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    Hope you congratulated her and said Happy Birthday.

    Also, Deca won LPW! I'm so happy right now. :)
    Hi hi~
    Haha, no problem. I love making someone's day (:
    Actually, no. I mainly listen to Visual Kei, Deathcore, Dubstep, House, and several others. How about you?
    Seiba is just the Japanese pronunciation of the word セイバー, which commonly people know her as Saber, they're both the same. Her name is Arturia Pendragon before she was turn into a Heroic Spirit
    Ah... you're very well informed about those things. Yes, lemon juice is quite beneficial. I try to use it as much as possible, and I use lime as well.

    I like to mix ingredients so it's great that you also agree that people should also experiment too. You never know, it could taste pretty good.

    I'll probably log off soon.

    See you next time. Thanks for the chat. :3
    Yeah i found out about anime a little late...

    I eat fruits and stuff too :3 I think that would provide enough...

    I try to keep healthy with workouts and whatnot but school is bothersome...
    I'm not a vegan. I live in the U.S., Eastern Time. It's morning here and Sam is used to me staying up at night. XD

    I eat mostly fish, eggs, and chicken. I eat mainly fresh fruits and vegetables. I cook myself instead of ordering when possible.

    Yeah... the wait thing annoys me sometimes~
    Lol we talk about everything that we somehow get to~

    Not sure but its grass :x Says dont try it xD

    Ehh i like meats too much :x

    Lol im not too healthy xD

    Actually i havent seen too much anime :x Only started last summer...
    No list at anidb... I watched enough... Sam hasn't yet. XD

    It was wheat grass... not my thing.

    Healthy eating is great. It's neat you do it as well.

    Tell Sam to eat more veggies!
    I got this from him, along with the girl that bring the cookies:
    Thanks again. It's a pleasure to be friends with you as well. :)

    Wah... that link you gave me was simply beautiful, cute sounding, and the words were very meaningful.

    Lol, emotional spectrum... I like to be playful while being serious at times too. At the end, I just like it when people are happy. I'm glad you're happy as well to receive those cookies.

    Ah... good night then and sweet dreams... full of love. :3

    Sam and you already get along it seems. I'm quite happy about that. ^^

    As for music... here's one to compliment the beauty of the video you showed me.
    Hooray! Thank you for accepting. :3

    Sam likes to chat and sometimes gets lonely because most people would be offline.

    Thank you very much for keeping Sam company. I know he appreciates it. :)
    Hmm im going to assume thats a giant stuffed animal and a bunch of smaller ones... or whatever abandoned animals...

    Im more open around friends i know better~ Complete strangers would have a hard time getting me to say a word... I have random contact with my real life friends whenever~ Im quite antisocial i guess... Pretty much have no people i would consider close at my current school...
    Hello there~

    I like you because I can tell you write what you feel and see... along with a playful and smart personality.

    And because I feel like sending some love your way as well. Is it all right to be friends?~ :3

    Theyre pedobears? :p Hmm yes random gifts are floating around~
    Hmm so i give off subtle vibes and the such~ Yeah i dont talk much irl :x Too shy...
    Lol alex-du, I'm just too seriously druink rigfht now to amke any sense, but I'l read it again later, If i get the chance undrunk. Fact is i never sleep, cus when I sleep i'm just in a different world...:D
    By the time I post this, chances are you've already awake. If not, then by the time you read this, you already awake (duh, if he asleep, how can he read this?).
    Anyway, have a nice sleep.
    ¨Well, if it was you, I'd ask you a a bunch of questions like, how to clean a gun, and if the five-seven semi-automatic cleaves right trough police body armor :j

    On an other note, I played sc:s mostly, and I have to brag that at one time pretty long ago i was top 10 on a german "elite" server of over 10.000 players. It got to the point where I got kicked from the server and accused of being a cheater...quite the compliment really :D
    (That AK can really be a capable one shot weapon.) ( I got good because of too much gungame mod, ever played it ?)
    LOL, not me...of course.
    That's Wagner Moura, a Brazillian actor, play the role of Captain Roberto Nascimento for the movie Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad).
    Very nice movie. I recommend you watch it, both Elite Squad: Seed of Evil and Elite Squad 2:Enemy Within.

    It's have been almost 2 years I didn't play CS since my clan broke off. But I do play CS in cyber cafe if I saw preys people play it.
    Don't wanna get rusty, ya know. :P
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