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  • Love what you done to the page ...(your profile) Too bad your not here to hear me tell you.

    Of course, let's party~ xD

    I'm also glad to meet you~

    Until then, take care~ Bye-bye~ :3
    Hi hi~

    Thank you for the add~

    Have something sweet for your sweetness~

    Thanks, you too. You might see me around every now and then, when I got time. Right now I need a little stroll somehere outside in the dark, then after that I'll probably be very busy watching my very important Anime :D

    Also contemplating if I'm going to buy the game Diablo III or not atm....that will certainly suck up some time.

    Oh and about the writing....nothing wrong with it being red or big,..but it was quite big, it doesn't annoy me or anything, but It might be more relaxing to read if it was just a tiny bity bit smaller....But thats just me. Cya~
    Hi there angel Knight, one of Deca's friends here, I could be one who starts a convo, but I'm not always around too much, but I'm just stopping by to say hello also. Your headline made me click your thread. And I noticed you really like big red writing don't you :=}

    Btw This is the best anime forum I know of in existence......I think* you have found the right place maybe.

    Where are you from btw ?
    Hello, Angelus knight~
    Just stopping by.

    I'm not really the one who starts conversations but it's a start.
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