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  • Hi Vel, I have stopped visiting this forum for 2 years LOL

    Used to be my addiction to check in here daily, just got lazy and uni was harsh on me :miku_glide:
    Velenora happy new year!
    How are you? you haven't been online here for a long time
    Dear Vel chan, hope you're doing fine. Have been missing you so much.

    Thus, I wanted to drop a message here so badly, hope it could summon you back. ;_;
    It's good to see you again!! where have you been lol. I'm time to time busy but fine dearie, how about you? :rr_love:
    No problem. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Happy New year as well.

    Also, yes I ending up getting Bloodbourne. I keep getting killed :/
    AWW thank you!:alice_love::alice_love:
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!:kurochan_loveletter:kurochan_glitter:
    how have you been doing nora-chan???

    btw do u like kpop?:akazukin_wut:
    Vel-chan's alive! Thought you'd been kidnapped by a creepy fat old man who crept into your house. I mean, you've obviously been a bad girl :gokiko_meh:
    Donmai, and thanks for the wishes! I don't celebrate it, but I do hope you had a great time with your loved ones as well :)

    Then Vel-chan's bestester... in butchering the English language :evillaugh:

    Ah, I see. Utada was my earliest favourite too. I guess Vel-chan doesn't listen to Japanese songs much?

    What spell though? Not something like invisibility or a ninja escape spell, right? We're in this together, right? :gokiko_comeatmebro:

    Oh, fine! Diamond case? It'll even protect you from sunlight by refracting it!

    No to curves? How about flat? I'm actually flat-chested :akazukin_blush:

    But I'll be "extraaaa gentle so [Vel-chan] doesn't break", I promise! :boys_drool:

    Use it for recruitment purposes! It'll be just like an army enlistment ad, but more honest about the bloodbath :kurochan_shifty:

    Hmm, Vel-chan adores her senpai too, doesn't she?:kurochan_hmm: Will she enjoy however I treat her?

    Just some maintenance, Ma'am! * Ignis stuffs a small CCTV into the hole.

    But there's nothing wrong with that! Without it, humanity would eventually be extinct!

    N-not really, I prefer being on the giving end :puniko_nervous:

    Fine, I'll scam someone else :(

    It's not kidnapping if you consent! * Ignis uses Vel's hand to sign on a contract waiving her rights.

    That's right! Not even death frees you from my stalking! To infinity and beyond! :gokiko_uwoh:
    Thanks! I'll try my best at it!
    Oh, everything is exam hellish :D other than that my life is more normal now.
    I caught a cold today though and a bit of a fever.
    Can I say it to you through PM?
    Oh, thanks! I'll be sure to go through with it!
    How are you? Is life full of stress or picture perfect lately? you think you can tell me how to make signatures? (I wanna make it for my friend so, hope you don't mind?)
    No problem, glad to see you here again. And thanks, I wish the same for you too dearie!
    aww thank you nora-chan!
    schools been hard with tests and guys and track......cry cry
    but hope u have been enjoying the holiday season!
    Ignis is the best, but Invy-chan's bester :alice_hi:

    Speaking of songs, who are Vel-chan's favourite (Japanese) singers? (Got too many myself, among them Shimotsuki Haruka and YURiCa)

    Now we're talkin'! * Ignis uses Vel's phone to call up the parliamentary building. :lapi_phone:

    But what'd be better than an avant-garde glass case for Vel-chan?

    Those are anomalies (and anecdotal; both stories were my mom's acquaintances), to be sure, but still (;´∀`)

    Killjoy! What if Vel-chan watches my stunning curves instead? :miku_ikemen:

    Oh, I see o.o Can I try with Vel-chan first just to be sure?

    Noooope! One less senpai means one less trouble for grills! * Ignis records while the girls hack away.

    If she turns out to be not M, you'll be responsible :kurochan_tsk:

    :gokiko_eureka: * Ignis drills a hole into Vel's roof.

    B-but I'm a girl at heart! How else could I appreciate le physique de la femme?!

    You can make it even by stomping on me in return :gokiko_meh:

    Don't you want to work at home and earn upwards of thousands of dollars a day?!

    Even better! * Ignis snatches Vel away anyway.

    Noooo! Vel-chan dieded?! :gokiko_shobon: * Ignis sulks and lets the kouhai hack away at him so he can join Vel in death.
    Yay! Invy-chan's the best!

    Oh, I see. I might not have even found out about Utau at all hadn't I looked up some utaite (cover singers). They've got some nice sites like and

    But shouldn't we use useless adults first before children? :alice_hmm:

    Every extra dollar saved will go towards building a better glass case for Vel-chan!

    I thought so, too, but after hearing of someone having cholesterol problems as early as 26, or a teen passing away due to intestinal problems... ( ;∀;) Can't hurt to be careful, I suppose...

    Oh, Vel-chan would rather be sheltered from the outside and only have me as her watcher? :alice_glitter:

    B-but what if she breaks?!

    Nyah nyah! Too late! * Ignis hands out hatchets to the young girls and marches to the nearest senpai tied to a tree.

    Fine! I'll have her show you my artistry! * Ignis takes the kouhai, whip and candles into a dark room.

    :gokiko_uguu: * Ignis sneaks up to Vel's roof and puts a bedroll there instead.

    O-oh! Bonjour, mademoiselle! I-I just wanted the world to see what a work of art your physique is! * Ignis flees with Vel.

    * Ignis wears a jackboot and stomps on Vel. :gokiko_uwoh: No, I'm not trying to re-enact Enzai.

    You'll get more by letting people watch you in a glass case!

    How about guys? Vel-chan is a bishie now, right? :miku_ikemen:

    ...Vel-chan? Vel-chan?! * Ignis rushes to administer CPR.

    I managed!
    Laaaate reply! Also, sorry for the late SOTM awards as well.
    Can't fault anyone else for this―it's always been my responsibility, so I'd wager the other admins would rather not mess with them either until I was back.
    How about I make it up with a dizzy-inducing Prinny gif?

    Yeah, some Vocaloid songs are really well written and composed, but I can't stand synthesised voice. I'd wager it's probably the same with Utau, though I'm not at all familiar with them.

    Oh, volunteers! So, you ask children that rather than growing up to be the failures they'll be, it's better if they let themselves be made coal, because that way they can at least give warmth to others? :alice_love:
    I... think I need to go to a corner and rethink life...
    Oh. I see. Good riddance; now I don't need to pay their exorbitant fees!

    Probably a bit early, but I've started eating veggies more out of worries for my future health ( ;∀;)

    B-but we'll get rich, and you'll be world-famous! Perve― I mean enthusiasts from all over the world will want to come and watch you!

    Hmm, how much do you think I'd have to do to unfreeze and, err, warm her up? :emjudge:

    Not for the faint of heart it's not, but it's perfect for our lil' yandere trainees!

    Wait! I can use this whip to decorate your body! It'll be just like a tattoo, only a bit more rough! Get here now, and I'll even throw in candles for FREE! :gokiko_hue:

    ...Vel-chan, you have enough space in your room for another, right? :dontleave: * Ignis hides from the kouhai.

    You're okay with having "nothing"? :korokke_ic: * Ignis takes off Vel's clothes and runs away.

    It's okay! I'm a pretty open person! * Ignis pulls bishie Vel-chan.

    :alice_...: There'll be no kouhai left if you keep doing that!

    Oh, don't worry! I'll just take big girls with me instead :boys2_wink:

    Ha! Now you don't have a heart! I WIN!

    P.S. I cheated and temporarily raised the character limit for this message. You don't have to reply to everything ^^;
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