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  • Yep <3
    Well it'll probably continue for a long time since I'm unregularily online since it's getting busy for me again >_<


    Merry Xmas!!!

    Wishing you and all of your family&friends to have the best new year~!
    Welcome back to you! :3
    I've just been perfectly fine here! Continuing to fight with work therapy stuff and such tho... Although I'm getting closer and closer to get out to an actual work place. So soon x3

    How about you? Work and family going well?
    Glad to hear that you're the same Sin! :XD:

    I've been good as well. Just want to say hi and best luck for your life! :)
    Why didn't u tell meeeeee :deadsad:
    (Well I guess I never really asked u)

    I wish u a belated Happy Birthday :cheering:
    Hope u had lots of fun on ur birthday and wish u to stay healthy :3

    I'm pretty sure I still have your sig somewhere on my computer :0
    I'll PM it to ya when I find it ^^ (Making a new one isn't an effort either so, I might do that if I don't find it :3)

    Oh that's why. Why was the Game actually put on hold? Absentees?

    Vacation huh..Mine starts in 2 weeks. I'll be off for a week and a half. But depending on how fast it goes, I might add a few more days to it :x

    Anyway, glad to see you're back :3
    How are you doing :3
    Haven't seen you as much these days.. :deadsad: Busy with school/life I guess :3

    On a different note.. I see that Tinypic has deleted the sig I made for you D:
    『Yeah, it would completely ruin the siggy unless I add it inside an eye and make it transparent so that it seems as if Masakaki looks at one xD』
    『Meh, I don't feel like that's impossible but it surely won't be completed before 24th if I try to do that xD And after 24th I'm gonna become too busy with FFXIV to make sets for a while ^_^』
    『Made 2 new versions... Don't know how to make it even more opaque + if I make it any bigger it will look worse...』
    『Its for you to decide, there is still some place till the bottom of the card xD』
    『Okay then, which version's name should I make bigger?』

    『And damn... For some reason Masakaki in ava went out of the border >_<』

    『EDIT: Oh well, made new both versions of it... Also, made correction to ava as well...』
    『Kay, its finally done, here you go ^_^ I have 2 versions of the siggy though. I kinda made 2nd first, but then when I turned one of the background off, saw that it actually looks pretty good without it too. So, choose whichever you like better. Oh, right, if you think your name is too small I can either 1.Make the new big nameplate and place it somewhere else. (don't know where though...) 2.Make the name on the card bigger/lighter/both.』
    『Sin, do you want your ava high like the one you currently have or square like mine? I'm more or less done with siggy so gonna start work on ava now...』
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