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    Hey you Nexus is back :ninja: god bless you
    We need some tea :akazukin_makasete:

    Well the download causes other family members to rage for slow internet speed they have. And yeah, probably my laptop cannot run it in the end (not even close to a GTX graphic card) :akazukin_halp:

    I dont like Asian ikemen except the japanese voice actors :boys_laugh:


    I should just avoid the app itself :akazukin_down:

    Thats the best solution that I can come up with:miku_ikemen:
    /me shares some cookies with samy :alice_4u:

    I tried downloading genshin but its 20 GB and I gave up :akazukin_down:

    I prefer watching dota2 because there are handsome players among the pro players :alice_pfft:


    Ads are annoying especially in Facebook :boys_sleep:

    Not us who should be befriending Maple?! :kurochan_wut:

    I couldn't pass the page of filling in payment information by then :kurochan_puniko:

    It's MOBA so feel free to imagine mobile legends/LOL :goodtea:


    What did firefox do to samy?! :alice_angry:

    Power of friendship :korokke_fwiends:

    Never tried disney+ but I did try states there's a free one-month trial, but it charges me for that very first seems like my country is ineligible for the free trial :akazukin_tsk:

    I'm playing Pokemon Unite, its fun but I'll be running mad if I have dumb teammates :alice_love:


    You should really check the brave browser then! :boys_run:

    At least you should give handicap :alice_bully:
    Challenge accepted! :alice_4u:

    I always thought only people from my country use the cheap, illegal streaming device:akazukin_wut:

    Genshin copies its own mechanism from the switch's Zelda anyway :nyanmusu_cheer:

    いいえ、あれは私の趣味だけす。もっと乙女ゲームの内容を理解できるように。その科学省は、だて、あの、ぜんぜん払う必要はいませんなので。。。運を試してみてだけです :gokiko_tea:

    I'm using it for weeks, it is working fine and there isn't any ad pop out at Youtube :runhappy:

    Y-yes! You just created a final boss at stage 1 :lapi_shock:
    Did I get paid? :alice_blink:

    I watched it illegally by installing the streaming device :kurochan_fear:

    Still waiting genshin to be ported to switch :miku_dejected:


    I just found Brave Browser, it blocks basically everything :goodtea:

    That's insane! :alice_cry:
    Y-yes? That's too much part time for me :akazukin_dead:

    So you shall watch season 1 first while waiting :alice_love:

    Truth has been spoken...:kurochan_stone: Guess I have to try my luck on the jackpot someday :goodtea:


    Sometimes I have to pause the adblock to use its feature... :cramming:

    That's normal, watching her might spark you ideas in making more games :runhappy:
    Y-yes :akazukin_evillaugh: Dont worry I will be by your side all the time :kurochan_thumb:

    I remember I finished watching the whole series in one whole day :goodtea: Glad the season2 is in the production :boys2_tehee:

    The funniest yet most honest answer is "I have rich in-laws" :alice_orz:


    I think it will be fine, the ads are the income to maintain the site :akazukin_pat:

    B-but she is adorable :kurochan_go:
    I am god :akazukin_evillaugh: /me activates skill

    Well they do...the puzzles have the shapes of clover, heart, spade and diamond which requires intelligence, teamwork for different shape. Heart is the hardest because its manipulating players' minds :goodtea: I would not like to spoil too much :goodtea:

    I enjoy watching videos asking rich guys in luxury cars for "what do you do for a living?" and asians seem to avoid the questions :alice_sigh:


    Okay now! Read! /me throws dictionary :boys_iwantyou: Please make sure the site is safe :boys2_peek: Hmmm I see, I think Maple from bofuri recruits team faster than any anime else :alice_love:
    Me too! So you're fine :nyanmusu_tea:

    It could work if we fuse the camouflage skill with our treasure !:nyanmusu_allright:

    Arisu is the MC. 3 besties went out for fun and suddenly teleported/brought forcefully? to a world where they had to play puzzles to obtain lives (1 life = 1 day to live). If they do not win, they will be executed immediately. There are also pvp mode where players had to eliminate each other D:

    Isn't he the richest guy according to Forbes?:puniko_stare:

    なるほど、辞書にたくさんの漢字があたね。もし私が金持ちだら、買えします。 Google translator is my only learning source :nekopara_hurt:

    I watched King's avatar first season :nekopara_dead: gogoanime? I have been watching with chinese sub after kissanime went down...
    Check the ipad for a calculator! :alice_confused:

    Well, they always had the saying of "the most dangerous place will be the safest place" :korokke_hole:

    oh, but maybe samy could watch Arisu in Borderland in Netflix (well I watched it from pirate site) It's cool for its puzzle and it's thrilling for most of the scenes :fulfilled:

    Well, my country has a bad record as people here are lazy and companies tend to hire labors from neighbourhood so it can keep them paid lowly ... then suddenly the mutated virus is brought here...

    でも、私も同じです。いつもgoogle translatorに頼る、自分はこんな難しいの事ができません。

    Well, let google translator review our writing! :runhappy:

    Jujutsu Kaisen? Best furendo? :bigeyes: And for the latter, I actually watched the manga so I feel discouraged to watch the anime lol :megane_cheese:
    Well Android made more progress with the rainbow coloured phones~ but I recently watched a video stating that ipad wont have a calculator anytime soon because Steve Jobs's first job was designing a clean calculator :goodtea:

    I only remember saying adding extra extra protection at just one location :nyanmusu_yousee:

    Now Marvel movies are the best, since I will be boycotting Aquaman 2 :goodtea:

    I haven't registered for vaccination because I don't step out of house any moment for now...My country just started its third lockdown on 1st June :fulfilled: And we secure top2 (after India) for having the highest number of cases/population...definitely not something to be proud of :bepraised:

    お兄様の日本語はとっても素敵です、私はまだまだですわ、もっと勉強しないと! Feel free to correct me specially in particles~

    For example? :bigeyes:
    Mine is an android :goodtea: but they could have participated in apple's scheme as well :goodtea: but the latest purple is beautiful :runhappy: I just googled bs to understand its meaning

    W-what have I said?! I have no remembrance of it :nyanmusu_unsure:

    Titanic is actually amazing because the quality is high for a movie back in years ago :gokiko_uwoh:

    My country's politics are troublesome, they allow their people to have social gathering. So the covid is getting serious, in the end they mess with the economics as well. And we are going to have third lockdown :goodtea:


    Does samy finish ANY animu?!!! :chuuni_scared:
    It seems so, my phone is quite one-year-old but the latest update makes my phone restarting very often but my friend's recently bought one doesnt face this problem :nekopara_sigh:

    Thats nice, now keep it safe within safe safely designed with extra safe measurement :nyanmusu_cheer: :gotidea:

    Yes it is the first movie to use CGI ?.? I'm not sure :goodtea:

    Thank you but economics here are bad so yeah...:goodtea:

    We must revise especially the particles, I found it extremely hard :nekopara_patpat:

    You embraced Sebastian's sexy voice alone?! He's my fav seiyuu till now :nyanmusu_hoo:
    Well sometimes I think that the gadgets are developed to be outdated so people will seek new tech in few years :nekopara_scared:

    You should try and save any important photos :nyanmusu_tea:

    The blue aliens. I have watched the avatar cartoon for many times since it kinda makes up my childhood :fag:

    Yup~ I'm left with my final semester but I plan to take jobs other than my major, maybe a normal OL :runhappy:

    Okay let me learn how to build a sentence first lmao (I only learnt how to read hiragana and katakana). I decided to skip kanji since I can roughly bluff with my Chinese :traitor:

    You watched black butler alone? :nyanmusu_uwawawa:
    Probably no but it can fix your lag issue :blushhappy: Yup, well it can save electricity~

    Photobucket complaining? :lapi_confused: Well I havent watched the movie if samy meant the fanciest avatar among all avatars :kurochan_sun:

    I regret but I didnt get to change my major because my brother persuaded me not to...thinking back I shouldnt have listened to him :kurochan_shifty:

    Does it mean I can practice japanese writing with samy :bigeyes: It has a good line up of seiyuus so I enjoy the singing part most of the time and the growth in each character but I dont think samy would like it since its a bunch of guys :mini_whistle:
    Pretend to e friendly and steal their technology 6G lmao :chuuni_kraken: Ah, I see, please allow me to use that phrase, "We belong to different worlds":aloprosen:

    I should change my signature tho, the link is dead :akazukin_dead: b-but isnt it also known as avatar ? :sowwy:

    It's still better than me regretting halfway after selecting my field :puniko_unhappy: Typing "halfway" reminds me of an anime called I-CHU (musical anime), with the name actually means idol halfway (Idol tochu/ アイドル途中) :cheering: Sorry if I get hyped up by myself, have been learning Japanese from zero recently :P
    It might alien invasion :gokiko_fall: Does samy turn off router when nobody is using it? I do that but I'm shocked to see my friends never did that :wasclose:

    Display photo/profile? I don't remember where I learned that abbreviation though. :goodtea:

    Aw I need to congratulate you officially! Happy graduation :akazukin_yahoo::akazukin_easy::nekopara_omedetou:
    Maybe the wifi receiver is in the lid or the ethernet port is loosen at the side...:gakuran_prank:

    Well if you describe her that way...I wonder if friends who like her and make her as DP would be falling hard for her dumbness....:wasclose:

    Samy's last semester? :puniko_shocked:
    Crazy fact: whenever I adjust my laptop screen by moving the lid, it would get laggy :korokke_angry: Well paimon is adorable so I think samy would forgive the system quickly :fulfilled:

    I will probably join you soon, still have my final semester to go :laughpanda::lmao:
    Lag itself is already unbearable :fag: wow that is a bad system, guess they don't promote getting friends all over the world, and thanks I will keep that in mind~ :nekopara_patpat:

    Freelancer :nyanmusu_allright:
    Never really played those high quality games that cannot run on my aged laptop :crossout:

    Thank you samy! How are you at your end? :nekopara_cheer:
    Well I will try it if possible...I'm more into turn based strategy RPG games, they are challenging :rr_yay:

    I'm 99.99999% innocent and not up to no good :chuuni_notbad:
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