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  • Kinda sad to see that, I hope this forum won't die out completedly in the near future >_<

    A lot of people are doing that, at least in Germany more and more people are doing that because they don't have anything specific they want to do and choose to major business adminstration xD
    Is sova still around?
    I noticed in the last few days that it got really quiet here...

    Sure we can play coop once I get the time....
    I still need to write my thesis in the next few months for my bachelor, but I don't even know what to write about :ohnoes:
    But you had that name for years, so it'll probably take a while for me to get used to it~
    (I'll still call you samy :3 )

    Yep, the sequel to the moon, it came out last month~
    In my opinion it's even better than the prequel >w<
    I played dark souls I and II , Still haven't had the time to play the 3rd one, since it's probably take a long time for me to finish it all...
    I got myself a new pc, but still haven't had the chance to play any big games since I didn't have the time for it *cries*
    I remember your skype id was also Ghost Kitty :3

    Since I haven't had much time to play games I usually only play small games these days~
    The last game I played was Finding Paradise.
    Yep, was quite shocked at first when I suddenly saw you name change after a refresh xD

    Most students know their priorities...(Games > Work) xD

    Sounds interesting! Good luck with that :3
    I know that feeling too well for my own good xD
    What kind of senior project are you working on?
    Hmm doing fine I guess?
    Has been quite busy and kinda a bit tired of it all, but other than that I'm doing fine :3
    How are you doing?
    Found a chinese slang (Wah) XD

    Didn't you just reveal that you can see me? :nyanmusu_sigh:

    I'm already inside it, this season's anime is quite good but the most of the story lines suck, even a yuri anime came out lol =/ it seems that they don't have normal plots to use anymore...

    Why yes, we make the cage huge! Like a circus! :nyanmusu_sparkle:
    It's privacy matter!!! And my mind can't satisfy your boredom :korokke_hole:
    Yup~ except the days with assignments deadline coming up...:megane_ouch:
    *Cover eyes*

    Booooo samy guess who I am~

    LOL I can't believe that I actually didn't login here for so long, it's my very first time XDD (Addicted to dota2, save me onii-chan)

    That won't make any difference if he is running around :alice_meh:

    Why did you read my mind samy?!!!:kurochan_idonteven:

    I-I-I have been enjoying all the time...oops :miku_tehee:
    My favorite was everything lol, especially sakura mochi ~ i love sweets, japan knows the best, lesson learned *3*

    Hmm well, maybe I was too fast;; but I can see that one day otouto finding his beloved and playing games xD
    Only thing I like about Korea is their music culture and kdrama's, and maybe some foods ^^

    lol don't be afraid otouto >:3 I can already see your soon to be wife! :gokiko_uwoh:
    I was surprised as well LOL, but I'm glad I chose there. I love Japan more than Korea actually ; :P

    And nah, not when I'm around! c:<
    Oh Seoul again? I hope you have fun!

    lol, I wonder :reallyconfused: but if one day otouto finds his beloved I'd have to be there to celebrate the weddingT^T
    He seems not like a pirate to me :akazukin_idk:

    S-so that means...samy has a platinum credit card :alice_shock:
    More weddings to attend? :miku_wut:
    Does he own a talking parrot? :boys_glitter:

    Beware samy else your wallet will have many holesssss :kurochan_fear:
    That's great to hear! Unplanned trips always work well than planned~
    Did you meet Jack Sparrow? :alice_blink:

    It sure sounds fun, bet you enjoyed it very well! Food will be much more tastier when you go for a trip :runhappy:
    Yes it's crazy right?!?! thank you so much for the good wishes otouto <3

    lol same I mean all I do is sleeping lately, too tired to prepare more stuff:dead:
    Otouto! Thank you for dropping a message, it really makes me happy <3 :)
    I'm very busy lately since I'm getting married lol, crazy days...I am very excited and happy. How have you been my sweetie?:nekopara_hug:
    Sorry samy onii! I'm afraid I have to break our promise first to check out this site daily...too busy with stuff, I'll reply properly once I have settled all things bugging me!
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