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  • Oh nice, it's always good to study something you really enjoy, what would you like to do when you graduate?

    Yeah, funny thing is that right after you left, other people started leaving as well. I guess everyone really did miss you lol

    Are you getting the Pokémon remakes on 3DS?
    The hottest it has gotten this year is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it doesn't get to hot here. It gets really cold during the winter though.

    What are you studying in college? I'm getting my degree in history.
    Not sure what ill do with bath toilets :/ Maybe ill just assume that players have done that stuffs before sleeping =w= If they actually did sleep in their room... Either way im not shoving negative effects with the stuff like sova did :/ Itll mostly just be that theres positive reasons for wanting to do anything~
    Lol ehh my focus for this is story more than anything else =w= Well and free will i guess? Im trying to leave the rules fairly loose so players can sort of modify stuff to work for them~ As for mafia game... well there is sort of a mafia like storyline...~ Mostly just different factions trying for different goals~ Each of the larger factions have their own storylines/views on the situation and the smaller factions are just smaller storylines that may or may not effect the larger factions =w= Im hoping that i dont get someone with game breaking abilities but i sort of made precautions against that ;p Mostly that each faction has someone or another that is fairly op~ Players can start their own factions as well although they will have to figure out what they want to do =w= And people can join multiple factions so...~ If it opposing factions then they might have to make a choice at some point~

    Oh xD You like snow~
    Hmm... my randomish reasons i liked cold were because its more pleasant to die of cold than heat =w= Though i sort of like it to just be warm really.... Which is usually the night after a hot day so i guess i like heat more... :/

    Dont eat too much?..~ ;p
    Well ill probably change the actual amount of energy depending on the amount of players... =w= But 20% might actually be quite a bit..~ I really havent thought up much stuff that takes energy since im trying to allow people move around more freely than they did during sova's game =w= Half the game with going to baths sleeping and eating =w= So a single point might allow people to take a look at a couple locations~ Eating and sleeping will give energy so its sort of just useful instead of necessary~
    Lol it sort of is more rpg than mafia game... xD
    Cant? You mean cant die? or?...

    Lol... at least your turned in something..~

    Oh xD Ehh i go out hot or cold =w= Doesnt really make a difference for me but warmth sort of improves mood imo?~
    Guess we have different views on heat xD But i dont really like when its really hot either... apparently i sunburn fairly easily :/

    A bakery/cafe thingy? xD Of course you would go for some place with sweets~ x3
    Lol im planning to host it during winter break cuz i wont be able to finish it this summer =w= And people should be more free then..~
    The way i have it set up atm, you start out with 100% energy and recover 20% per day. You can have more than 100% but the excess with be gone if you do not use it by the end of the day, so technically someone will not be losing anything (energy wise) if they only played every 6 days~ This will allow people that are around every day to move when they want and also works out for people who arent~ Theres also ways to recover energy faster and whatnot~ I cant really help the people that miss plot though... they could try to ask around or find unfinished quest lines i guess... I also need to figure out how this will work for battles since they might drag on for days depending how people work... i might just shove them the energy gained at the end of the fight but... i feel like its all a bit too lax so people might abuse it =w= So might change stuff~ Might not =w=

    O.o Did you finish it in the end? Last few days is usually time to just bs it all... @_@

    Ehh... well i guess it ish easier to hide from the cold than the hot... xD But its more fun to be outside when its hot....~ Which is why cold is better for meh since im almost never outside =w=
    Cafe stuff seems to be a popular part time thingy x3 I suppose easiest to find..~
    It's oki, Shiri~ Was just worried that you suddenly would disappear :<
    I see, keep on doing well with it then. Uni is most important!
    Is your part time job over? It's nice to have you here again *hugs*

    It feels like ASF has gotten pretty dead lately though, but maybe that's just me...
    Hmm... im hoping for... at least 10 players... Maybe 15 or so =w= Otherwise its going to be a pain making the mafia side work xD Its going to be quite a detailed game so im hoping ill be able to run it fastish @_@ If it was anything like how slowish it was during the minigame i made during fear's game... well it took about half an hour to type the average response to people so... you figure out how long thatll take xD I also tossed the game together in two weeks so i guess that forced some things to take longer =w=
    Lol ehh... i was able to focus and added about ten pages during the week without much internets =w= Was off at florida for vacation xD But barely added two pages during the last three weeks cuz borderlands.. =w=
    Oh... i did a really last minute homework assignment... xD Apparently there was a book i was supposed to read but i didnt notice the assignment until the last 4 days or so.... I did nothing but skim the book for the weekend... xD Somehow i managed to do decently on it... xD Hmm... but why nervous? o.o

    Its cold here =/ All the fog...
    What are you doing anyhow?~
    Hmm... maybe clean a bit at a time? xD Just make it seem like less work =w=

    Well im basically tossing all the characters of angel beats and some pandora hearts (depends on how many i end up making abilities for) into the story along with a ton of originals~ Mixing the guardian rp in as well since mokou doesnt want to continue it =w= For some characters im probably going to have character weapons they will find at some point and every character weapon will have some story behind it/reveal the character's story =w= Every story seems to take a couple days if i work on it without getting distracted... but i do :/

    Oh x3 Hmm... part time... i should plan on getting a part time job soonish...~ Maybe just for breaks since school ish too busy @_@
    Summer just started for you? :o
    Lol xD Not related to having just moved anymore xD But with that excuse... i guess youre not going to clean anytime soon xD

    Yesh =w= It should be interesting to see if people can find all the hidden stuff xD I have some odd little urge to shove secret passages everywhere ;p Im going completely nuts with planning this and theres probably going to be a dozen fully written side stories which people may or may not find =w= Of course im hoping they do but.... who knows...~ Another reason for no permanent deaths is that i want people to actually do stuff =w= If they die then they could always just come try again~

    Ahh so youre back for the summer?~
    Lol xD Didnt clean up after moving or something? xD

    Ehh... yeah im thinking of not having permanent deaths =w= Just some possible penalties for dying too much... and maybe some stuff related to abilities as well~ Ive been lazy though :/ Its been 77 pages for a while =w= All the stuff to add and games to distract ;p

    Its fine xD Hmm... stuff been happening?~
    Hey Shiri... where are you? :deadsad: I'm missing you over here. Is there a way that we can keep having contact?
    Sleep as long as you want to as long as it doesn't disrupt something important :3
    I'm just fine over here. Gonna have to pay 604 usd (4000 sek) to the dentist sometime in May because of my tooth... It's been giving me trouble all the time so soon I'll think about pulling it out entirely just because of how much I hate it lol

    Haha, that will probably happen eventually then! It's hard to avoid after all :3

    I have to agree with that it sucks when it's too hot when you're out shopping. I'll get pissed off way too quickly during those conditions xD You can bring a small fan to cool yourself with!
    lol im rather suprised about that.

    thats a good point and would be very useful, funny thing i sweared not to kill samye.... and i did so with no intent but due to his character came back to life.....

    why do u think u feel u missed out a lot?

    lol true pitty ur going to miss out eating it XD

    and i see, same here
    Lol but thats still... better? xD At least it should be better... just clean up before the mess grows too large? Or is it already a mess? O.o

    Hmm... still thinking over the thingy... might make it so that there are actually mafia in this game and they are the only ones that can permanently kill... All the other kills are just losses in exp and stuff..~ But kills also give more exp and stuff~ Well i just need to think up incentives anyhow =w= The fact that no one can permanently die so they could have a murder fest might be enough but.... who knows~ Ill probably have to balance more so the killers wont get too powerful compared to the people getting massacred =w= Since the killed are at disadvantage from the exp loss...
    If i go with this then tying everyone up wont really do much for you ;p
    Either way the story is the main focus for meh~
    Shiri! How are you? I hope everything is fine with you :runhappy:

    But 3 is still quite a bit, especially when you get to the point when you start getting on each others nerves >_<

    Oh? You really love to go shopping then, right? I'm kinda 50/50 myself ehehe... It's alright if the shopping goes quick xD
    Ahh xD Liking your new place so far?~

    Well its not really breaking rules... =w= Itll just be a preparation period where people get used to stuffs~ I guess the penalties would be fairly minor as well... =w= Compared to later anyway...~
    i only know a bit of it snice plant names are in latin mainly and dont really use common names much. not sure though if im saying it right but ill have some faith that i am did I, i did what i could to rid it

    hahaha dont worry u didnt miss out on much :P

    i would be glad to, im ok with cooking and enjoy doing it. But if i send it it may have mold and be cold too XD

    haha its ok *pats Inorix on the head*

    been busy these last few weeks?
    Ah, I see. I wish I also could do that :deadsad:
    Awesome! "Some" friends lol. Just how many are you? xD

    Yeah, kinda the same here :3 I usually save some cash every month so I can most of the time buy what I want :runhappy:
    hmmm i can say some but not sure if its correct but others i cant say >_> or well dont know how to say it, have to admit Latin is somewhat easier then german XD

    long story short i had an item from the vending machine which i didnt realise it could bring people back and well i died

    hmmmm ok only for today then.

    hmmm ok so what does onee-chan want from me? or want me to do?

    doesnt make sense if ur older them me like u said above but yet younger, great english Inorix XD
    yay, i hope all goes well for me ^_^

    yeah... just after u died, then i came back to life.... only to blow myself up

    ....why am i your imouto? apart from everything saying it XD

    sorry im old then >_> so mean to me and after all i done.... not a lot but yeah XD
    hmmm ok ill trust u on it and if i feel like it later ill send a test after a few days or so practicing it
    cant be as bad as mine XD

    you are sometimes
    you do realise i didnt kill you but just saw you die before i was shot to death right? XD (no joke)

    well thats the main thing, Fear missed his little imoute

    oh gee thanks, your so kind.... but its not age as of late before this topic i have been thinking back then to try to gain my memories of back then and slowly getting some back,like how the women there tried to touch me a lot due to my hair >_> and i remember we went into a maze and a dragon cave thing and that i seem to had a girl who was also living there due to parents working away from there main country and played with her a lot. cant believe i forgot a lot of it but... yeah
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