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  • hmm-mm... Ima not active anymore, I just recently got a "new life".

    When I was still watching anime...i was stubborn, fat, and WASTED. Fuck-yeah. I realized, wtf ima doing? This was total bullshit, sitting here, doing nothing. I wish i could do something more active.

    I'v got new plans to be fit, and decided to change. DELETED MY 2TB collection of anime and *cough* Hent-zsai *cough,cough*. But not deleting my eroges, so i can fap to them later.
    Been waking up early in the morning and taking the early jogs. Then eat healthy and do weights and resistance training, right home. Was resisting to watch anime again, but somehow
    I've managed my cravings for anime by keeping my mind focused on other stuff and being more socially active rather than be socially-alienated.

    Roughly a year later, im now well built, been lifting like 25 pounds already, and got my triceps built already. It was a rough journey, but welp, here i am. Girls are already looking up to me, which is a good sign.

    Welp, I've decided to change. This could be my last post. No more ANIME, cuz anime make me fat. But just keeping my eroge files buried deep on my HDD, so i can get my daily dose of fapping.
    Happy new year, NGSalvador!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    Hey Hey, yeah... i've just accepted you as my FRIEND ( :D)
    sorry bout the late reply i was um.... away
    Hmm..... It Seems Like Everyone Talkin' To Me Changed their PPics.... - Maybe I Should Also Change Mine......
    I;m Starting To Regret That I Had A Sister - Well Nobody Get Em' So I'll Stay For A While......

    Well.....Can Someone Link Me To The Download Site Of Boot Camp 5???

    That Will Be Great - Thanks.... :)))
    heh, Your most welcome, I love exercise too, sadly I don't get around too it much, and it dsoes wonders for your mood as well, who need drugs right when you get just shoot up with some endorphins eh.

    I hope the best may come to you too. Thanks, yes I actually know he does :) but more importantly, God loves you too ! (Yes seriously) And he would want that as many as is willing of heart turn too him so that they may receive him, especially now for the troubleous times ahead.
    Now......After NFS MST WNTD: 2012 I'll Be Reserving a Seat For Crysis 3 In My Mac....

    *sigh* Having A Cute • Disturbing • Complexed Filled Imouto Is Suhc A Hassle....... She Keeps Tinkering My Games On My Mac...... :((((
    Oh alright, Then here is an official genuine iso download (pure uncracked), win7 64bit Ultimate with SP1 included :j

    My b-day, ah it was so so, I had pancakes which is kinda like a special threat that I have very very seldom, been years since last time I think. And I streamed a movie, that sucked, and stopped working before it was over eh. It was nothing too special to be honest. But I am still not done celebrating it, I take my time, until I feel its enough, however many days that might take lol.

    Will you be getting a crack or bootloader on your own ?
    The Most Important Word That English People Ahould Know Before Going To Japanese Territory:

    Eigo Eigo......

    Any Opinnions Guys?. -
    Update: It Seems Like We're Going To A Hotel Tommorow.....

    Ima' not Goona Be Online For A Couple Of Days...... T,T

    My Activity Rec Gonna Take Another Hit!!!

    Well....Visitors- Wish Me A Safe Trip Tommorow: Its Gonna Take Us 6Hrs......

    Well......At Least I Get To coup Up....With Sis! :desire:

    im Preety Lucky I Had One......
    Do you need a crack to unlock it as well ?

    I can take a look for you, though it's been so long since I got my own that I may not find the same one. Though it shouldn't rly matter, I'm just more confident suggesting things I've tested out my self.

    And x86 or 64bit ? (32 vs 64)
    Know What???? - I'm Pretty Lucky That I've Got A Cute Imouto To Play With...... :swearveng:

    She's Cute • She's Hot • Eager To Do IT With Me........

    But!.....We Don't Do Incest!!!!

    It All Started When She Found My "H-Collection..........

    Drop By At Our IRC: Server: Rizon • Channel: #anime-sharing
    Lol managed to finish that pile about 6 min before it was due ;p Of course theres a ton of other work that i couldnt finish because of that and now that stuff is late :/
    Oh hi again Salvador!, nice of you to drop by. I'm just about to log of though, it's 4.05 am here. But I'm happy you dropped by, your a cheerful person and I find it delightful to see you before I turn in for the night. Maybe chat more an other day, but for now goodnighties from me.

    I happen to see you ask about where to get win7...Would you like to download an ISO or something ?, if you are familiar with what that is.
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