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  • Yeah, but it's still so much fun :D

    Good to hear Hino! Relationship with people always help and can count in many times of trial. Expand your relation and improve your life Hino! I'll always wish you good luck and happiness :) . Don't try so hard to understand people nor too shy to get close to people. There are always some people who hate you, but there are much more who will listen and support you ;)

    Yeah, I'm still in college and right now struggling with my thesis, hope it can be done soon lol. Family is healthy and happy as always :D . Thanks btw for your concern Hino :))
    Heheh, I'm so sorryyyy. Lately real life has been harsh, so much to do so little time. It's hard to keep up with it so I rarely visit AS :p .

    Well how's life Hino? Doing great? :)
    So there's still some years left I can enjoy talking with u :3
    (doesn't want to think about u leaving...)

    Probably half of the current "active" members won't be here anymore in 1-2 years :(
    Sowwy again for the late reply >_<

    Well, everyone has their own lives and are going to disappear sooner or later....but thinking about it makes me sad :(

    Yea it was great ^^ Back to the normal days with work and stuff again now.. :deadsad:

    Nah dob't worry about that. I don't think I'll leave this forum or become very inactive no for reason. Been here for 3 years now, might as well stick for longer :3
    You should come more often here too though.. :sowwy: Don't worry about the Ditto ;)
    Have you seen the New Mega Evo Sharpedo, Gallade and Camerupt? (Camerupt and Sharpedo were fairly obvious)
    Heya Hino!

    I came back from my vacation yesterday. I iz backz to spam dem ASF :runhappy:

    Also, about the Ditto. You sure you don't need it anymore? You can keep it as long as you need :0
    How have you been this past month? ^^
    Dun worry :3
    (1 week ist still better than me disappearing for 2 months >_>)

    The payment I get from my part time job is average, not much but it's enough :3
    I would be sad too so I dun plan to disappear :3

    Now that I've been a bit more active I can see it too... makes me a bit sad....
    *Inorin hugs Hinode*
    I still go to my part time job but I dun have to go to uni for some months :3
    Dun worry I won't just disappear without saying anything~

    hmm I also thought that it became a little inactive compared to the time when I joined~
    But I dun know if it's just me since I only came back yesterday >_<
    I'm reeeeaaally sowwy >_< :sowwy:
    I've been busy with the uni and my part time job so I didn't have much time to come here >_<
    But now I have some time so I will be able to come here more often :3
    Yea, a nice and long holiday to the tropics :goodtea:

    I'm gonna miss this place too though..:deadsad: I'll locate and internet café and drop by if I have the chance ^^
    Let's not get off topic in the PokeThread :3

    I'm going to Suriname, my motherland. Visiting my grandma, family and just all days of relaxing ^^
    I don't do much else than breeding. Just Battle Maison occasionally :3

    You actually didn't.. *facepalm and facedesks*

    Thank you Hino :runhappy:
    *throws cake at Hino*
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