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  • *pokes back*
    Wow...it's been such a long time >_<
    I'm glad you're doing fine, even though my reply comes 1 and a half year late....
    It feels like an eternity since I've been here O_o
    I'm also doing fine, I've been quite busy the last few years.
    My Grandpa died at the time I left this forum and afterwards I had a lot of stuff to do irl.
    I'm almost done with my bachelor degree and I'm now considreing if I also should study for my master or not.
    Tbh I don't really have an idea yet how I should handle my future properly...

    I also hope we will be able to talk again in the future :D
    That's okay, I'm sorry for my super late reply!

    Yes, that's very true. I can't help but feel that your last sentence, "Setting several plan Bs until you can reach your plan A is neccessary to not enter a major depression which in turn may ruin almost all chances you have to reach it" is like you're talking from experience. I'm wishing really hard that that's not the case though. I'm sorry if I'm butting my nose where it doesn't belong, but if it is true, I'd be more than happy to listen to anything. Even if you just want to talk about not wanting to go to the dentist. We've only recently come to know each other, but regardless, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.
    You can say that again, haha. I've been using an app calling Habiticia, and it's pretty good for fixing habits and achieving goals. You create an rpg character of yourself with HP, MP and EXP, and basically when you achieve one of your to-do's, you earn experience and money. It's really motivating! You could also just use their website if you're not much of a phone person :)

    Oh no, I hope the school has contacted you since you've sent your VM D: It's a good thing that you've gradually come to accept it (even though no one should have to accept stuff like this because it shouldn't be happening. If you really need the money, you should be supported).
    I'm guessing it's also really hard to find a part time job as well :(

    Haha, that's good to hear xD Those things are blinding~ Hopefully you've gotten use to the feeling and it's no longer awkward ^^
    It can be at times but you do get use to it eventually :P

    Oh, strict? That's the first time I've ever heard someone describe Australia like that xD Woah, please tell me it's no longer 30 degrees+ since it's finally autumn :donow:

    I like the Pokemon games, but I've never been interested in playing Pokemon GO specifically. How about you? :)
    (PART 1)

    Thank you! ^^
    Same, I wish they'd come some other time when I'm not trying to get to sleep, or just not at all.

    I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through all that :( Sometimes Plan A fails in the beginning, but that's not to say it can never happen. Sometimes all you need is to take a detour to get where you want, so maybe in the future, after Plan B, you'll be able to make moving to Japan a reality :fulfilled:
    Short term goals can be anything, like getting some exercise into your day, drinking a glass of water when you wake up, save a bit of money today, studying for at least 3 hours this evening - little things basically. Just being able to tick something off - that you've accomplished something - is such a nice feeling because it really shows that you've gotten stuff done, whether it be big or small, and you're not in a standstill :)

    I'd like to say something along the lines of, "trying not to think too much about the student loan and focus sorely on your studies" but it's not that easy, especially when that means you won't be getting money from the state because of it. I did some research to try and better understand your situation but please correct me if I'm wrong regarding any of this. When you mean get paid by the state, are you stalking about the social security welfare over in Sweden? And the student loan is from CNS? Do you think you could be eligible for 'boarding supplement' and 'student allowance'? Or would you be able to ask for help from your parents? Sorry, these questions probably seem rather redundant as I'm sure you've gone over every option possible for yourself already :c
    (PART 2)

    Glad to hear that they went back to filling in your roots when you came back from the bathroom break :)

    That's some good advice, will definitely have to do that next time I go. The only times I ever closed my eyes was when they never gave me the sunglasses to ease the glaring brightness from the dental light :P
    I hope your gums get better soon! :)

    That moment when you see that letter of doom in your mailbox :( Thank you, I hope so too ^^ The wires are there to stop my teeth from moving after my braces got taken off. I guess it's just a precaution, just in case my teeth decide to go back to the weird position they were in before I got my braces xD Since their behind my teeth, no one can see them, so it's alright. Just a pain in the butt to floss.

    I live in Australia, so it's winter here at the moment. Freezing xD Is it currently midsummer over where you are? :goodtea:
    Yes, it's over now ^^
    I see, that would indeed be pretty stressful :( I can relate to that, as I usually worry about these things when I'm going to sleep. orz
    Although having concern for one's future is good but too much thinking about it, on the other hand, is not. You begin to think of all the 'what ifs' that most likely will never happen and in the end it becomes pretty overwhelming. That being said, since the future is such an uncertain thing, it can be understandable to be stressed about it. In these circumstances, I usually try and plan some short term goals for myself that I know will lead me into a good direction. That way I can work towards something I'm certain will benefit my future instead of focusing on 'what ifs'.
    If you don't mind me asking, when you mean economical instability, do you mean because of no job, too many bills to pay, debts, or something else? (Sorry if I'm being too nosy. I just find that it's nice to talk about things that are bothering you :) )

    I'm sure they don't mind if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the appointment, and it's probably good to take a break from having to deal with all those tools and waiting :) That is, if they don't make you wait some more when you come back :lapi_sad: Hope your 2nd filling went well! :)

    I should probably do that next time xD
    Do it for the prospect of never having to go to the dentist again, Hinode! :miku_cheer:

    Hm, that's a good question. They usually send me a letter when it's time for me to go back. Mainly it's just to see whether I still need these two wires that are behind my teeth from when I got my braces taken off.
    Just stress from exams ^^; Do you mind if I ask what's making you stressed as well? :)

    Sitting in the dentist chair for 30-40mins doesn't sound pleasant. Usually the dentists where I live are always in a rush, so they try and make your appointment over and done with as quick as possible. Since you said you only repaired one, does that mean you need to go back and get the other one filled in as well? :lapi_down:

    Yes, those things are terrible! As well as the pliers *shudders*
    Same, although for me it's more of the appearance of the syringe. I think I'd be less scared if it was just plastic and perhaps a bit smaller :P

    Talking about all these tools makes me want to postpone my yearly check up to, oh, let's say... 100 years from now? :miku_peek:
    A little bit stressed but other than that, I'm good thanks :)

    Uuh, agreed 100% ;-; Always try to avoid going to the dentist if possible :scared: Their tools scare me...
    Are you going for a check up? :)
    Aww, I'm glad that it was able to make you a bit happier! :lapi_happy:

    Nice to meet you, by the way! ^^

    Merry Xmas!!!

    Wishing you and all of your family&friends to have the best new year~!
    lol x'D,exactly!

    Sakura was an amazing character!!didn't expected that she would get killed :sigh:,actually from the very first episode I was always so confused about whats going on xD

    I like cute characters too!It makes the anime funnier :goodtea:

    And no probs at all! I'm glad to see you again Hino :) its always fun with you ~
    I've seen that one! Hilarious. I love how Horn drill actually hits that many times x3
    Yea I still do. But not that much as before though. Just battle sometimes, trade stuff and still breeding for some shinies I really want x3

    Other than that, I'm doing Ok ^^
    Madoka *sighs* indeed is a very hard type of an anime girl.She's very naive and tender yet strong at the same time so it's crazy.Like think about a person who's so shy and nervous but can be a bad ass.Crazy right? I was annoyed by her too lol,most of the people don't likes her xD

    Momo Sakura is the red haired girl,the blonde one is the witch which gets killed very first ;Tomoe Mami.

    Well,I was so shocked and very sad because she was so nice..

    Yes,it's one of those 'summer season' anime's right?

    By the way check this wallpaper of Miki! :goodtea:

    Each character was very interesting in my opinion,but its been a while since it stopped airing.Wish there was a sequel or second season..And the anime scared the 'crab' out of me not lying:D Mostly every girl in animes are cute,but their inner world is what interest me..

    No problem its okay if you cant remember,but I see you're remembering Sakura(red haired)then you probably watched quite 6episodes :) She's very charming and interesting too,its fun to chit chat about those little things..

    Now I want to watch the OP ~
    Miki is..kind of a person who thinks a lot of about their beloved friends but the thing is,she does stuff with her senses.Which later turns on a madness,for the sake of the one she wants to protect..It changes her way of doing things.You know she sacrifices herself to become a magical girl..but that drives her more crazy.Which i like,its interesting.
    If you're asking about my ava I don't know,just randomly found it...but siggy is Miki Sayaka ^^
    Oh nice choices. Funny though, both are worlds apart from each other x3 Baking sounds fun though. If you decide to bake something, make me some :3

    Haha, yea I know. I love kids but I know I won't be able to make a job of it. Too much work indeed.
    Good to hear man, good to hear. Glad things are going better ^^
    Have an idea where you want to start working yet?

    Yea, it's been a while indeed ^^ How have you been? :3

    I'm doing fine. Not much going on besides work and real life :3
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