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  • Hey there. Sorry, I always appear as being online on IRC because even when I myself am off or away I keep my IRC connected. Did you need anything? You know you could always poke me through the forum too―I realise I neglected replying back to our previous conversation, but if you do need something, I'm here.
    Merry Christmas! GenkiDan. from Japan ( ´∀`)つt[]
    Nah, it's okay ;)

    Yeah, been busy since that lol. Everything is good, just struggling with my thesis for now :D
    Good day my Dear Genki! :)

    How are you? It's been a long time since I visited your profile, eh? :D
    Did you really get "Congratulations You use your brain equally?" Hmmm, I guess your (don't take this the wrong way) "a romantic". It's good...then I guess I would have other questions, but won't ask them today.

    I've reached my 50K, and still around for now. I'm not going to immediately drop, but slowly step away from the other spam threads...still contemplating about LPW. Plus, it depends on how busy or stressed I feel too. If I'm bored then I'll definitely continue posting.

    My avatar is supposed to be a vampire girl.

    Well, it's Thursday (3 AM). Have a good day!
    Being too wordy was a problem when writing papers that eventually forgot what I was writing, and diverted off the given topic. And I can’t say I’ve gotten any better, just more aware.

    I did not turn cute into a weakness. Guys can be cute, and still not be weak…although I think they have to have other aspects (looks, personality) that mix with the cuteness too.

    I still not convinced that the alternate dimension will work. Mostly because what if I’m happy in the alternate dimension that I don’t want to go back to the real world, then it’s still wasted time doing everything in the alternate dimension and never finishing in the real world.

    Not that it’s hard fact truth, but fun to take…

    People only find me being a realist too annoying when I’m being too logically and it makes sense. I only do it to people I don’t like, plus I think I do it on purpose to annoy the person too.

    A goal of 50K posts is my immediate goal, but I still will continue uploading otome/BL games to help Sakimichi build the Otome and BL section.

    “What makes you think I'm getting married?” Did I say something about you getting married?

    Have a nice Sunday!
    I too tend to get a wordy, so I'll try not answer everything...

    Cute being a weakness. Hmmm, not necessarily...I think it's all based on who a person is talking to or about. Plus, if cute is being a weakness then does that mean all girls who are "cute" are weak too?

    Altered dimension, I still don't think it would work because there's always going to be that extra thing you want to do that you'll may never return present. I still don't believe it will work.

    I'm more analytical. I think from the left side of my brain, but once in a while I like to dream. Otherwise, I'm too much of realist which can be annoying to some people.

    Don't worry about stepping away from ASF...after I reach my goal of 50,000 I may slow down too, and periodically spam. Although, I still upload load any otome/R18+/BL games. Plus, I have too much going on in the coming months which won't give me time to sign in as much either.

    Well, I think I answered most. Have a good Wednesday!
    So cute...that you're a sentimental boy.

    Since I work from home I have to be extremely disciplined. However, even then I seem to run out time to do everything. Hmmmm...maybe it's because I have too much on my plate.

    Alternative dimension...sounds tempting, but would it actually work? I have so much I want to do that it may not work.

    I noticed you like talking about sun, sunny gardens, balconies, sleeping in the sun...I gather you get to do it a lot. I just find it interesting.

    Night-time. I'm a thinker so I do all my thinking when my head hits the pillow, so add another hour or so to my late night...five hours later I have to get up to exercise and log in to start working. The vicious circle happens for the next four weekdays, until the weekend when I finally get more than five hours of sleep. I'll never learn.

    It's almost 6 AM which I hope you have a good Friday. Talk to you soon!
    Welp... lost this is the pile of tabs =w=

    They do say to get a job you enjoy ;p
    I usually just ignore =w= Just because they dont enjoy life... =w=

    Hm... i think that comes from mixing with whatever yellowish dirt is in the area.... or perhaps the water is a bit more shallow there so the light can reflect off the stone at the bottom a bit...
    You really want to take a bath in it? xD Some people swim but... I usually stay at shore...

    I poke profiles... randomly... =w=

    Ehh.. as long as a certain someone does go off on bs rants... alls fine =w=
    You’re too sweet Genki. It was my pleasure to accept you.

    Japanese lesson? Are you taking a Japanese class too?

    I know the feeling of going to bed without accomplishing anything. I try to do something, but sometimes I feel there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish everything…which is probably the reason why I’m a night-owl. I get a lot done in the evenings, but then I don’t go to bed either, ugh.

    Anyway, I hope you have a good Sunday. Talk to you soon.
    Yeah, I myself thought we liberal arts people should be cooler. Stereotypes often don't hold true, but any stereotype must have its origin. Other than smearing perpetrated by outside influence, a stereotype―regardless of whether it's good or bad―can't be entirely wrong. (Okay, I guess the mass media is an exception.)

    You hit the nail on the head. Thing is, most if not all such people I know (the ones choosing the major simply because they thought it'd be "easy") aren't big outside academics either. And yes, I'm sure my own classmates wouldn't like hearing this from me (not that I've ever said it out loud). Whether they can sufficiently refute it is another matter, though. :P

    I agree that there are many very interesting philosophical aspects to explore in regards to liberal arts and literature... but very little is brought up at all. Besides, back in university, I didn't see questions like "explain what you think is the reason for X doing Y to Z, and why you think so" often.

    But what I think is the most disappointing weakness is weasel-wording. You probably think about law, business, or international relations people when you think about careful word construction meant to leave no loopholes open (or even deliberately leave some in place). Words are very precise bullets. Semantics are gun barrels with power like no other. That literature students―people studying conceptual (as opposed to applied) language in its purest form―are often below average when it comes to this is preposterous.

    It's good not to be judgemental―and probably what I've said so far makes me look very judgemental. :P I generally try to respect people's choices, or at least I don't often say what I think (if it's negative) right to their face.

    The things I say tend to sound depressing at times, huh? :P Let's wrap this up with an emoji, though rather than a cute face, let's use an ugly one! ლ('◉◞⊖◟◉`ლ)
    How'ddya know he's spanish? omg, Genki a stalker!!!
    mm yeah I edit most of the emotes/stickers here...tehee~ <3
    The most prevalent stereotype when it comes to liberal arts students is that they're all technically illiterate. I'll say that many of the negative stereotypes related to that major aren't entirely the ignorance of outsiders. Either the liberal arts people themselves―at least the ones I've socialised with―revel in their bad image and perpetuate it, or it was their attitude and behaviour that gave rise to the bad stereotypes.

    Here's the thing about career and liberal arts students in my experience: if you ask them, most of them will say they're focused on career, instead of studying liberal arts for the knowledge or their love for culture and all that. Some won't even shy away from telling you that they chose the major because it's easy, it has no math and science, it doesn't require as much commitment as medical or engineering, and other such reasons. But, of course, career building was never much the focus of liberal arts education.

    Worse, a lot of them are pretty ignorant about other issues. If you ask them about a hot issue concerning world economics, for example, they'll say something along the lines of "I'm a literature/liberal arts person; I don't deal with matters involving economics." (Actually, this smugness also applies to most computer science students I know. They'll tell you that because they're IT people they can be ignorant about other issues. Of course, if I challenge them toe-to-toe, most of them don't even have that deep technical knowledge anyways.)

    What you specified is the ideal way of how it all should go. Many people, from employers to "educators" (and I use the term loosely) and students yell about "soft skills" day and night, and ramble on and on about how things like leadership, management, problem solving and all that are important, but in most cases, they will flock to the easiest way―often taking shortcuts―to the end of the line.
    Lol, no. I'm referring to my use of the :goodtea: onion here on AS. I'm not good with that kind of pose in real life as well.

    I'll be sure to get back to you when I've seen the remakes myself. :casserole:
    Hmm yeah tower defense xD There just isnt much to do with that... Or at least not enough =w= Its not interactive enough to have much of a story like some others..

    Im going to assume the ideas came from somewhere ;p

    Productive in a fun way? Which some people call lazy because they just generalize everything unrelated to school/work as lazy... =w=

    The atlantic is the one with greener seas ;p Ours is blue =w= And our water circulates down from the arctic so its cold =w=

    Hmm well it isnt really going to change much is it? :/ I wonder if people would really notice =w= The semi useful stuff are those randomish project i have sitting around xD

    Unchanged? Hmm as far as i know?
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