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  • About that ditto..I got 3 more.. so..I win >:3

    yea Solar Power. But why fire fang..at least use Fire blast or something as an example xD

    Flare Blitz is more than enough. It gets Megahorn, Poison Jab, Bounce and Wild Charge too ^^

    Extrasensory Cyna, I'll take a spare if that's Ok :3 Yes, I can get you a drought Vulpix and a good IV bold Eevee. I'll have them both ready and I'll give them to ya the next time I see you ^^
    No choice? Please explain why >:3

    lol, what did you think they were? xD
    Yea I know, it's pretty cool, and it's mega Evo is pretty strong as well :0

    For Ponyta: I'd go for Jolly nature and 5IV, minus the spAttack. It's special base stat/moves are horrible D:
    I was at work when I saw you. I was on my break so I thought I'd do a few battles Spot battles. Then I saw you and I was like HINO! MUST TRADE! o.o
    So yea :3
    Breed as many stuff as you like. You'll love how much faster everything goes now. 6IV Mawile huh.. cool :3
    /me is planning on not giving it back

    I already had an idea that all that brown in your boxes were Mawile's xD
    No probs on Houndour. It's 5IV minus Attack, had a spare ^^
    you should start with shorter VN's then. like the kind that are considered 10-30 hours on VNDB. those ones aren't too long, and you'll probably be able to keep your attention on them. i can't do VN's with 50+ hours on them. i eventually lose interest, then it takes me months before i come back to it

    yeah, like with renano, people get bothered because her sudden appearances and disappearances
    Which of these mugs do you think looks the best? Can't decide on which to get.


    well i already played it a long time ago. it was pretty good i guess. just an average VN

    yeah, it's pretty nice here. well there might be complaints, but none too severe
    Things have changed since pretty much every pokemon is available now thanks to Pokemon Bank. Still, the stuff people want tend to stay on the ridiculous side. It's just a bit less common now xD

    Yea..Took some commitment though. Had to train a lot and stuff so..Yea. And it was kinda discouraging to start with the dex when you have 403 out of 718. >_>
    This is the 3rd game I ever completed the pokeDex :3 1st was in Crystal Version, then again in Emerald and now in X/Y :3 And yes, the Shiny Charm is THAT good <3

    I didn't know either until this guy I know from the chat mentioned it to me so I went to check it out. After some time having troubles getting a 6IV Ditto I just bought one =/

    True that :deadsad: Come online more often and when I see you here, I can come online with the DS as well :3

    You really are a lolicon :3 If it's cute loli's, seriously go watch either..no.BOTH Black Bullet and No Game, No Life (If you can only watch one, then No Game No Life!) Black BUllet is just more dark and mysterious. The other one is comedy but great <3 (Only thing I'm kinda iffy about is the color scheme they used for the animation but you'll get used to it)
    Oh yea and there's Gochuumon was Usagi desu ka? too. Moe level over 9000 <3

    A bit too nude huh, well..She still has a bikini..:sowwy: (Which are cast-offable btw, not that I care. Skimpy clothing > nude :x)
    The other one..yea, she's my waifu <3 Close with the name though! Ikaros is how it's commonly spelled but I've seen Icarus a few times too. It'll take a while before it's released but I can wait~! :runhappy:
    I'm tired ;__;
    /me going to sleep for another 12 hours >.<
    How are u doing?

    Well we're not getting on our nerves "yet"~ :fulfilled:

    I'm always fine with shopping no matter how long it takes~ :D
    My only preblems are if it's too hot or if I dun have enough money :(
    Oh that! Yea, PokeBank's been out for quite a while now. I don't use it though. I still get the trades of that Wifi Chat.
    I'll go there if there's something I'm looking for :3

    Fast? I completed it in a week when I was actaully going for it :3 I did LOTS of GTS trades and trainined/caught even more stuff for their dex entries.
    Did some of the harder ones (like legendaries or stuff that evolve by trades) on the wifi chat. Time well spent though, Shiny Charm is worth it <3

    I think the next game will be like another/extended version of X/Y (Probably Z), like Emerald was for Ruby/Sapphire and Platinum for Diamond and Pearl. I don't see another Gen coming soon.

    Yea lots of people sell said Ditto's and shiny pokes with competitively usable IVs. Only thing that bothers me is that they price them too high. I mean, some are priced 10-15 dollars. Seriously, you clone the sh!t out of it and still make it that expensive? C'mon now.. -_-
    I still got the Ditto so if you wanna trade sometime lemme know ^^

    I've never seen Galilei Donna but the figure looks pretty good ^^

    Have I shown you my latest addition? :0

    I haven't unpacked it yet though xD

    I also pre-ordered this one! <3

    well it was possible i never played the VN lol. yeah it's translated. the protag is a teacher, who only has 2 routes with people of the same age, the rest is with one of his students.

    yeah, i'm the same way sometimes. once in a while i'll have a life, and i'll be away from asf, but then i'll eventually end up back here lol
    it's Kana from Canvas 2. i was gonna make a set for her a long time ago, but i got lazy lol

    i know hino, you're never here anymore :dispirited:
    Cottonee? I did mention anything about it cuz I think I forgot xD

    Yea Venonat is so pretty. Hatched completely by accident. Was just breeding someone who requested a Hidden Ability Venonat and the 2nd egg hatched a shiny one <3
    Shiny Venomoth is pretty <3
    Yea, I have lots apart from the hatched ones I mentioned I have 14 more I just randomly encountered :3 I did complete my PokeDex so since I have the Shiny Charm getting shinies is pretty easy :0

    Yea..some of the wants are stupid and it's hard to believe them if you're claiming to have a 6IV Ditto. I actually bought mine on eBay for $3 :P
    Money well spent as breeding is SO much easier, not to mention the odds for a shiny one as I have a Jap 6IV ditto..
    Speaking of 6IV Ditto..If you're still breeding..I can send you a 6IV ditto. I have 2 and I only use of them anyway.
    (You can use it as long as you like/need ^^ If there's some point you're gonna stop using it, I'll take it back :3)
    We are not that many~
    we are 3 people including me~ :3

    Not the same here~ I'm not good at saving money xD
    Ah..I see. We should be able to..unless GameFreak decides to troll us ._.
    Yea, I'm still playing it. hatching stuff and battling on Battle Spot. And hatching a few shinies (with good IVs! o.o) here and there :3
    Hatched shiny: Larvesta(5IV),Charmander(5IV),Treecko(5IV),Venonat(4IV),Riolu(5IV),Dratini(5IV) and another Froakie (This one is perfect 5IV, my previous one was 3IV)<3
    Yo HD :3

    Uhm..No, nothing yet. Not even rumors as far as I know >_>
    Why? Done with X/Y? :3
    I moved away from my parents~
    I live together with some firends~

    Well yeah xD There are things I dun want but if there is something I really want I will be the greediest one :D
    I need a new case for my phone, which one do you think looks the best?

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