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  • They didnt actually trust the students to cook after my year... finally hired actual cooks =w= I want mah munny back... paid for a year of questionable meals...

    It seems... the kitties werent just over for a few days O_O Cousin didnt have time to bring them back if she took them back to her apartment so she left them with us... there is also the fact that she will be moving back to dorms after so she cant have kitties with her there oo Not sure when she will be back to get them...~
    Oh oo Hmm... the food at my dining hall was mostly prepared by students so........ well..... they didnt really know how to cook imo... then there was the cafeteria ladies which made sushi but.... well... I guess they probably know how to cook from working there so long but.... their sanitary wasnt great.... xx

    Heh x3 Has kitties over for a few days~
    Yeahhhhhhh xD Ish too... flavorful for noodles..~ Which reminds me of that overly flavorful sauce in the dining commons xx School food is just horribles....
    Lol~ That doesnt sound like a horrible mix if a bit odd xD I remember tossing bbq sauce into noodle sauce before... it doesnt work that well there....~
    Heh... maybe I can play around with mixing stuff too xD Messing with flavors tends to create.... interesting combinations... ;p

    Same here... uni is going to be... busy... for a bit...
    So it probably wouldnt be too different from SF in terms of food variety... aside from seafood maybe~
    Ahh xD Heard about currywurst before~ Tomato sauce and curry sounds like an odd mix but... if its good then cant complain~

    Lol x3 Have fun with it~ I used to make up random stories with friends and theyre actually quite amusing~
    Heh xD I seem to say too much really... just some random feeling that I need to defend it against the idiots that say it is useless...

    Any other random foods to try if I ever go to Berlin? xD

    Also, ish story character fines or went too nutsy? oo
    Heh... yes... Which is why there are arguments about what is art and what isnt art~ Some people could look at a painting and go "that isnt art" except that simply means that it does not fit into their concept of what "high art" should be~

    Oh... hmm... I find myself not really caring for fancier Chinese food anyhow~ Ish fine as long as it tastes good ;p
    Yes~ Everything is art indeed...~ A certain book I read has the opinion that everything aside from basic functions could be considered art~

    Ahh x3 Fancy stuff? ;p
    I meant it more as artists are also part of the people developing new technologies~ I suppose they could also be called inventors~ Well... its a label in the end~ Can call them whatever ;p

    Had anything nice? :3
    I would say artists are one of the ones at the front ;p Creativity is kind of what we aim for and all~
    Yeah~ Art changes with technology after all :3 Having the same old thing forever would be... not so interesting..~
    Heh~ That is all we can do :3

    Its not that there arent jobs... Its that digital media is relatively new in terms of art so... some people arent really used to art that isnt paintings on the wall... I dunno =w= Old people dont adapt very well...
    But some will stay...~

    Heh... heard it was more accepted in Europe than the US? But projection mapping is an interesting thing to poke~
    Heh... maybe poke people in intro and try to drag them along? ;p

    Digital media arts~ It is a... well... no one really knows what it is.... people are just... in it... because they have no idea where to go or in my case... failed to get into animation because it was full and they werent accepting anyone who wasnt a first year.... Also called new media art if that clears up anything at all~ We work with technology quite a bit~
    Hmm.... I guess I should try to revive it...

    Lol xD So its just a major to go in when you have no idea what to do? My major is kind of like that except I find it pretty useful~
    Yeah I'm good. Just busy with work and such.

    Oh nice, what are your plans after graduation?

    I think for me I will stop at a Bachelors lol
    Nope. Because I did thought years ago that Heaven's Feel would be a single movie (where then may later as TV-series like at UBW it was...), but that it'll be 3... But well, the situation is clear like it is... - I'll maybe H's.F middle of my 30-er end...>_>
    Yeah, but my endurance having slowly an limit, I won't get younger... If you me understand...>_>
    Yeah, this is what me also heavily annoys like hell. Finally I could finish (though, of course few years later: because H'.F is in 3 movies splited up, where then) with the original world of F/SN, but then this... God, it annoys me really like fuck meanwhile...>_>
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