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  • Yeah. Especially for Heaven's Feel - I did desperately (years) waited that ufoTable the movie finally it give out would...>_>
    Maybe it was removed meanwhile from there...

    Well, I do hope that I'll finally able at F/SN H's.F and NGNL movie to download... Because it's about the time for...>_>
    Well, I do remember that I could an streamable video of NGNL movie find... Somewhere in I do think...
    To be honest, myself as well... I did tried at Google an streamable (or a downloadable) to find: could find, but these was sadly restriced or required your bank-card...:sowwy:
    Yeah... Well, in 2018 will be again a wondeful year with filed good anime - e.g. SZS season 5 and the 2nd movie of Fate/Stay Night - Heaven's Feel...xD
    Yeah, Konosuba was really hilarious - this will even in 2018 continued, can't wait for it...xD Youjo Senki was really a dark-comedy anime... I wonder me how will be the movie, what will coming...
    Don'r worry because of it...

    And I see. Which anime series did you e.g. watched in last year...?

    Dunno if you it already heard have, but Index and DaL getting their 3rd season...
    Ah so... Btw, how far are you with the anime's? I mean; did you till now constantly followed the anime seasons?
    Lol, wasn't a big deal^_^

    Okay, then try it... And even the Fate/...Illya-series (and movie of it) and Fate/Apocrypha? Then shouldn't be heavy it to enjoy Shokugeki...xD
    Hmm... Well, whatever it should be, I do hope that you're having much fun in your future job^-^!

    Okay... Well, I could then every Fate-franchise recommend to watch, it's worth. The two seasons of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, and the 3 seasons of Shokugeki no Souma as well...
    Hmm... Maybe as account manager?

    Okay, but which genre do you like? Otherwise I could e.g. Fate/Extra Last Encore, Uchuu yori tooi basho and Yuru Camp recommend...
    Hmm... Though, you're slowly at your final-year(s) or? On what you're interested to do?

    Yeah, like some anime series watch...xD
    I see, I see... But wait. Bachelor? This sounds awesome (but sure it's stressy) and intersting on - as what you're going later?

    Yeah, but finally I did get some day-offs... So I can finally somewhat relax...:goodtea:
    Ah, I see... But finally are those busy days over, right?

    And with me...? Well, the same like at you: the kitchen did me as prisoner hold...xD But otherwise I'm fine...:goodtea:
    Kore ga hontou ni Inori-chan...:reallyconfused:


    Jk... Hello Inori-chan, it has been very long time, how are you...?:goodtea:
    Well... its mostly just sova... the other bunch... not sure where they went really but theyre not around...

    Oh xD Same as my sister is trying for~
    Sova is on another site for murder mystery games...~ Is.... more appropriate for mafia games and the such~
    Yeah.... I also disappeared for a while and just... havent been that active ><

    Oh O.o What major are you in? xD
    Lol xD I dont really mind either way~ Sova still does as well ;p

    Oh oo So its pretty much brand new~ Ill have to get around to it sometime x3

    You played those as well xD Maybe we can coop the game when you finally get around to the third~ It is... somewhat time consuming yes... coop makes it a lot easier though~ along with being a mage and just away from all the damage
    Yep yep xD This was pretty much the main inconsistency~

    Ooh, a sequel for to the moon O_O I didnt know there was one~ That looks interesting x3
    On the other hand... Im playing pretty large games like dark souls 3 xD Im... late to the party since my old laptop stopped functioning for games about a year ago xx So I havent been able to play graphically intensive games... overwatch too~
    glad you are doing well.

    What are you majoring in? My brother just got his Masters.

    If you get a Masters, later in life you can decide for a Doctorate degree then people will have to call you Dr. Inori lol
    Heh~ Was at the perfect time then ;p Wasnt sure if I should really... but this is what I usually use for online stuffs so... figured I should change it..~

    What have you been playing? xD

    I... will probably need that..~
    Lol xD What a time to pop in~

    I think most students know that feeling ;p

    My senior project will be a vr world based on dreams~ I... doubt I can call it a game since its not complex enough but... hopefully it will be a nice experience at least~
    I... should be going nuts with a senior project but theres... animu.. and games... xD Ill... start soon... maybe...
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