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  • *Pokes Ino* Just wanted to ask how stuff is going and how you're doing in case you comes back here sometime c:

    I'm doing fine myself, been solving some irl stuff lately which is starting to go forward now. Got some studying to catch up to because school went shit and I need some new better grades in some subjects. Swedish is one of them ironically enough *COUGH*
    Planning to take some electrician course because that's what I'm interested in so will try my best to deal with that after the Swedish...
    Outsite of studying and stuff I'd like to get into drawing and going to the gym. Japanese is also a thing I'd like to learn, but lack of motivation on that one because it feels so huge. I need to get the habit of setting smaller goals c:

    I hope you're fine and am looking forward to talk to you again
    Hugs, Hino
    Happy B'day Inori-chan, have an enjoyable day with your beloved ones... - Live long healthy!!!
    Thank Inori-chan, from now got the Xmas event better, that you're popped up... - And I wish you and your family an happy/enjoyable Xmas as well...!!!:runhappy:
    "I guess..."??? I did you damn it missed you - I did even some nice Missing posters about you posted around...:runhappy:

    Lol, JK... Ah, I see; well I'm happy that with you all okay is (I guess at least)... And I...? Well, I living my usual life and stuff...:goodtea:
    Hmm... Your o-nii-san missing you heavily, I hope for you that with you all oka is...:deadsad:
    Happy B'day Inori-chan...!!!:runhappy:

    I wish for you still a enjoyable day with your beloved family and frineds, and be happy with a lot cakes, drinks, foods, gifts and and and... - Let's a another 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 B'days be...!!!:runhappy:
    Sorry for the delay :sowwy:

    Yeah, of course! I enjoy the company ^^

    Well pretty much, but I guess that's the result of everyone getting busy with their lives.

    Btw, how are you? Was quite a long time ago :<
    Hey, how is college? Keeping you busy? Are you getting the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes? I might, I haven't decided yet though.
    Lol and people rarely do stuff to you =w= Though you keep running into trouble.. xD

    Its just that they know the road? The road itself doesnt exactly chance just because theres fog and its fairly straight =w=


    Ehh Ill probably just work on it for a couple more days =w= Giving me ideas for the main mg xD
    No worries! You're probably up to stuff and you're pretty busy as well!

    Yeah, I got a plan of moving to another country in the future and get some friends and a family. If that happens I really won't spend much time at all in front of the computer. So I might disappear entirely from this place. But it's still many years left :3 I really want a more "normal" life... like being able to do stuff with irl friends instead of just sitting at the comp whenever I get free time :<

    Most people I knew here have disappeared. I guess that new ones comes as well as long as there are people here in the first place. A dead forum isn't too much of an interest after all, but I guess there always will be some that remains that the new ones can speak with.
    Arent your plans already a bit scary? ;p But they might be useful thoughts for later on in the game =w=

    Well if you go too slow... people behind... might be going normal speed... so that just isnt great =w= Lol its quite easy to tell who is local or just passing by their driving speed xD

    Lol lots of places that are made possible because of ac =w=
    Yeps~ They added a bunch recently xD Lots more emotion to show now~

    Okies~ I tried making it not too complex... xD I think I sort of failed... :wasclose:
    Lol xD Hmm... you might end up quite fearsome xD

    Ehh... well just dont go too slow i guess?... Theres people that go like 30 mph on the freeway which is 55 soooo... that might just cause accidents...

    Yeah @_@ My laptop overheats within an hour if I game without a fan...

    Yayy~ Sweets x3

    Btw made a mini mg... or not so mini since i sort of expanded it... basically its testing whether stuff work =w= If you have time~
    But you had your reasons as well :> And you came back instead of disappearing entirely.

    Well, anything is fine for being a part time job I guess. As long as you don't get "average" from a normal job :3
    Awesome! I get to continue speaking with Shiri then :runhappy:

    I agree, it is a bit saddening as this forum pretty much was the start for the "social" part of my life. I say "social" because it still is on the internet and I never had that much trouble with it as I had with it irl. But this place kinda made me realize that there existed people that weren't complete dickheads like those that went to the same school as me. And it kinda gave me hope in a way to improve myself irl as well and start to speak with people.
    So it's sad that it has turned into this and that everyone I used to speak with slowly disappears. But I guess it's normal as everyone has to go forward in their lives and they have to choose whether or not they wanna put their free time into this place or somewhere else.
    Lol i think most people would just bite their tongue or try to learn some kind of teleport... =w= I also have an odd little communication thingy in place...

    A bit scary when driving... Have to hope people have their lights on or.... it might not turn out well :/

    I wonder if laptops built there have a stronger cooling system or something... @_@

    Pictures? :3 Or do they not allow? =w=
    What? Are you going to keep them from every possible method of suicide? xD

    Fog usually isnt thick enough =w= Though at times it gets really thick and you cant see the car in front of you @_@

    Lol i just sit around hoping my laptop doesnt overheat xD I had one that overheated tons... =w= Atm i have an external fan~

    Cute designs and stuffs? :3
    I'm so slooow, but I've been busy for like a week so I blame partly on that :>

    I hope you earn quite a bit from your part time job! And nice, better do all the stuff you want while you're free from uni.
    Good good! I would get sad if you did :< I wanna wish you a good future once you disappear if we can't have contact in another way!

    Nah, it's pretty inactive. But I'm kinda the same. I only write VMs, PMs and check the pokemon thread now and then and some other threads.
    * Reno- Hinode hugs Shiri *
    Lol ehh lots of evil plans... =w= Death might just be the easier option there ;p I guess i should add toilets... =w=

    Oh? Hmm... still better than no chance of snow here... tons of fog =w= Atm were in a drought...
    Three days? O.o I get quite a few random blackouts here as well... usually for a week or two... a blackout every day or so... especially during storms...
    Hmm... the relative's place i stay at in hong kong... usually just has fans =w= Too open to really have ac...

    Aww no pretty stuff? D: Boo =w=
    Make 24 factions? Depends if you can get anyone to join ;p I suppose i should start making plans for the people who want to make their own factions =w= Since im a little lacking in ideas of what to do for them atm... =w= You could probably join a ton of factions and mess with stuff? Basically its school clubs (some which werent form legally like the SSS) though there are others which just arent related to the school...~

    Hmm... so it snows where you are? I only ever get hail =w=
    Lol i said it was random ;p But thats only if i had to pick between the extremes =w= Either way ill just hide inside a house with a heater or fan~
    High humidity? Mehs... hong kong is like that.. @_@ Will never be dry... @_@

    Ish there any specialty sweets there? x3
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