It's just the romance that happens in yuri manga is much MORE INTERESTING and romantic compared to YAOI O_O EWWW

    Hope we get along ^_^
    Sorry for the late reply and thanks :) As for my search, this is TARITARI, it's not out as an anime yet but reports say it'll be released on June, or so they say. Kinda weird, huh? Using an unreleased yet anime as dp? I'm actually crazy 'bout Fate Zero right now. So, that's it. Haha. Thanks again. \(",)/
    Ehh :x I dont have a psp so idk... >.<A thread asking in the game talk section would probably help you more than i can...
    Oh, well thats good to know :3 Well then, looking forward to some meaning(less?) conversations then~
    I just saw your post in embarrassing moments... omg so much underwear in it... *faints*
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