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  • Lol! What? :XD:

    "Hello, dentist, can I have a syringe to stick in my tongue while I eat, please?"
    Heehees, no problem. x3

    I like chocolate. o: Like pocky. And taiyaki isn't chocolate, but I like that too xD Oh, and twix bars.
    Lol, thanks for pointing that out for meh, than I guess I cant play that since ill be delayed and ruined everything well thanks for clearing out that "lag" for me ^^

    Free cookies and sex. Sex from Shizuo. o-o But not Izaya. He's mine. MINE I TELL YOU!! *flails*
    oh.. :runaway:

    Uhm ok do this:

    1. Go to Settings (Upper right corner, in the same box as 'log out')
    2. Edit Signature
    3. Paste the Forum Image Code

    I order to do that you need to save the image.
    Then upload it with something like tinypic . com
    After it's uploaded there should be a code that starts like this:
    That's the code you paste at Edit Signature

    You can spam my board anytime, I enjoy reading the messages from others ^^
    You can count I will spam yours!

    It's fine, they're yours anyway :3
    Glad I could help!

    If by chance you want a new one after a while, let me know ^^
    Back and alive!
    With a present! (or 2 :3)

    Pick whichever you like ^^
    Please let me know if there's something you'd like to have changed that isn't to your liking.
    I'll do my best to adjust it to your preferences!
    I dunno either. It's probably what you said.
    Most girls I know go online to buy stuff.. I do too but I visit other sites as well xD

    Challenge accepted!

    Aand I gotta for a while.
    I'll be back alter I think so..until then, Take Care!
    haha I guess you can say that :3
    There will always be a way to avoid government regulations so.. yea thank god for hackers :3
    Yea, a guy too :3 Girls are rather rare :x

    Uhmm..I like both but I kinda prefer y's :3

    (I failed, I wrote this message to myself onmy own page -_-)
    I'm strange..? :runaway:

    ah Ok. I understand that. The government over here (The Netherlands) is actually thinking about banning downloads and stuff, making them payed services >_<. Ima die if that happens...

    Just a question but are you of the male or female kind? Just to avoid any future misunderstandings :3
    (No need to answer if you would like to keep that private ^^)
    It s a fun community and you meet all sorts of people ^^
    I always download using torrents.. Can't stand online streaming cuz of all the limits after watching a few episodes >_<

    Well, I would've made you one eventually!
    No forum member is complete without a signature :3
    Ah..I see.
    I stumbled upon this forum when I was browsing for some Torrents.
    And this forum had pretty much everything so I decided to join, my first forum too :3

    Then Sara it is.
    I'll do my best ^^
    (pls note that I'm just a beginner when it comes photoshop/signatures but I just enjoy making them :3)
    Firstly, thanks for the friend request, Yoroshiku ^^

    So yea, welcome to ASF :3
    What made you register here? ^^

    As for the signature, any favorite characters..? :o
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