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  • Helloo, been a while since Ignis was here...I'm assuming you're busy but otherwise hope you're doing well dear. Stay safe!
    Looks like the joke went okay. Over 100 views in 1 day, and a few replies.

    Although, I might have liked to see Samurai Duck :laughpanda:
    Hmm...? I do think that they should an x-ray device in their office set for security...xD

    So is it. A balanced life is a healthy life^_^ And really? With which one soshage do you play?

    And like promised, I did posted my newest works. I do hope that you it liking^_^
    Well, I got the mail of EOLC's lawyers - and the answer is: You could the fee pass, if you an 4 page long tax-declaretion write, and then within 48 h. to them send.

    Hmm... I don't say that you shouldn't take responsibility - without would be insane. I just wanna say; that you could at least 1-2 gear(s) take back, and recollect order.

    Okay, I'll then my best^_^!
    Lol, it should an national wide voting given have in ASF. I'll confirm about it at the high dogs-lawyers of E.O.L.C...xD

    Hmm... But in mess to work isn't healthy, an balanced life should you have though...

    Hmmm... Well, I don't mind if I have an "novel" in my thread, it's always informative and nice. And thanks, I'll aftertomorrow in my day off some my newest works post here (include my actual siggy, what I waer...).
    Really? Lol. I do think that I've somewhere in the constitution of ASF seen: that (§2012, 1302301st. main article, 341413rd. sub article, point 6401402) every member having at year end their fee(s) pay...xD

    Ah, I see. Well, I'd you recommend now to stop, and the stuffs after priority or easiness to organize: You're starting with the stuff what at fastest done is, and then so further...
    And nice to hear, that you're otherwise fine^_^!

    And with me. Well, busy with work and and stuff - like with some siggy projects, what currently ongoing are. But I'm as well fine.
    Well, I'm coming in the order of the highest court what on this Earth gives, the EOLC (Elite Otaku Law Court).

    The case: In our analyse you didn't paid the membership fee in the last 8 years at an certain community called ASF. Well, the situation is: You pay now the debt or wanna ultimative judgment of EOLC wait?


    OIC. =\ Just curious because we haven't seen a new forum background for quite some time now.

    By the way, I see that the only difference between current forum skins is the header images. Is changing the header image as easy as giving it a new link?
    You’re always welcomed to make comment. There might be something I actually overlooked.

    In addition, the typos. =\
    And, er, I just realized that I put the thread in a wrong forum.

    Could you move it to Japanese lesson subforum?

    About katakana, I agree but I don't want to go into too much detail about situational usage at this beginner's stage, so I'll simply say for now that it's possible to write native words in katakana and I'll explain it while walking through a game.
    Also, about next lesson.

    I'm planning to give a guideline on what beginners should and shouldn't do when they learn kanji. I want to teach each kanji's meanings, readings, etc. too, but that's obviously impossible because of their sheer number.

    So I'm thinking about assigning colors to kanji that will appear in subsequent lessons, so that beginners can prioritize. For example, green kanji (日) means it's very common, while red kanji (鰯) means it's very rare.
    But by what criterion should I decide each kanji's rarity? Should I refer to some list? There are lists of kanji ordered by frequency of use everywhere, but the problem is, that seems to only limited to regular use. There are also some characters that are almost never used in everyday life but are among the most common in visual novels (i.e. 俺). So should I just base the decision on my own feelings?
    What do you think? =\
    Hello deer Ignis. =\

    I must admit I was too lazy to do any proofreading. It's okay. Don't hold back when it comes to misspellings. I don't want any of those in any of my works either.
    In fact, it might be too much to ask but if you see any more typos I don't mind that you help me fix them. =\

    I'll try to think of an alternative of code system, or maybe rephrase that totally.

    Also agree with you about the goal part. I was thinking about encouraging people that it's achievable with the right tool but maybe I exaggerated a bit.

    About the screenshot part, you mean a list of those vocabs?


    あの... ヘンな質問があるんですが...





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