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  • I see it Genki... Well, no wonder in this heat an headache to get - really...>_>

    But before you an set translate want, then should your head always cold hold, because otherwise the translating will never work, okay...>_>?
    About digital electronics. Such fun.
    Any bit helps I suppose, guess it shows.

    I'm sorry, its something I end up doing more often. Confusing or eluding people that is.. Mostly guess its because I've been alone most of the time.

    You're welcome, and really I'm not that sweet.
    Well, its more that no matter how big an empire is, or how vast. In the end they will always fall. And as such turn to dust and be forgotten. Thats all.

    More curious and spontanous. Thats quite like you.
    Not really. You can take my summer classes for me, that would cheer me up xD
    Np man
    I noticed, since I didn't see you that much before xD
    Yeah dull and tedious. Yours?
    Well, I guess more people here have certain talents which they don't know about. Which I would say includes you.
    And you're welcome.

    Again with your writing, even if its just about a picture you can bring life to in your mind. But indeed, with all you said you are not fully wrong.
    But not fully right either.

    Straightforward or just plain nice, I don't see much a difference.
    Its okay. I don't mind waiting at all, I've been doing it mostly anyway.
    Yeah it kinda stuck. Not that I mind though.
    Can you please stop calling me Dreamer? There's a guy who has that username so it kinda annoys me.
    You can just call me dream like everyone else.
    Thats quite the story affixed with a single picture my dear Genki..
    Well, I always thought you had a certain writing potential. Seems I thought correct.

    As for me, I don't know why those two. Probably more to the first one, with a simple reason.
    Solitude. Not many would enter a forest during rainfall. As such its one of the best places to be alone.

    It was a bit sudden but, do keep being sudden. Otherwise there will be no such thing as suprises anymore.
    Well.. i'd prefer to fight you one on one in game called "Pillow Fight"
    Got to see it before I slept.
    I would go back to the entire imagination thing, but I'll let it at that.

    Thats fine, feel free to ask.

    Quite yes, and that would indeed be possible. But that day it wasn't.
    Who knows, might as well be a good thing.
    Heh.. thats kind of what I mean, I basically have a blind spot for that. I suppose you could say it like that in the most understandable way.

    I tried that, and no I didn't send it at that. I'm not the smartest at all, but not stupid. Plus, even calling them had little effect, so I just have to suffer the loss. It happens.
    Sorry to say, but it sort of made me chuckle a little to read all this. It almost like you're a teacher of sorts.
    And I do know what it all means, just that despite knowing that... Well, I think you already know what I'm going to say.

    I did send them an email and such, never got a response. And thats good to hear and thank you. You have a good day as well Genki.
    I do hope the court tosses the case out if the other party decides to bring a suit. A lawsuit is one of the stupidest methods to solve a simple difference between neighbours like that, especially if it's just because one side has too much ego and thinks people should care about what they think. Nonetheless, a suit can drag on for a while, draining time, money and attention.

    I know those―more commonly referred to as HOA (home owners association), if we're thinking of the same thing. It's a terrible realisation of a really stupid idea, taking rights away from property owners and handing them over to worthless, lazy god-complex lawyers who are good for nothing and take pleasure in bossing around individual home owners... while the effect may not be as terrible as bank mortgage scandals, the idea is much, much more stupid. How anyone can come up with that kind of idea to begin with is beyond me. It sucks that you have to live in one such community... can't move to another apartment or something?

    That's true, and I guess a sweet touch on your birthday would help relieve you from, well, reality. Thanks for caring; I do have my own ways to feel happy :>

    And yes, I wouldn't believe Cisco is clean. They may not be a "front" for US intelligence, but there's no way they've never been approached for compliance at all, especially for a corporation dominating such a sizeable market. And yes, pushes for strengthening status quo are everywhere... more so if you look at the US, where just about everything that comes out of the government nowadays looks bad...
    My apologies if it seems rather off.

    It is, though you do know as well as I (I assume so at least) that a presence can also vanish just like that.
    As for love... Its something I've never come to understand, almost as if it keeps drawing to me, yet I never see it or feel it.. Makes me sound a bit hollow doesn't it?

    Reaper of Souls.. I.. kind of stopped with Diablo 3 awhile ago as it killed my entire blizzard account, and as such made me lose a few games.
    But either way, do have fun with it.
    Unforgiveness.. I wouldn't know really.

    Its the same with making something new, you can't always make something new on the same soil afterall.
    Who knows.. Might just be talking about myself in the past.

    Small traits that make things alike with people can be one that brings them closer to knowing eachother. I suppose thats how I see it.
    Oh, umm thank you. I'm sorry I went away for so long... and it seems I am still not here quite often too...

    I would lief if I had to say from where but I think it is on an older sampler maybe or from any podcast. I swear I've heard that somewhere else.

    But yes, that's exact the thing I like to listen to.

    I'm a little short these days so don't be mad at me if I hadn't a long conversation now but if you got something else to share or talk, please write to me. I like to talk with intellectual people, especially when we share the same passion.

    Have good days!
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