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  • ok so how will i know if i say it correct? XD
    and ill do my best not to disappoint u

    so ur still going to try to kill me? such a bad imoute

    you moved away from ur parents? congrats? and hope your doing well then

    and use to speak fluent chinese, but not anymore as i got older i started to forget words still know some basics
    hmmm well do what you think is best though i wonder how you plan to start it. perhaps the basics? like greetings?

    i know so if it makes it up to u my somewhat mean friend ill pamper you for forgivenees

    i know but its been hard of late to keep track who was doing what..... so whats new then? living back in germany?

    thats rather lucky, i spent 2 years in china when i was 8-9 i think, i remember some of it
    Awesome! How did you like it? I love that game! Who is your favorite character in the game? Did you get all the children from the future?
    Haha yeah, was pretty damn long ago :< And no worries!
    Ah, moved away from your parents? Or did your entire family move?

    Really? xD I'm not that greedy myself but there's obviously moments where I get extremely greedy :deadsad:
    Oh xD Hmm... first time moving?~

    There will be a penalty for dying so try not to ;p I guess the first death or two wont effect too much but after that..~ Should try not to~
    Heya Inori,

    Yea, I noticed you were gone for quite a while. Guess it's understandable since you were moving ^^
    Hope the moving and all went well~
    How did the exams go? (If you don't mind me asking) ^^

    Nothing to do? Hmm.. PLAY GAMES ALL DAY :runhappy: :3

    Me? I'm doing fine. Nothing unusual. Work and stuff as always ^^

    Glad to have you back :3
    sorry >_< fell alseep

    hmmm im sure you will do well in teaching me

    so: Maeve, Satori, samye, Maddie, Tane and myself? thats a big kill list, why are you so evil now? you sucked at it from what i recall

    oh and what have you been up to? last time i checked you were enjoying eating cake and went to china
    My room... i wonder if i should clean at some point...~Hmm any pictures of the new place? xD

    Hmm... reviving system..~ Well at the start there will be no permanent deaths~ Then stuff happens and people start disappearing~ So new players have a couple phases where they can learn how to play before getting killed permanently =w=
    Lol so you can cover it with more stuff before itll look messy? xD

    Hmm yeah..~ Im quite busy as well so i shouldnt really be hosting anything really @_@ But since they voted.. mehs =w= Ill try and see what i can do...
    yay, so how we plan to do it? through this or skype at least then u can correct me when i fail.... cant be as bad as latin at least ^_^
    well it will be hard but just start with basics like little words and how to break them down to say it

    ohh I understand completly now, hows it going?

    oh wow, but i wasnt the one to kill u but pin u down which caused ur death XD and why are u teasing me >_<
    and why would your onii-chan?
    They are both very different. Bravely Default is more of a traditional RPG like Final Fantasy. While Fire Emblem is a strategy RPG, you have a army and move on a map taking turns. It's more of a strategic RPG. Which ever you choose, they are both great games. You should know, in the Bravely Default demo you are a very low level, fighting high level monsters. So you die easily :/
    Well when would u like to began sensei?

    Hmm what's Sinology?

    Haha true.... I feel old

    How did I do that then? U mean killing u in the mg or u just teasing me ? Meanie
    Can't believe u forgot

    Thought as much, whatcha studying?

    Well I don't mind u not telling, u must be younger then me.... I think?

    I don't think a dream like that would wake me up at 3:30am

    But why are u chasing me with a knife?
    Oh? xD Hmm... new place~ Fancier apartment? xD

    Hmm apparently i am... @_@ Going to hope that its summer when this current game ends :/ I have a horrible school schedule atm so i probably shouldnt host during the sem @_@
    You wanted to host too didnt you? xD
    Haha yay and u still said to teach me German which should be easy to do there ^_^

    I know but I killed my little imouto

    Hmmm high school exams? Or uni/collage? I don't think I ever knew ur age but I know ur younger then sin and I

    .... Woke up with a scary dream...
    Lol yeah... quite a bit of time..~ Been really busy or something?

    It was all randomish stuff anyhow xD
    Hmm... ive been.. going nutsy with stuff i guess?~ Have tons i should finish over spring break..~

    You died in the mg though D: And sinny got meh killed =w= Indirectly got you killed as well... =w=
    Apparently im hosting the next one @_@
    It has, do u use skype? Might be easy to talk there.

    First off extremely sorry for mg8 XD

    So what have u been up to? I missed my old mg partner
    I haven't eaten chocolate in over a month, I am also trying to cut back on sweets.

    Have a good night Inori :sleepmoon:

    Let me know which demo you like better
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