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  • Happy B'day Darky, I wish all the best for your future!!! - Enjoy with your beloved family/friends your special day, and be happy with your cake and gifts...:goodtea:
    Happy new year, Darky!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    Happy Birthday :) Wish you happiness and good health :)

    Though we have similar nicknames everyone thinks that me... is you :)
    Hi there ... I am here to wish you a Good New year and to tell you that "Naked Apron" Club Already as it's Membership Cards :)

    rinrin lol wtf iz wit dat xD?

    i wound up here by mistake 2~ was looking for a fandisc DL to osananajimi wa daitouryou
    its a sin that they had no H scenes with qoo in the original game...
    thats fine im ussually working about 12 hours a day and am too tired to get on for much longer than an hour each day myself so its not like i dont understand how hard it can be its just that this is the only forum ive been able to feel comfortable in(ive tried several) and i dont want to leave for good if i can help it

    and yes i have skype~ most of the ppl on my friends list have it so i got it 2
    posting once every now and then is fine but im tired of saying bye to friends both online and in real life so im not going to

    so make sure to show up at least some ok >.>?
    yes, hikikomori may have fit me in the past, but now, being a NEET, i just need to find a certain detective agency with an adorable goth loli and getto...
    after some research ive found that i do not fit the criteria of a hikikomori however i do fit that of a NEET
    it happens when u spend a lot of time away from ppl and civilization >.>
    about 6 years to be exact T_T
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